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Albany Park Furniture Reviews

Albany Park Furniture Reviews – Warranty & Return Policy

by Ethan Ross

Make sure to do a little research on the brand before you buy something online. It holds even if you are looking to purchase furniture over the internet. If you click through to our Albany Park furniture reviews, you may have some questions about the company. Luckily, you are in the right place.

Our reviews cover several aspects you should know before adding that snazzy Kova Sofa to your shopping cart. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Product and Price Range

Albany Park Product and Price Range
Albany Park Product and Price Range

For a low price, Albany Park presents a collection of furniture that includes high-end items, speedy shipment, and simple assembly. Sofas and couches in various styles are among the top offerings from the brand. It also features the Albany Park sectional, a social media sensation in recent years.

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For example, here are some of Albany Park’s best-selling products:

Kova Cozy Pit Sectional Sofa

Dimensions:121″W x 79″D x 34″H
Weight:466 lbs
Colors:Gray, Charcoal, Beige, Olive, Rust, Mustard, Blue
Kova Cozy Pit Sectional Sofa
Kova Cozy Pit Sectional Sofa

Feather-filled Kova seats offer a cloud of comfort. Full-coverage back cushions are reversible and upholstered on both sides. A cloud-soft feather-fiber combination fills the seat cushions, which may be easily removed for cleaning.

Albany Park Mid-Century Modern Couch

Price: $1,599
Dimensions:82″W x 35″D x 35″H
Weight:138 lbs
Colors:Gray, Blue, Olive, Rust, Mustard, Charcoal
Albany Park Mid-Century Modern Couch
Albany Park Mid-Century Modern Couch

The timeless elegance of this sofa is embodied in its stylish design. Feather-wrapped high-resiliency foam provides long-term comfort and support. This couch has a reversible back and side pillows.

Park Armchair

Dimensions:45″W x 35″D x 35″H
Weight:84 lbs
Colors:Blue, Gray, Olive, Charcoal, Mustard, Rust
Park Armchair
Park Armchair

This sophisticated armchair exudes timelessness and refinement. Feathers and mattress-quality foam are used to make the removable seat cushions.

Albany Sofa

Dimensions:87″W x 34″D x 32″H
Weight:115 lbs
Colors:Olive, Rust, Mustard, Green, Blue, Blush Pink, Charcoal
Albany Sofa
Albany Sofa

The Albany Sofa is a stunning piece of beautiful and comfy furniture. The frame is made of kiln-dried hardwood. Stainless steel legs in polished gold or solid wood tapering legs are available.

Albany Park Furniture Pros and Cons

Several pros and cons reviews are surrounding Albany Park furniture, including:


  • No assembly is required for any of its sofas, sectionals, or chairs.
  • The furniture is comfortable and appears to be well-built.
  • Each series is customizable, so you can choose the fabric and the color of the legs to make a piece that fits your room and style.
  • All of their services, including shipping and delivery, are entirely free.
  • Albany Park furniture costs a fraction of what it would at a rival store.
  • The brand works with buy-now-pay-later financing, so you can pay in installments.


  • The firmness of the cushion has been brought up in some customer reviews.
  • In the past, there have been various conflicts over the assembly instructions.
  • Several customers expressed dissatisfaction since the furniture’s color did not match the description.
  • Albany Park customer service, according to several customers, is difficult.

Albany Park Furniture Durability

Albany Park Furniture Durability
Albany Park Furniture Durability

Is Albany Park furniture good?

Albany Park’s objective is to provide exceptional quality and affordable durability couches. They succeeded admirably in this endeavor.

For the price, it has a robust feel, with sturdy brackets and easy assembly. The firmness of all sofas falls somewhere in the center. Despite this, there have been no instances of Albany Park furniture drooping over several years.

Albany Park Furniture Warranty

For the first ten years of ownership, the company will replace your furniture with a brand new item at no cost to you.

Then, it will repair and re-cover your furniture or replace it from year ten onward. The company will cover all transportation costs if something goes wrong during production or with the materials.


All of Albany Park’s products can be delivered for free. However, all dates for delivery could change at any time. Also, depending on how your order is shipped, you may be able to plan when it will arrive. On the other hand, if you have bigger cargo, the courier will call you to set up a delivery time.

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Return Policy

The Albany Park return policy says that you can send your stuff back within 30 days of getting your order if you are not happy with it. Yet, notice that Albany Park charges a 10% return postage fee. Also, the original packaging must still be there.

On the other hand, you have to pay 20% more if you use your own packaging, up to a maximum of $175. Moreover, there may be extra costs for special pick-up services for returns.

Final Words

Overall, Albany Park has everything that makes sofa purchasing online a breeze. Plus, it features a large selection of easily assembled sofas that are both comfortable and elegant.

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