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Amtico Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Amtico Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

Amtico vinyl plank is your alternative flooring option when you want to install beautiful hardwood floor without the high expenses or the weakness of the hardwood flooring.

There are different flooring types out there, and luxury vinyl flooring is one of them.

But then again, not all vinyl flooring has the same quality. Not all vinyl flooring brands are also equal in performance and quality.

So, what should you know about Amtico products?

About Vinyl Plank Flooring

There are a lot of things to like about vinyl plank flooring.

For a starter, modern floor vinyl comes with attractive appearance. It has hardwood look and yet it isn’t really made from real wood.

The floor is able to imitate the appearance and look of hardwood without the weaknesses. Hardwood is organic, which means that it is porous.

Because of it, it can’t be exposed to moisture because the wood will absorb it. When it happens, the interior part will be damaged.

Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is non-organic. Since it doesn’t have pores and it is made from engineered materials, you won’t have to worry about water seeping into the floor.

Whereas hardwood is prone to water damage, such a case won’t happen to vinyl floor.

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About Amtico Vinyl Flooring

So, what’s special about Amtico vinyl plank?

First of all, the company has been manufacturing luxury vinyl tiles and planks for years, so the company’s professionalism and quality shouldn’t be doubted or questioned.

They have existed for more than 5 decades, so the fact itself is enough to confirm the quality of the products.

This UK-based flooring company has produced beautiful and gorgeous premium floors without compromising your wallet.

In England, the floor is sold as Amtico brand. However, in America, the products are sold with name of Mannington Commercial.

The products are claimed to be one of the best in the industry, but then again, you need to consider all aspects and possibilities before going to the home improvement stores and buying a bunch of collections.

Price and Cost

Price is another factor to consider when buying (and installing) a floor.

Amtico vinyl plank is said to be quite affordable, but to what extent?

Well, in general, a vinyl plank floor will cost you around $2 a square foot to $7. The price depends on the quality of the floor, the construction, the retailers, and so many things.

However, when you compare vinyl floor with other types of hard floor flooring, vinyl flooring is quite inexpensive.

A hardwood floor can cost at least $15 a square foot and the price will go up if you choose designers’ type or the exotic kinds.

Now, what about the price range of Amtico products?

In general, it costs from $3 a square foot to $5.50 a square foot. It is still lower when compared to the standard and general luxury vinyl flooring.

The price may not be the lowest one, but it is pretty competitive. And the price is for the materials only.

You still need to consider installation cost, extra supplies, the expenses for tools, and others things that will go out from your wallet.

Perfect Installation

Keep in mind that not all vinyl floor planks would be suitable for all kinds of household and home settings.

Will Amtico vinyl plank be perfect for busy homes with high foot traffic?

Definitely. According to many reviews, the floor is just ideal for homes with active kids, pets, and also high foot traffic. It takes the regular beat and abuse just fine without the sensitive weaknesses.

But then again, it doesn’t mean that the floor is a super one without the possibility of damage.

Just like other vinyl plank flooring, this one is also sensitive to rips, fading, scratches, and dents. But you should be able to deal with it if you know how to care and maintain it properly.

And let’s not forget about the warranties too. Depending on the types of floor you choose, the warranty has different length.

For instance, Amtico Smart Click Collection comes with 20 year of warranty which is basically the shortest length.

Amtico Signature Collection has a lifetime warranty but you can transfer it to 35 years provided that you have installed the floor.

Available Styles and Colors Amtico Vinyl Plank

It’s a good thing that Amtico vinyl plank has a wide array of collections because you won’t have to confuse about picking the right style. The product comes with different styles that will match all kinds of budgets.

In general there are several types of collections available for all homeowners:

Amtico Click Smart Collection

This is basically the high-quality floor with easy installation mechanism the click design.

Amtico Spacia Collection

This one has stylish colors and designs perfect for those wanting the latest and trendiest style.

Amtico Form Collection

This collection is about beautiful and artistic piece. All of the planks are handcrafted. They are coming with either stone variants or wood look they are absolutely beautiful and flawless.

Amtico Signature Collection

They have their own collections that allow homeowners to create their own designs, patterns, and look.

With their collections, you are free to choose whatever styles you want to have from rustic and traditional to modern or classic.

Feel free to choose various colors too, from the light hues to the darker shades. As it was said before, there is everything for everyone.

Maintaining and Caring for the Floor

One of the greatest perks of vinyl flooring is the easy cleaning and maintenance.

There’s nothing fancy. Use a regular broom to remove the debris, dirt, or dust. If you have a vacuum specifically for hard floor, then use it.

But don’t use the beater bar or you may end up scratching the surface. Performing a deep cleaning is also possible. A damp mop and a mild cleaner would be enough to remove the stain.

To preserve the condition and to maintain the shine, the company has produced their own cleaning products. Use Amtico Floorcare Maintainer to deal with the mess.

If there is an embedded dirt or stubborn stain, use Amtico Floorcare Stripper, followed by Amtico Floorcare Dressing. They should be quite efficient to deal with the messes.

It’s a good thing that the company provides their own full care guide at their official website. You should be able to download them.

If you are interested, it is quite easy to buy Amtico starter kits and cleaning products at stores selling Amtico products.

If you want to prolong the Amtico vinyl plank lifespan, use a furniture pad or coaster to prevent dent or scratches.

It is advisable to move around the furniture regularly to prevent further dent. Use boards or plywood when moving the furniture around.

Installing mats on entryways and doorways will also help in reducing the existence of dirt at home. Consider having rugs to cover the floor. Having high-quality window treatments will also help to prevent fading.

The floor is waterproof, but it doesn’t mean that you should expose it to water and excessive numbers of them. It isn’t advisable to use steam mop because it may cause warp and peel.

If this happens to your floor, it will void the warranty. And you should always wipe off any spills or splashes right away.

Any flooding or water pooling can cause serious damage tothe floor because the adhesive will be too loose.

Amtico Vinyl Plank Installation Matter

As a floor that is DIY-friendly, Amtico vinyl plank is easily installed on your own. You don’t need to have any prior experience or background in installing the floor.

Just consult the guide, use the right tool, and dedicated your time you should be fine.

This project can’t be rushed or hurried up. You need to make sure that you have done everything correctly and properly so the end result would be flawless.

The company has provided the installation guide at their official website. It covers step-by-step ways to install everything, from prepping the (sub) floor to doing proper maintenance (after the installation).

Be advised that this is a time-consuming project, especially for beginner. As long as you are willing to be patient and spend quite a long time for the job, then you should be fine.

If you don’t have the time or you don’t think that you can do it on your own, then you should hire a professional and skilled installer to do the work.

Yes, you will have to spend extra, but you won’t have to worry about the final results.

You may want to be careful about the installation, anyway, because damages during the installation won’t be covered by the warranty.

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Final Words Amtico Vinyl Plank

This floor comes with the combined features of good looks, solid durability, and easy maintenance and cleaning.

There are tons of things to love about this floor, anyway, including warranty, easy installation, and also warranty.

But then again, there are also some possible downsides to expect. They are minor, though, and won’t be a huge deal if you don’t mind them.

Now, you need to consider whether Amtico vinyl plank is the right one for you or not.