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Cheap Laminate Flooring Options

Cheap Laminate Flooring Options For Your Great Considerations

by Dylan Johnson

Based on the independent research and test conducted by the experts, here we come to recommend you consider cheap laminate flooring options and learn more about it in this review.

In this case, the proper flooring you select will really make a good room. The proper flooring will give your room a different look and feel.

However, when it comes to select a flooring material, there are things to consider more than just a look.

Durability, easy installation and the cost are the common things that come up into people’s mind.

Hardwoods, wall-to-wall carpets and ceramic tiles are beautiful but they don’t come with the reasonable price.

Alternatively, most people today tend to invest in more inexpensive flooring options such as laminate flooring, luxury vinyl planks, peel-and-stick vinyl, carpet tiles and bamboo or cork floors.

With all of these flooring materials, you will be able to select a specific flooring type with a wide range of patterns, colors and finishes.

To help you find the flooring that’s both beautiful and affordable, here we have researched the cheap laminate flooring options that may suit your preference and budget.

Best Cheap Overall: TrafficMaster Lakeshore Pecan 7mm Laminate Flooring

It is undeniable that beating the looks and affordability of laminate flooring isn’t that easy.

Specifically, the laminate flooring that looks like wood offers a polished look at a reasonable price.

In this case, our top choice for an affordable laminate flooring option is TrafficMaster Lakeshore Pecan 7mm.

This kind of laminate flooring is installable over the wood subfloor or concrete. Further, it is also easy to install this flooring type though there is only a little experience of flooring installation.

Many people give their good reviews on the high-quality of TrafficMaster Lakeshore Pecan 77mm laminate flooring as the German-manufactured product without chemical odor.

It is well-recognized that laminate flooring is not commonly waterproof. However, TrafficMaster 77mm laminate flooring tend to be water-repellent.

This way, this flooring type comes with the water resistance and experiences only a few damages as long as any spilled liquids are wiped immediately.

Thanks also to the quality looks that make the laminate flooring stands out at a bargain price. Though it is affordable enough yet it has a very considerably beautiful look to upgrade your home sweet home.

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Best Luxury Vinyl Plank: Trafficmaster Teak Luxury Vinyl Plank

The second cheap laminate flooring option that is a must to know is TrafficMaster Teak Luxury Vinyl Plank.

It offers not only an inexpensive flooring option but also a high-class wood look. This flooring type offers the cost under $2 per square foot ranging from cherry and oak to ash finishes.

TrafficMaster Teak luxury vinyl plank is best described to have a higher durability than the other forms of vinyl flooring.

Easily, you can also install it over your existing floor. Just make sure that the subfloor is clean and smooth before the luxury vinyl plank installation is started.

Thanks to the GripStrip technology that enables the plank to connect the boards and float the flooring over wood, concrete and vinyl subfloor.

In this case, the individual plank can be repositioned up to 15 minutes after being added with the GripStrip.

Using this kind of flooring requires an extra care to keep dry the flooring especially if you are planning to use the flooring in wet environment.

Best For Water Resistance: Pergo Outlas+Vintage Pewter Oak Laminate Flooring

When it comes to water and moisture damages, many of the flooring type started to show its weaknesses.

In this case, Pergo comes to promise you the best flooring option with water resistance.

Truly, this Pergo comes with 10mm thickness, making it a little higher than the other flooring options.

Pergo Outlast+ is also designed with the different joint system called Uniclic and SpillProtect24 technology. This makes the flooring water-resistant up to 24 hours.

Thus, this flooring can be the great option for families with small children since there are usually many kinds of spills occurred.

This water resistant laminate flooring also fits the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Pergo Outlast+Vintage Pewter Oak laminate flooring is slightly offering more expensive price than the other flooring materials. However, this price is still reasonable.

Overall, this type of laminate flooring is a great option due to the thickness and water resistance feature.

