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All About Saxony Carpet

Saxony Carpet – All things You Need To Know

by Dylan Johnson

Should I buy Saxony carpet? Perhaps, this is a question that keeps staying on your mind when your heart has fallen down to the carpet while you don’t much about it.

So you don’t have to worry since you are now arriving at the right page to open up all about Saxony.

In general, Saxony have been representing what people think of a carpet. It is designed with the traditional cut-pile carpet along with the fibers that are straight up and cutting into their lengths.

Saxony is not as long as Frieze but it is able to stands higher than the cut-and-loops carpet.

To provide you with the complete information, here we come with the review of Saxony, enriching you with the carpet’s characteristics, pros and cons, recommendation as well as other related information.

Straight Saxony

Straight Saxony is a type of Saxony carpet that comes with the fibers going in the same line to create a uniform color.

Straight Saxony is also a style of carpet which is popularly known as velvet Saxony. This is because the carpet has the same look as velvet.

To know the different fibers changing their color, you can brush your hand across the carpet surface. That is because the brushed fibers are moved to the opposite direction.

Straight Saxony is recognizable to be the beautiful and luxurious carpet option. However, it easily shows footmarks and every stroke of the vacuum.

Textured Saxony

All about Saxony also includes about the texture in this review. Textured Saxony is just one of the most popular carpet style known as a trackless carpet.

In general, this type of carpet has the similar characteristics to the straight Saxony.

The only key difference is about the kinked or twisted fibers existing in the different directions.

Straight Saxony and textured Saxony differently reflect the light, meaning that you will not be able to notice the different colors when you are brushing your hand across the carpet surface.

Hence, this kind of carpet is greatly able to hide the footmarks and even vacuum them. Thus, the textured Saxony is a perfect choice for the rooms with the busy household.

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Durability is one of the crucial characteristics of carpet that most people are looking for firstly.

In this case, Saxony offers the various quality ranging from the lowest grade to the highest grade. It is also produced in every type of carpet fiber such as triexta, polyester, wool and nylon.

This way, the durability of Saxony carpet can be based on all of the carpet variables including the carpet’s density, the fibers’ twits, the fiber types and etc.

One to remember about selecting Saxony is that you must choose the proper balance of all the characteristics so that you can pick up the right qualities for the room you want to cover with carpet. In this case, the denser Saxony is noticeably suitable for higher traffic areas.

Pros of Saxony Carpet

Later, our review of all about Saxony includes the pros of Saxony carpet in general. Believe it or not, Saxony carpet is never be out of fashion.

This means that Saxony has not only fashionable styles but also classical look, allowing it to fit best both the formal and informal settings. Depending on the usage condition, Saxony can be selected properly.

Overall, having this kind of carpet is also allowing to have a very durable and beautiful look of a carpet for many years to come.

Cons of Saxony Carpet

While there lots of Saxony characteristics that make people interested in using it, there are also some downsides that make other people do not prefer picking up the carpet.

In detail, Saxony is considered less personal than any other carpet style. This is based on the uniform color and pile height of Saxony carpet.

Further, this carpet style is not as fashionable as frieze or berber. However, both the good thing and the bad thing about something is definitely personal, meaning that it is based on the person’s point of view personally.

Another downside about Saxony carpet style is its unreliability when it deals with the quality. You need definitely a trick to look over the carpet appearance.

In this case, you cannot expect to be able to evaluate the Saxony values just by its looks, density and the fiber. Instead, you must ensure the carpet qualities by reading the specs completely and carefully.


So what are our recommendations dealing with the Saxony carpet?

Basically, Saxony comes with the many different qualities, making it applicable for most of home areas.

For the high traffic home areas such as stairs and family rooms, it would be good to use a high grade textured Saxony.

Meanwhile, for formal areas like living rooms or parlors, it would be good to use a straight Saxony.

In short, there are lots of Saxony carpet varieties you can select to work for your specific situations. What you have to do is to find the most appropriate carpet for your conditions.

Types of Saxonies to Consider

When it comes to talk all about Saxony, it is unavoidable to think about what types of saxonies to consider purchasing.

In this regards, for good Saxony, there are to options to consider that are Kraus Pier II and Shaw Full Court.

For a better choice, there are Mohawk Homeland Premiere and Shaw See the World II while for the best options, you can juts opt Shaw Sandy Hollow III.

Now which of the Saxony type will you select?

Make sure your choice can meet your requirements and expectations. Don’t hesitate to consult with the retailers or home improvement stores to help you find the best carpet, too.

What Are The Best Rooms For Saxony Carpets?

Is Saxony carpet suitable for all home areas and applications?

As we have partly mentioned above, it would depend on the Saxony type.

In this case, the standard Saxony carpets with the high quality fibers will actually fit the low-traffic areas such as bedrooms, living rooms and home office or study room.

Saxony carpets which are constructed from polypropylene are best suiting bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways, living rooms and stairs since this type of Saxony carpet is considered more durable than the other type.

The Styles of Saxony Carpets

There two most stylish Saxony carpet you may consider purchasing.

Firstly, you can considerably select the Nobel Deep Pile Saxony carpet that offers durability and comfort without aesthetic values.

This means you can get the durable and comfortable carpet yet you cannot expect too much about the appearance.

This stylish Saxony carpet resists heavy footfall and has 7-year wear warranty. It is 100% bleach cleanable.

Further, it comes with the 10 different colors, allowing you to have many options to select so that you can fit it to your existing home décor.

Secondly, you can consider purchasing Noble Heather Deep Pile Saxony carpet as a deluxe and a deep pile Heathered Saxony with a spotted look. It is robust as well as comfortable to cover any of your home areas.

Similar to the Noble Deep Pile Saxony carpet, this one has also 7-year wear warranty and is 100% bleach-cleanable.

Unfortunately, this Noble Heather Deep Pile Saxony is only available in 5 colors.

Best Underlay for Saxony Carpets

To expect the big comfort from the carpet, installing underlay is crucially needed. Definitely, installing a new carpet always need to install underlay.

In this regards, the best underlay for Saxony carpet we recommend is the Airstep Diamond 12mm PU.

It has some powerful functions including lengthening the new carpet’s lifespan. It also helps your carpet looks thicker and feels softer in a long period of time.

Further, it comes with an extra layer of insulation along with the additional comfort underfoot.

Best Saxony Carpet For Pets

To support you with the additional information, our article entitle all about Saxony also includes the best Saxony carpets for pets.

This is very much necessary especially if you live with pets. In this case, there are three essential qualities when it comes to choose a pet-friendly carpet.

Those qualities includes the stain resistance, durability and cut pile. The stain resistance feature allows the carpet to be protected from the pet’s mess.

The durability of the carpet will actually makes the carpet stand longer so that you can save your money for a long period of time.

Lastly, the cut pile carpet means there is a lack of loops in the pile so that there is nothing snagging in your pet’s claws.

Below are the types of Saxony carpet you can consider purchasing.

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Lambro Deep Pile Saxony Carpet

Lambro Deep Pile Saxony carpet proves to be durable to withstand the everyday wear.

It offers 10 year warranty along with the lifetime anti-pile reversal warranty provided to covers the damage to the look of high quality pile. One more, this kind of carpet is 100% bleach cleanable.

Sensit Divinity Deep Pile Saxony Carpet

The second best Saxony carpet for pets is Sensit Divinity Pile Saxony. It is considered not only long lasting but also durable.

It is also amazingly comfortable underfoot and bleach cleanable. Using the stain defence technology, this carpet type will be able to defend any stain.

Moreover, it offers 15 year warranty to ensure the carpet quality.