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AmCork Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

You should read tons of cork flooring reviews – AmCork flooring review included. Cork flooring can be an ideal option to transform your living space into a beautiful crib in a logical and eco-friendly manner. Cork flooring has many positive traits, including comfort, durability, and good looks.

But is such a flooring would be the best option for you?

What about the installation cost?

What about the quality of construction and wear. We’ll dig further to the topic in this following section.

About AmCork Flooring Products

To be honest, there are so many different cork flooring products out there – coming in various styles and designs as well as being made by different manufacturers, names, and brands.

Although the quality of the cork flooring itself is good, each product would have different finish and outcome, depending on the manufacturing process and the quality of materials.

AmCork is able to provide high-quality products without you having to dig deeper into your pocket. Not only their products are durable, solid, and tough, but they are also attractive, stylish, and good looking.

They are able to include the latest trends or styles into all of their items. If you want to improve the look of your house and yet you have limited budgets, then you should consider having cork flooring in the project.

However, not all names and brands are reliable. Some are okay, while some aren’t too good. When we are talking about AmCork, we are talking about premium stuff without the tag price.  We all know that home improvement work can be costly.

But if you want to save up money, you should check some reliable brands that are able to deliver satisfying result. And AmCork is included within the list. If you have read the AmCork flooring review, you should be able to see that they have positive feedbacks and reviews.

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AmCork Flooring Quality

If you are thinking about making wise investment in property, then you want everything to be reliable, long-lasting, and high in quality, right?

Lousy materials will lead to poor construction – and poor construction will affect the value of the property.

Flooring is one important aspects in home improvement projects that cost quite a lot. But you know that you have to make such a spending if you want your floor to last for a long time.

With high-quality stuff and proper installation, the cork flooring can last up to 25 years, depending on your use. It can be shorter with a lousy care. But it can also be longer with the correct care.

Cork flooring has a natural self-healing ability. When you put heavy stuff on top of it and create dents on it, you can actually restore the condition.

Simply remove the stuff and the floor would bounce or spring back to its original state over time.

Don’t you love it when your floor can ‘heal’ itself without you having to make any repair or fix?

Another thing to like about the cork flooring is the durability. As it was mentioned before, the cork flooring can last for years, even decades – provided that you have a proper care and maintenance of it.

The material is solid and tough. It is breathable and also hypoallergenic, which makes it perfect for homeowners with allergies. The floor won’t accumulate dust or dirt. Insects won’t be interested in making nests on the floor too, so you can rest assured that you have a clean, sterile, and hygienic floor inside the house.

Check the AmCork flooring review – you will see that many homeowners are happy with the quality of the floor.

AmCork Maintenance and Care

Dealing with cork flooring isn’t difficult. You only need to use a regular broom and dust mop to deal with the regular cleaning.

Use cleaning products that are designed especially for the floor – don’t use abrasive products or harsh chemical cleaners to clean the floor.

There are several occasions that you are expected to do a deep clean procedure, but you don’t have to do it quite often – or you will risk damaging the floor.

If you read AmCork flooring review, you will learn from other users’ experience. For instance, they use furniture coasters or pads placed under heavy furniture so those items won’t cause any dent to the floor.

They also use leg covers (for furniture) and pads to prevent scratches. Keep in mind that cork flooring is solid and sturdy, but they are pretty prone to scratches. If you are okay with having scratches on the surface, then no need to bother with those covers.

But if you want the surface to remain intact and pristine, then the cover would be crucial. Moreover, don’t wear high heels or cleats on the floor as they are responsible for the scratches. And if you have pets, make sure to trim their nails regularly.

It is also a good idea to install the floor in rooms that aren’t getting direct sunlight’s exposure. Or make sure that the floor isn’t getting excessive exposure of the sunlight so it won’t cause any discoloration, fading, or even peel.

Excessive and constant exposure to the UV light can deteriorate the inside of the floor, weakening the glue, and cause the surface to peel off. Of course, you can use rugs as floor cover so the floor would be protected.

Window treatments are also possible, such as installing window films or choosing the right curtains and blinds to filter out the lights.

AmCork Flooring Benefits

The products from AmCork are reliable and sturdy. They are also water resistant although they aren’t waterproof. The floor is perfect for all kinds of rooms, including kitchens. If you can seal the floor properly, you can protect it from water spill, stains, or damages.

The floor from this brand can also be installed at bathrooms. However, you should know the nature of cork flooring – it isn’t suitable for bathrooms.

Remember, the floor isn’t waterproof. It means that constant exposure to water, humidity, and moisture can damage it. The floor should be able to last for 25 years, but cork flooring at bathrooms will only shorten the life-span.

Instead of 25 years, you may have to do a replacement work in the next 15 years to 20 years. The AmCork flooring review may say good things about the floor, but they’re definitely not for bathroom settings.

Having the floor in the kitchen is still okay – as long as you seal it and you have big windows to accommodate good air flow.

AmCork Installation Cost

Do you know the average and standard price for the cork flooring?

The price is around $3 per square foot up to $8 (a square foot). The price may vary based on the demand, manufacturers, brands, styles, and types. For the AmCork flooring products, the price is set from $3 to around $5 a square foot.

When you compare AmCork prices with the standard average price of the floor, the ones from AmCork is definitely lower and cheaper. If you are rather low on the budgets, their products would be the best option.

Of course, you need to remember that this price is only for the materials. Installation isn’t included and neither are other extra expenses, such as tools or other additional materials and supplies.

If you hire a professional installer, they may charge you between $5 and $7 for a square foot. But then again, the price depends on the complication of the work, your location, and other factors.

A DIY project is possible with this flooring. Based on many AmCork flooring review and feedbacks, a lot of homeowners decide to do the installation on their own, and they manage to do it successfully.

The company even provides guides (the detailed ones) to help you with the job. You know what things to do before the installation, during the project, and even after it.

You are advised to read the guides before making a decision whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional service. If you read the guides carefully, you can learn about subfloor preparation, which tools to use (and how to use them), and proper maintenance and care after the installation.

By reading the guides, you can decide whether the overall project is too much for you or not.

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AmCork Styles and Designs

Rest assured that AmCork products are elegant, classy, and premium – all users say such a thing in the AmCork flooring review. They are perfect for all kinds of themes and decor types.

Many users claim that they like the fact that AmCork products come in two major variants: the cork planks and cork tiles. The cork plank has similar look and design as the hardwood floor – the only difference is that this one is made from cork.

On the other hand, cork tiles are flooring type in parquet design. They have 30 carious patterns and colors, ranging from natural and classy to modern and sophisticated.

Parquet tiles are perfect if you want to create different effects or enjoy the mix-and-match easiness. It is also more affordable. A lot of people say that it is easier to install.

Floating planks are more suitable for over a certain system (such as the heating system or cooling system). If you consider a below-the-grade installation, this one is also perfect for your needs.

AmCork cork flooring may not be 100% perfect, but you have to admit that they offer great quality and durability. As long as you read AmCork flooring review before making any decision, you will be prepared for the positive outcome as well as the downsides.