Anderson Engineered Hardwood Flooring Review

Dylan Johnson

anderson engineered hardwood flooring reviews

Anderson Tuftex produces engineered hardwood flooring that is not only high quality but also beautiful. Today, Anderson engineered hardwood flooring becomes a cost-efficient alternative to solid wood flooring. It comes with a solid wood veneer top.

So, how does it perform? In this article, we will look at this hardwood flooring closer so that you can determine whether it is appropriate for your home.

Anderson Engineered Hardwood Flooring Durability

Like other wood floors, Anderson engineered hardwood floor is susceptible to damages. It can be scratched by pet claws, furniture, etc. Even more, your grit on your shoes or dirt can cause scratches. Besides that, it also cannot get wet.

In fact, exposure to humidity or moisture can cause it to buckle, warp, or become stained. Therefore, you should not install it in your bathroom.

Dings and dents can also happen if you drop something. In addition, when it is exposed to direct sunlight, it will fade over time. However, these issues also happen to all wood floors. Anyway, it is not less durable compared to other brands, according to consumers’ reviews.

Fortunately, this product is covered by a warranty, for 15 to 20 years. These limited and lifetime warranty covers the finish.

If you want to sand or refinish it, you can only do this once or twice to this engineered hardwood. You will need to replace it when it is damaged again.

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Anderson Engineered Hardwood Floor Pricing

Anderson engineered hardwood flooring looks as beautiful as solid hardwood.

How about the price?

As we know, solid hardwood usually costs 4 to 12 dollars per square foot whereas engineered hardwood mostly costs 3 to 6 dollars per square foot.

Here, Anderson Tuftex offers different prices for their products. Their products cost about 6 dollars per square foot for basic flooring.

For high-quality products, you will need to pay more than 16 dollars per square foot. It seems more expensive because Anderson Tuftex belongs to high-end brands.

How to Maintain Anderson Engineered Hardwood Flooring

To keep your Anderson engineered hardwood flooring look beautiful, you will need to clean & maintain it regularly. Sweeping and vacuuming is needed for daily maintenance to get rid of dirt, debris, & grit. If you use a hardwood vacuum, make sure that it has no beater bar.

You have to keep in mind that water is not allowed to clean it up. So, you should not use a mop. If there are spills, you have to clean them up immediately. Oil and wax cleaners should also be avoided.

To prevent scratches and other damages, you may need to trim pet nails, use felt pads under home furniture, and use a dolly & sheets of plywood to move heavy furniture.

You can also apply rugs and window treatments to prevent fadings. In addition, you are also not allowed to wear high-heeled shoes or sports cleats on the floor.

One more, you should not install this Anderson engineered hardwood flooring in your bathroom, basement, laundry room, or other rooms with high levels of moisture/humidity.

Colors and Styles

Before purchasing this hardwood flooring, you have to choose the color and style. Shabby-chick style will be a good choice if you have sleek & modern furnishings. In fact, there are so many styles & colors available to choose.

Anderson Tuftex provides engineered hardwood floors with various styles such as sleek & dark or light & rustic. If you like a classic look, Valiente line can be a good idea with 4 colors. Besides that, there is also Noble Hall that is available in 10 colors.

If you consider a vintage look, you can choose Virginia Vintage Solid Hickory. You can still find many species of woods. You can also choose it based on your preferred texture. Anyway, Anderson Tuftex really knows what people want when it comes to hardwood flooring.

How to Install Anderson Engineered Hardwood Flooring

You can save money by installing Anderson engineered hardwood flooring yourself. It is really possible but you have to be aware of a few things.

Fortunately, the company gives you installation guidelines that are easy to understand. So, you will be able to install it yourself properly.

Some of the ways to install this engineered hardwood floor include floating, glue-down, and nail-down. So, you have to decide the installation method first.

After that, you can start gathering the tools & materials including hand tools, a power saw, and underlayment. Some additional tools may also be needed.

Make sure that all the needed tools are available and you dedicate enough time. It usually takes hours to complete a small room.

For more complex projects, it may need a few days. If you are not ready to install it yourself, it will be better to hire a professional installer. You have to know that damage caused by improper installation will not be covered by the warranty.

However, hiring a professional means that you need to pay more. It can be expensive depending on the laborer you hire. Different installers may require different charges for installing this engineered hardwood flooring.

So, you have to be careful and do some researches first.

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Final Verdict

Anderson Tuftex engineered hardwood flooring is excellent to update your home to be more beautiful. The company offers a great warranty for their products. The products come with competitive prices compared to ether high-end brands.

Anyway, this engineered hardwood flooring is easy to clean & maintain. Even more, you can install it yourself easily.

Compared to other engineered hardwood types, the price may be higher. However, it will be really worth it. You have to keep in mind that it is also susceptible to damage like other woods.

So, you have to keep it clean and durable. Anderson Tuftex belongs to a high-quality brand of engineered hardwood flooring.

So, you cannot go wrong if you are interested in hardwood flooring. Anderson engineered hardwood is available is different colors & styles to choose. They will really enhance your home significantly.

Dylan Johnson
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