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APC Cork Flooring Review

APC Cork Flooring Review – All the Great Perks

by Dylan Johnson

Homeowners who are looking for a way to improve their home decor as well as the property’s value are advised to read APC cork flooring review so they know what they can gain. Cork flooring is one of the most popular flooring options today due to their high quality and simplicity.

The fact that it is easy to install and it won’t cost you a fortune is also another reason why many homeowners love this floor.

So, what can you gain from having cork flooring, especially APC flooring, at home?


When we are talking about cork flooring, there are myriads of great benefits to enjoy.

First of all, cork flooring is comfortable. It is able to create plush and soft feel that won’t hurt your feet. When you have to stand up for a long time, the floor won’t be painful on your feet.

Second, it is eco-friendly. The manufacturing process is safe and eco-friendly without involving any harsh chemicals or dangerous process that may hurt the trees and the surrounding environment.

When cork flooring has reached its end of life, it can break down. It won’t pollute the environment or crowd the landfill. There won’t be any impact on the planet before, during, and after the use.

Third, the floor has its own natural insulation characteristics that will affect the room installed. It is soft and plush. It is also warm and somewhat has a bouncy effect that would feel just great on your feet.

Don’t you love it when you wake up and greeted by the warm and lovely floor?

Or, don’t you love it when you can spend most of your time standing and preparing the food without having to deal with feet’s fatigue or sore?

And all of these benefits are the ones you can enjoy from any kind of cork flooring.

Of course, according to APC cork flooring review, you will get different kinds of benefits – the improved ones from the standard cork flooring types.

Understanding APC Cork Flooring

Not all cork flooring is the same. Some brands may have reliable quality where their products are various and they are made with high-quality process to ensure perfect final result.

Some, however, are so-so. Sure, the cork flooring products they make are quite good, but there’s nothing special about them. The cork flooring itself is naturally good, and these manufacturers don’t do any improvement to improve the quality of the products.

Well, it won’t happen to APC cork flooring products. You see, APC Cork is a company that has specialized themselves in eco-friendly products able to last for years (if not decades) and they are also looking great.

The company has existed for 2 decades, starting up business back then in 20000. They produced high-quality cork flooring types that aren’t only beautiful and gorgeous, but also safe for Mother Earth.

And with 2 decades of experience on their hands, they know what qualities are expected from them without harming the environments and they know how to produce beautiful and yet safe products that customers will love.

Don’t be surprised if the APC cork flooring review is filled with positive feedbacks and comments – because they are really good!

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APC Cork Flooring Styles

APC flooring products are available in 87 options, so you really have the freedom and flexibility in choosing the right ones for you. Forget the old and common light brown hue associated with cork material – you’d be surprised to find out that the flooring can come in various beautiful, gorgeous, and artistic outcome.

According to APC cork flooring review, the company’s collections are various, including Olympian, Gem, or Truly Green. The hues are ranges from ebony to cream – and also everything in between. There are so many different color ranges with different patterns and designs.

Another cool thing about APC flooring products is the fact that they can be installed for kitchens and bathrooms. Whereas other products can’t be installed in bathrooms, APC collections are quite different. The products are super sturdy and durable.

They are pretty safe for bathroom setting, but choose the glue down type – not the floating type. For extra prevention, you can apply high-quality sealer which can prevent water and humidity from damaging the floor. It is also advisable to regularly apply the sealer so your floor will last for a long time.

APC Cork Flooring Price

The average price for cork flooring is between $4 and $8 for a square foot. When you compare such a price with other types of floorings (such as bamboo or hardwood), the price range is quite inexpensive, right?

Well, if you turn to APC cork flooring, expect to spend around $3 to $8 a square foot.

You may not see a lot of price differences, but then again, you need to remember that APC brand is better when compared to other names within the cork flooring industry.

Moreover, such a price range is pretty low. Low price is another reason why this brand is getting mostly positive APC cork flooring review – and also the reason why homeowners love the products so much.

Don’t forget that the price is only applicable for the flooring material. Expect extra spending, such as the cost for other elements (floor trims, sealant, etc), tools, and others.

You also need to consider whether you want to have a DIY project or hire a professional installer. If you opt for the latter one, you will have to spend more.

But in the overall sense, the cost of having the cork flooring is still lower when compared to other types of flooring –and yet the effect is the same. They can transform your house into a beautiful house and increase the value.

APC Cork Flooring Care

Cleaning and caring for your floor doesn’t have to be difficult. A regular broom is enough for daily sweep. Even if you only sweep the floor once a week, it won’t be a problem at all.

Sweeping can effectively remove the grit, dirt, and dust – and you won’t have to worry about damaging the floor. A lot of homeowner in their APC cork flooring review claim that they really like the fuss-free care and maintenance of the floor.

They don’t have to break a sweat just to make the floor shiny and beautiful.

Does it mean that you can’t use the vacuum cleaner? Oh, you still can.

But don’t use one with the beater bar. Beater bar can seriously scratch and damage the floor, so skip on it. Just use the regular mechanism, and you should be good to go.

What about mopping the floor?

Feel free to use the damp mop. It’s advisable that you don’t saturate the floor or the water can seep to the floor and cause damage from inside.

If there is water or liquid spill, wipe it off right away. If there is any excess water, wipe it immediately so the water won’t pool and seep into the floor. Don’t use alkaline or abrasive cleaners either as they can damage the floor.

Use the correct and appropriate cleaner that is designed for the cork flooring and you should be able to maintain the floor for many years to come. It would be advisable to check the manufacturer’s website and find out the products that you must have and must not have to care for the floor.

APC Cork Flooring Installation

One thing to like about the APC flooring is the installation flexibility. Feel free to hire a professional service for the installation, but you should also know that it isn’t complicated or difficult to install the floor yourself. Unlike other brands that may be difficult to install (especially for the DIY work), the APC flooring is quite different.

Even if you don’t have any experience in flooring installation, you won’t have any problem or whatsoever in doing the task yourself. According to APC cork flooring review, this is one thing to like about the product.

The company provides guides on their website. You only need to follow the directions carefully. Don’t rush things. As long as you provide enough time for the work, your floor would look as if installed by the professional.

Whether you choose the floating floor or the glue down types, you can manage everything on your own – and expect a beautiful finish.

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Final Words

If you are looking for a gorgeous and natural floor that will change not only the look of the house, but also the atmosphere, then choosing cork flooring is the best option that you can make.

The easy installation, the various designs and styles, and the inexpensive cost are just some of the things to like about this floor.

Although care and maintenance are quite easy, there are still extra steps that you need to take, such as avoiding harsh and abrasive cleaners, using rugs to avoid direct sunlight exposure, and not installing the floor for the bathrooms.

After you have read the APC cork flooring review, do you think it would be the perfect pick for your house or not?