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All Natural Linoleum Flooring Reviews

Everything You Should Know About All Natural Linoleum Flooring

by Dylan Johnson

Believe it or not, all natural linoleum flooring was listed at the top rated flooring materials on the globe since it was firstly invented in 1863 up to the beginning of 1950s.

In the past, linoleum was so brittle but todays it potentially cracks and curl. Though there are always developing flooring technologies from times to times, todays’ linoleum is designed with a variety of substandard linoleum and faux linoleum products for sale, linoleum is known to a flooring with low-quality material.

Recently, manufacturers go with the innovations to present the positive benefits, leading it to the popularity of its durable and versatile materials.

In the other words, natural linoleum floors products are now good in quality along with the high durability, beneficial features, more styles options, easy maintenance and etc.

In this article, we are going to share you about all natural linoleum flooring you may want to know to acknowledge you more about the floors before you finally make a decision.

There are more to present about this linoleum flooring products including the features of the flooring, the styles, the durability, installation, green factors, options availability, care and maintenance as well as precautions.


Natural linoleum flooring is basically designed with the great features. One of which is the anti-static feature that enables the flooring to collect the dirt and dust, holds them tightly and radiate them back into the air when there are footsteps stepping on.

In fact, the collected dirt and dust will surely cause breathing problems for individuals suffering from asthma. However, the anti-static feature added to this natural linoleum floors will help repel the harmful particles out of the flooring surface.

The second great features added to this linoleum flooring is anti-microbial. In fact, this natural linoleum floor inhibits the existence of germs and microscopic organism, making it very much suitable and safe to install on schools or hospitals’ flooring.

Though natural linoleum floors potentially gets damaged by the moisture, however, along with the proper installation, care and maintenance, this linoleum flooring can be water and moisture resistant, making it nice for wet home areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

All natural linoleum flooring is also best described to be comfortable flooring. It provides you with soft and comfy underfoot, allowing you and your family to stay warm even if it is in the winter.

This means that linoleum flooring is kind to the cold weather.


Natural linoleum flooring styles were so popular in Victorian era when the sense of history was quite admirable. It comes with the antique and classic style furnishing to fit your rustic home design. compared to vinyl and rubber, natural linoleum flooring matches your classic home more.

In addition to natural linoleum flooring styles, the colorfast includes the hues and patterns extending down within the wear layer. As a result, you will never see the flooring fading and marring of on its surface though it might have been lasting for years.

Luckily, natural linoleum flooring offers a wide range of pattern and color options. Each material comes with the deep and rich colors providing you with the more attractive visual selections.

Natural linoleum also comes with the marbled and faux stone finishes as well as mottled, flecked and streaked patterns.

Natural Linoleum Flooring Durability

Is natural linoleum durable?

This is probably one of the most crucial question that comes from your mind when you firstly think of picking up this flooring product home.

Due to the fine materials constructing the linoleum flooring, it is clear that this flooring product is not only scratches resistant but also stain and mars resistant especially on the product’s surface.

Though cracking damage is possible, soon it can be prevented by the proper watertight installation and daily sealing maintenance.

In the other words, if you want to have a durable natural linoleum flooring, you are required to perform the right installation based on the procedure and carry out the right cleaning based on the suggested maintenance.

In the end, your linoleum floors will be able to last for years to come. Believe it or not, natural linoleum flooring can even last for 20 years and even 40 years or longer depending on the foot traffic level in the area.

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Natural Linoleum Flooring Installation

Once you decide on selecting and purchasing natural linoleum flooring, the next thing you need to check out soon is the installation.

Will you need some special tool?

Can you install it by yourself?

In fact, All natural linoleum flooring is pretty easy to install. It needs only a simple preparation and process. Installing this flooring type will not require you to use grout.

Frequently, people install this natural linoleum flooring using floating floor technique, allowing you not to use any adhesive to attach the flooring to the concrete floor or subfloor.

For plank and tile linoleum flooring, you can have the much easier way of installation than the sheet materials.

A big question is; can you install it by yourself?

The answer is definitely yes. Along with the simple and easy installation technique, you can carry out the installation by yourself.

However, you must still have to do it based on the instructions or guidance provided by the manufacturers. It is due to the fact that the proper installation will influence how long your linoleum floors will last.

Natural Linoleum Flooring Green Factors

What are actually green factors?

Have you ever heard this utterances?

Green factors deal much with how the flooring product affect the environment?

If it is not causing any damage to the environment, then it means that the products have such green factors.

In fact, natural linoleum floors offers great green factors, meaning that it is save for environment.

It is due to the fact that the materials used in constructing the linoleum floors are all natural and renewable. Some of them are cork powder, linseed oil and some other organic additives.

These materials can also be incinerated in order to create a clean energy source. In other words, these materials can be brought to the landfill to biodegrade without any harmful gassing.

In addition to natural linoleum green factors, certain types of natural linoleum floors installation require adhesive.

However, there is another alternative that most people choose that is floating floors installation at which you don’t need to use adhesive, allowing you not to pick up any toxic to your home environment.

Natural Linoleum Flooring Options

All natural linoleum flooring offers some options that most people are looking for. In this regards, natural linoleum floors is available in 12 x 12 inch in tiles and 12 x 36 inch in planks.

Sheet linoleum is also available yet it would be very difficult to install it. This way, installing sheet linoleum requires you to hire the professional installers or even flooring experts.

In fact, most natural linoleum flooring is offered in tongue and groove click paneling that permits you to perform the floating floors installation technique at which you don’t have to use any adhesive.

If you are looking for a specific linoleum flooring products, you had better go with the manufacturers and their retailers for more detailed information.

Natural Linoleum Care and Maintenance

Considering that natural linoleum is featuring scratch and stain resistant, dust and dirt can be repelled easily so that you can have a low and easy flooring maintenance.

Basically, this flooring needs only regular vacuuming and weekly mopping to get rid of the debris. Keep in mind that you had better not use any harsh alkali chemicals and ammonia-based cleaning liquids.

Otherwise, your linoleum floors will probably experience fading and discoloration.

Natural Linoleum Precautions

It has been stated that all natural linoleum floors potentially gets damaged because of the most liquids and high moisture.

Later, we would like to say that though you perform a regular cleaning based on the maintenance suggestion, the floors can be potentially damaged particularly warping ad curling. This is the first precaution you need to pay attention.

Therefore, it is emphasized that you perform the proper installation of your linoleum flooring by butting the planks and tiles tightly against each other.

Mostly, the manufacturers along with the flooring experts recommend that you install a water vapor barriers seal below the material surface.

Keep in mind that linoleum is not recommendable for subgrade installation that has ground levels.

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Final Words

Finally, it is concluded that all natural linoleum flooring is good to consider. It is constructed from natural and renewable materials, making it safe for home environments.

True to its design, natural linoleum floors is available in a wide selections of styles, patterns and colors options. It will be highly durable as long as you install it properly and maintain it well based on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

In short, natural linoleum flooring is just a perfect choice if you like linoleum flooring more than the other flooring types. Make sure you are sufficiently acknowledge before finally make a decision.