Arhaus VS Restoration Hardware

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Arhaus VS Restoration Hardware

If you are thinking about decorating your home, you probably end up with some recommended brands like Arhaus or Restoration Hardware (RH). But, if you have to choose between Arhaus vs Restoration Hardware, that will be confusing.

Both Arhaus and Restoration Hardware are reputable brands in their field. Still, if you must choose one of them, this comparison review can help you. Find out which suits you most based on price, quality, and service.

Arhaus VS Restoration Hardware Comparison

ArhausRestoration Hardware
Price range$24 to $21,500+$49 to $14,195+
Product rangeArhaus offers a wide variety of furniture and accessories. Their handmade furniture are best in quality and environmentally friendly.Restoration Hardware offers a wide variety of products with many kinds of styles. This makes it easy for you to find a suitable one for your home.
Ease of ordering and shippingArhaus offers 2 types of delivery services: package carrier delivery and white glove delivery.

Package carrier delivery includes all accessories and smaller furniture items that can fit and safely ship using standard shipping (UPS & FedEx).

The shipping typically takes 3-10 business days, but could be faster if you take an Express or Expedited service. 

White Glove delivery includes furniture, larger decors, and uniquely shaped or fragile items that can not be shipped through package carrier delivery. The rates are flat based on location.

Arhaus also offers a return policy for 14-60 days, depending on the items. Their limited warranty period varies from 3-10 years.
Restoration Hardware offers standard delivery and unlimited furniture delivery (white glove).

Standard delivery includes certain smaller furniture items which will be shipped via UPS.

The shipping usually takes 3-7 business days, but the RUSH delivery option can be faster.

Unlimited furniture delivery includes most furniture items and select non-furniture items that qualify for it. The rates are flat based on distance.

RH also offers a 30 days return policy, but they did not publish any warranty on their website.

However, RH offers interior design consultation and shop by room service before buying. It will help you to choose the most suitable furniture and accessories for your home.
Quality of serviceCustomers have a lot of positive things to say about Arhaus and their shopping experience.

Some said their furniture lasts for 10 years and is still as good as new.
The consultation service and artfully designed elements receive positive reactions among the customers. 

Nevertheless, some feedback about the perceived quality and durability of products is important to note.

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About Arhaus

Arhaus Outdoor Furniture
Arhaus Outdoor Furniture

Arhaus is a luxury brand that offers lovely, high-quality, and sustainable furniture and home decors. Founded in 1986, Arhaus has grown rapidly from Ohio based to more than 70 locations across the US.

Arhaus Furniture is well known for its durable, handmade, and unique styles. Almost the majority of the products of Arhaus are made in the US. But for the accessories and small items, the brand is partnered with artisans around the globe. 

This company has launched a Green Initiative campaign that encourages using sustainable resources, inclusive artisan partners, and philanthropic activities. Thus, it has a good impression on society.

You could find unique products in various categories, such as outdoor, living, dining, office, bedroom, lighting, rugs, and decoration accessories. With all advantages, it is easy to say that Arhaus is worth it.

Arhaus Pros

  • beautiful & unique designs.
  • sustainable and durable products.
  • 14-60 days return policy and 3-10 years warranty.
  • philanthropic and social impact activities.

Arhaus Cons

  • high price.
  • mixed feedback about the shopping experience and customer service.

About Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware Furniture
Restoration Hardware Furniture

RH is the world’s leading brand in home furnishing and decors. They have an extensive catalog of luxury items with more than 100+ showroom locations throughout the US.

RH is well known for its wide variety and unique products with a pleasant shopping experience. They offer a design consultation service, shop by room, and even membership, providing special benefits.

You could find beautiful products in diverse categories, more than what you can see from Arhaus. They labeled their products with concepts like RH Contemporary, RH Modern, RH Beach House, RH Teen, RH Baby & Child, etc.

Just like Arhaus, RH also partnered with renowned artisans around the world. Some Restoration Hardware manufacturers are in China. Although it is a good thing to do, an issue about the quality and durability of the products has arisen in Restoration Hardware reviews.

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Restoration Hardware Pros

  • wide variety and unique designs, including for baby, child, and teen hardware.
  • design consultation service, shop by room, and membership feature.
  • frequently launch a new concept for the new season.

Restoration Hardware Cons

  • high price.
  • there are some concerns about the durability and perceived quality of the products.

Final Words

Arhaus vs Restoration Hardware both offer high-quality design and unique products. While Arhaus is renowned for its quality built, RH comes with a wide variety and a pleasant buying experience for their customer.

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