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Use A Carpet To Make Room Look Bigger

7 Tips To Use A Carpet To Make Room Look Bigger

by Dylan Johnson

Nothing is impossible when it’s come to play with the home design. Just because you have a limited space doesn’t mean that you cannot make it look like you wish. So why aren’t you little be tricky to install the carpet to make room look bigger than it actually is?

Most homes must have one small room that the owners wish they were big or large. When it is impossible to redesign it physically, there are some ways you can try trickily. Play on the flooring.

In this consideration, installing certain types of carpets can make the small room look bigger.

Either you have a wall-to-wall broadloom or just an area rug lain on the existing floors, selecting the right carpet is very helpful to create a larger feel of a small room.

Now you can check out the following tips to make it true.

Broadloom Tips

A wall-to-wall broadloom can actually transfer the space to a bigger look along with the continuity.

So change the surface of the floors to play with the visual stops and let’s your eyes feel.

In contrast, installing carpet extending from wall-to-wall means there is nothing available to stops the eye.

Thus, you can try to have the wall-to-wall broadloom to impress the bigger look over the room.

Area Rugs Tips

Placing area rugs on the floors of a small room can definitely make it look bigger than it is.

Frequently, people make mistake by choosing a too small area rug, letting it to look choppy and disjointed and even look smaller.

In this regards, be aware of the exact size of the rug that mostly depends on furniture placement.

Keep in mind that all set of furniture is better to sit on the rug. If it is hard to place them with this position, let the front legs of a larger furniture to be on the rug.

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Color is also one if the crucial factor in choosing the carpet to make room look bigger. Typically, people assume that light colors will make the small room look bigger than the dark colors do.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to choose only white or off-white carpet for the entire space of your home.

You have your favorite color, just select the lighter tones to fill the space so that you can create a visual effect of a bigger room supported by the increased light to contribute to a more open feeling.

In fact, neutral and light colors do the big game to make the room looks larger. People have been typically choosing neutral colors for their small rooms at home. In this case, the neutral colors are able to capture and reflect the light.

Further, either the light colors or the light tone of your favorite colors can reflect the light back into the air, providing a visual effect of larger feeling over the room.

One thing to keep in mind about choosing carpet colors is that you must fit the colors with the wall paint or wall paper.

For living rooms, the neutral tones including the sandstone will work better to present the good result to make the room look bigger than it is.

This way, the neutral tones help create a feeling of sensation and mild atmosphere as well as enhance the visualization of the room.

Is it possible to use a clever contrast?

Clever contrast means that you use the light colors of your favorite colors that might be the dark colors.

Since the dark colors are associated to make the rooms look smaller, you can use the soft tones to make your space brighter so it can look wider.

This way, the brighter floor are noticeably effective to make the room feel airy and open.

For an optimum effect, off-white, blue and green are the colors that you can pick up to brighten your small room.

Further, painting the wall trim and moldings in natural colors which are lighter than the walls is also a good idea to make your small living room seem larger than it is.

No Seams Recommended

After the colors, it is recommended that you also consider using no carpet with no seams.

Carpet with seams will just diverge your eyes, letting you to look at the room smaller than it is.

On the opposite effect, the seamless carpeting causes the carpet surface to look like a big space unit.

Once the coherence and organization is made, the big sense of harmony will transform your small room into a space which is virtually larger than usual.


Play with pattern on your carpet or area rug. This way, you must suit the pattern size to the room size appropriately. For a larger room, a typical rule of thumb is usually good.

Unluckily, it depends highly on the amount of visible floor room. For instance, you have a small room with no more furniture so you can assume it can handle a smaller pattern.

In this case, the floor covering is one of the crucial factors that contribute to a room décor.

Remember, a carpet is always full of pattern. The busier patterns of a carpet, the more it needs the process of visual decoding.

Thus, to make the room look bigger avoid carpet with too busy patterns. Too busy pattern will only let you feel the room smaller and smaller.

Dealing with the carpet pattern to make the room look larger, tone-on-tone carpeting is the best type of pattern to try to consider.

This tone-on-tone carpeting actually comes with a subtle shading effect to catch your attention about the other features in the room.

Regarding the carpet style, a carpet with the few cut-loop and structured grid pattern without a color change typically increase the visual effect of the room to look larger.

Further, the different textures will also contribute to increase the visual interest to enhance the appearance of small space.

