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Reasons To Love Laminate Flooring

7 Undeniable Reasons To Love Laminate Flooring

by Dylan Johnson

Reasons To Love Laminate Flooring – There seems no other way to refuse not to stare at laminate flooring once a person visit the website of home improvement centers or even visit the local retailers in the town.

In fact, there are some undeniable reasons to love laminate flooring because it has been becoming one of the best flooring options today.

Truly, the things that make people unable to deny this flooring are good looking, quick installation and economically designed.

Basically, laminate flooring is constructed from particleboard wood base with the decorative layer on top as well as transparent wear layer.

Laminate flooring material fortunately comes with a large number of features to ensure everybody in picking it up as the best flooring option.

Below are the undeniable reasons to love laminate flooring we have been selected based on our best search.

Laminate and Moist Environments

Moisture damage is just like a nightmare for laminate flooring. So the best way to take as a solution is to keep wet environment in the house out of the moisture.

The wet environments in the house includes bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements.

These environments are noticeably possessing the high level of moisture so you must a hundred percent avoid flooding.

However, laminate flooring will be alright to install in the moist environments. This way, you can still expect to install laminate flooring in the basement as long as you add a vapor barrier.

To deal with the moisture that might cause a damage to the laminate flooring, you are required to choose an appropriate vapor barrier. Thus, having a consultation with the experts is much recommended.

This way, you can ask the flooring professionals for advice or consult with the retailers. Other way, you can always have an installation guidance which is usually provided by the manufacturer.

In spite of the fact that powder room is moist enough, the laminate flooring can be installed there.

If you are wondering about the water seeping down the flooring, don’t worry too much. There is only a minimal risk about it.

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So if you have a powder room and you want to install laminate flooring there, just don’t hesitate to do the project. The only thing to remember is that you must avoid the flowing water on the floor.

What about installing laminate flooring in the kitchen?

Perhaps, the fact that many people install laminate flooring in the kitchen makes other people want to do the same project, too.

Though kitchen is also one of the home areas with the high level of moisture, you can still expect to install this kind of flooring there.

Of course, to have the long lasting flooring, a proper installation must be carried out along with the professional maintenance.

This means that you must properly clean the laminate flooring in the kitchen based on the recommended cleaning methods.

Install with the tight seams and clean either regularly or weekly to ensure the cleanliness.

Once you notice a spilled liquid, wipe it up immediately. Thus, you will have a laminate flooring which will look as new as always.

One more thing that you should not forget is that the more proper you keep the floor clean, the longer it will last.

Quick Installation is Reasons To Love Laminate Flooring

It is extremely quick to install laminate flooring though you want to install by yourself. Believe it or not, you need one day only to install laminate flooring in a room without any messy things to clean up.

Like puzzle, the laminate flooring planks can be cut to fit the size using a light-duty circular saw. If you don’t have this tool, a simple hand saw is also possible. In finishing step of installation, the floor will have a very smooth and flawless look.

DIY Availability

As we have mentioned, laminate flooring is available for DIY installation, meaning that you yourself can even install it easily and quickly.

For DIY project, laminate flooring offers the easiest installation either for beginners or for professionals.

Prior to the installation, make sure your subfloor is flat and free of imperfections due to the thin and flexible form of laminate flooring.

Further, if you are preparing the subfloor before the installation, the process of installing the laminate will have only a few complications.

Quick Uninstallation

Whenever you want to update your flooring, it will always possible since laminate flooring is also easy and quick to uninstall.

The only one complicated part of uninstalling the flooring is to remove the baseboards and shoe molding holding down the floor edges. Simply use an unglued jigsaw puzzle to have a quick uninstallation.

Laminate’s Bounce Factor

Are you wondering what makes the things bounce on the laminate flooring when they fall?

Truly, the base of laminate flooring comes with the high density fiberboard, giving a subtle to the floor so that the things can bounce on the laminate flooring more than that on the hard floors such as stone, tile, porcelain, concrete and ceramic.

However, a floor will actually need a troubleshooting if there is any spongy sign on the floor after the installation process.  

High Durability Make Love Laminate Flooring

The second reason to love laminate flooring is the high durability offered by the flooring material. If you are over hearing that laminate flooring is flimsy, it is totally wrong.

Compared to the hardwood, laminate flooring can even be more stable. Though solid hardwood may have a longer lifespan and natural beauty, it proves to warp.

Natural stone and ceramic tile can even crack and the engineered wood that is designed with the veneer layer can sometimes wear down to the plywood base.

So what do we expect from laminate flooring?

Thanks to the laminate flooring construction that makes it ultra-durable. The thin and transparent wear layer contribute to the strength and scratch resistance of the floor.

If you notice the dropped glass bottle on this laminate flooring, you will just see it is bouncing.

Reasons To Love Laminate Flooring is Easy Cleaning

Truly, easy cleaning is the people’s most wanted feature from a flooring. In this case, laminate flooring does come with it.

In fact, the best installation of laminate flooring has a tight seams so that there is no debris trapped on the floor.

However, if you want to ensure the durability and a long lifespan, you must avoid even a small puddles of water occurring on the floor.

In this regards, the best cleaning technique you can perform on your laminate flooring is using the damp cloth or spray mop.

In cleaning the stubborn stains on this floor, you are not recommended to perform wet cleaning because water can actually infiltrate the thinnest cracks.

Design Upgrades Laminate Flooring

What other thing makes people love laminate flooring?

The answer is the design upgrades. In the past, though technology is involved in manufacturing the laminate flooring that mimic to hard wood, the result failed.

However, the today’s technology comes to make the look of laminate flooring perfect in mimicking the look of the natural flooring materials.

This way, the laminate flooring products have been developed with addition of surface texture and visual appeal.

Mimicking Wood Species

Other reason to love laminate flooring is the designs of the flooring that mimic the look of various wood species.

The common wood species that inspire the manufacturer to produce the laminate flooring with their appearance include oak, maple, cherry and birch.

Today, there are more wood species accompanying the laminate flooring design. Those are aged, antiqued and hand-scrapped wood looks.

More Size Options

There are also more size options provided by the laminate flooring manufacturers including the 3 ½ inches of conventional laminate planks.

This is the most popular size available in the store. However, the size of the planks can expand up to 7 ¾ inches in widths.

Better Surface Embossing

The next reason why people love using laminate flooring is the better surface embossing which is categorized in the flooring materials design upgrades.

Embossing is the technique used by the manufacturer by pressing down a wood-grain texture into the laminate flooring surface.

On premium lines, if the embossing is deeper, the laminate will have a more realistic look over the boards.

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Embossed In Register Reasons To Love Laminate Flooring

Embossed in Register is popularly known for its abbreviation EIR. This way, EIR takes the embossing to the next level.

In this case, the laminate flooring is exactly embossed mimicking the wood pattern instead of embossing the imprints at unsystematic places. EIR is mostly found on premium lines by floor Companies like Armstrong or even Shaw.

In short, these reasons to love laminate flooring are very logic and acceptable. The numerous great features offered by the laminate flooring materials are all good to contribute to create the bets flooring for your home areas not only for the dry environment but also the wet one.

This way, laminate flooring can be well installed in the home areas with the moisture level such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and basement.

Definitely, you must be aware of the precautions and cleaning guidance related to avoid the flooring damages caused by the moisture.