Best Peel and Stick: d-c fix Self Adhesive Film, Sonoma Oak

Other cheap laminate flooring options taken into our consideration is the d-c fix self-Adhesive Film Sonoma Oak.

If you are renting home and expecting for not permanent living areas, this laminate flooring type will be much suitable.

That is due to the easy installation at which you need only to peel and stick the laminate flooring to the subfloor. Sonoma Oak is best described to suit bathroom, living room and kitchen.

As the best peel and stick flooring option, it is definitely easy to install this Sonoma Oak. Even you yourself can install the flooring well without any required special skills.

What you need to do to install the flooring is to peel the flooring materials to get the adhesive film revealed and stick it to the subfloor you have been prepared. As simple as that.

Some reviewers state that Sonoma Oak offers an easy-to-use film with an affordable price yet it has a great quality.

If sometimes you plan to upgrade a flooring to fit the look of your countertops and shelving in a room, d-c fix Self-Adhesive Film Sonoma Oak can be a perfect option to consider.

Best Carpet Tiles: Foss Peel and Stick Caserta Sky Grey Carpet Tile

So you are looking for a versatile carpet tiles for your indoors and outdoors, well, Foss Peel and Stick Caserta Sky Grey Carpet Tile can be the right option to pick up.

It fits not only for indoors and outdoors but also for a room where spills and pet accident always occur.

Deigned with 0.23mm thickness, this carpet tile is featuring a hobnail texture along with the numerous color options. However, one thing that make people insist on using the carpet is the easy-installation feature.

In this case, people can easily install the carpet for their dining rooms, garages, front porches and many other places at home.

If you want to purchase this kind of carpet tile, it is much recommended that you order multiple boxes of tiles in order that you can mix the tiles out of the each box together.

In this regards, each box of carpet tiles contains 22.5 tiles per square feet along with the price which is over $1.50 per square foot.

Hence, for an affordable carpet tiles, don’t forget to opt Foss Peel and Stick Caserta Sky Grey.

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Best for Sustainability: Heritage Mill Burnished Straw Plank Cork

The last cheap laminate flooring option in our list is Heritage Mill Burnished Straw Plan Cork which is considered the best option for the sustainability. Remember, cork floors are not only popular but also relatively affordable.

They are produced sustainably by the manufacturers to meet the people’s need and expectation of a flooring.

Heritage Mill Burnished Straw Plank Cork is constructed from the cork trees more than the wood of the tree itself. Cork floors are featuring eco-friendly. In the other words, it is a safe option for the environment.

Cork floors are also soft and quiet to walk on. It is also categorized into an engineered flooring product designed with the HDF layer to add such strength and durability to the flooring product.

A few comment in the customer reviews show that the planks can easily get damage or crumbling easily when they are in the process of installation.

However, most users find it alright and acceptable when they are opening the box to pick up the flooring materials for an installation process.

Easy installation is one of this cork flooring highlights. Many of the flooring installers mentioned that this flooring floats together easily and doesn’t seem to come with the hollow sound.

For the price tag, Heritage Mill Burnished Straw Plank Cork offers an inexpensive cost of flooring options.

However, it is not recommended that you use this flooring fully in the bathroom. Further, using this cork planks is hard to beat for the inviting room and space.

Overall, many people keep installing this cheap laminate flooring options due to the fact that this flooring is greatly featuring light maintenance and repair, affordable cost, design options, comfort and convenience as well as the fact that the flooring is a “green” renewable resource.

Remember, just because it is cheap doesn’t mean that a flooring doesn’t come with the high sustainability, right?

Heritage Mill Burnished Straw Plank Cork is affordable as well as sustainable. This makes the flooring be one of the most popular choice in its year.

So what are the best consideration in selecting a flooring type?

The cost places the top rank. Once you come to the home improvement store, you will ask for the salesman if there is any flooring material that suit your budget.

After that, you will lately consider the durability, easy installation feature and other great things so far.