Subdued Carpet

Truly, subdued carpet is an ideal option for furniture with the effect of enlarging effect. Subdued carpets perfectly blends with all types of items in the room and on the walls.

Thus, there will be a sense of coherence created along with the feeling of bigger space within. It doesn’t stop here.

Subdued carpet also offers the suitability of the carpet for home offices or other room with the high level of foot traffic.

Carpet Size

Considering a carpet to make room look bigger cannot ignore the size aspect. In this case, the carpet sizes do contribute to make your space feel larger.

In the other words, the larger look of a carpet is determined by the size of the carpet. For example, a big carpet will work best for the small room.

However, the carpet size must be proportional to the room size, creating a focal point of the room.

Through this tip, the true size of the room can be maneuvered to make the best visual impact.

In this regards, the rule thumb says that the smaller size and patters will suit the smaller spaces while the virtual imagination is required to choose the best carpet option for the clear floor space.

This way, don’t forget to keep blending the carpeting with the furniture placement as well as the wallpaper or paint.

Other Key Supporting To Make The Room Look Bigger

In addition to use carpet to make room look bigger, there are some other key supporting to make the small room looks larger than the usual.

Those include the lighting element, clutter cut, the use of mirrors and furniture arrangements.

Lighting Element

Lighting is one of the key element to make the space more open. Not only natural colors but also natural lights will open up the space to look larger.

The use of natural light will work out best if you combine it with the use of natural lighting fixtures, too.

This is one of the best ways you can do to create a creative effects so that you can make a big difference for your small space.

Install a big window will also connect the room with the outdoors, therefore, it is likely that there is no space limitation.

Clutter Cut

What is meant by clutter cut?

Clutter cut means that you cut the clutter by keeping your room tidy and well-organized.

When there is no such cramps in the room, it is likely that you don’t have much stuff filling up your space.

This, the view in the room is more open and orderly to feel. Avoid using lots of pictures. Instead, you can always hang up a large painting to go decorating a small room.

Set up only one big thing to catch your eyes. This will probably work better in the dining room but not with the bedroom that typically comes with sets of furniture.

In this case, you can arrange the furniture sets and keep the décor in the rest of the area. Keep the floor as clear as you can do to maintain the possibility of spaciousness.

In this regards, a large rugs or carpet can be best idea to create an illusion about having a large space.

Right-Placed Mirrors

In modern home design, placing a big mirror in the suitable place is considered goo to make the small spaces feel larger.

Just angle a big mirror toward the focal point of the room to create an illusion of depth.

Mirrors do good in reflecting not only the natural light but also the artificial light to brighten the room during the days and nights.

This way, it is recommended that you place the mirrors close to a window to reflect the outdoors. This is noticeably effective.

Moreover, the use of mirrors on the walls or even glass tabletops will give the space a more airy and open feel.

What about mirrored cabinet doors?

Why not?

If you want to add a cabinet in the dining room or a kitchen, choose the one with the glass door.

Furniture Arrangement

To create a spacious look of floor with carpet, you can always arrange the placement of your furniture at home.

Use the ones that comes with the multifunctional features, such as a chest that you can use as a coffee table, sofa with drawers to provide storage, and etc.

Other furniture you can choose to support the use of carpet to make room look bigger includes the expandable dining table, nesting table and folding table.

They can surely be tucked when you don’t use them. Well, this is aimed to provide more spaciousness in a small room.

In addition, you can also choose the furniture that has the same color with the carpet and walls to create a room coherence. This is much recommendable to make your small room look larger than usual.

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To Sum Up

To sum up, the best type of carpet for a room with an enlarging effect is the one with the bright color along with the proportional size to fit the room as well as the suitable pattern which is in line with the entire room design.

All of these factors will combine well to transform even your smallest space into the larger one.

Overall, all the tips given to create a larger feeling over a small space is the application of techniques generating a bright and inviting people to feel the way you expect.

Apart from setting up the furniture in a god arrangement, lighting and other key element supporting the use of carpet must also be taken into consideration.

In the end, it is always recommended to install carpet with all considerations including the features to help you select the right type.

One key to bear in mind is that you need also to keep the carpet flooring as clean as possible. Cut the clutter which might be unnecessarily be there, limiting the space.

Hence, worry no more if you have one smaller room at home.