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Armstrong LinoArt Linoleum Review

Armstrong LinoArt Linoleum Review To Ensure You The Right Flooring For Commercial Spaces

by Dylan Johnson

Instead of letting your commercial space looks and feels boring, let’s think about remodeling it on its flooring elements. Our Armstrong LinoArt Linoleum review will actually be a good reference to turn your commercial spaces into a work of art. Can you?

Armstrong LinoArt linoleum is designed to let you make more personalized commercial space due to its durability and sustainability. This means that manufacturers produce this flooring type for commercial use yet the owners are able to personalize the room as they wish.

If there have been so many people installing and using this Armstrong LinoArt linoleum in their hotels, restaurants, stores or others, they must have been something to say about the floors.

Hence, this article comes with the purpose to review the god and the bad things of Armstrong LinoArt linoleum based on both the manufacturer’s claims and the consumers’ statements.

Is LinoArt linoleum performing like it is supposed to?

Is it also a good investment?

In order to spring up your mind about Armstrong LinoArt linoleum, let’s now check out more about the flooring through the Armstrong LinoArt Linoleum review we are going to share you now in the following parts.

Armstrong LinoArt Linoleum Eco-Friendly Feature

The first review of Armstrong LinoArt linoleum we would like to tell you is the eco-friendly feature. If you hear the term “Linoleum”, you must recognize it “eco-friendly”.

Due to the fact that flooring production gives out an impact to the environment, more manufacturers such as Armstrong are searching for the more sustainable options to provide the flooring product with eco-friendly feature.

In this case, Armstrong LinoArt linoleum is a hundred percent BioBased Certified, meaning that the flooring is constructed mostly from organic and mineral-based raw materials. Noticeably, these materials are recyclable and renewable.

In constructing the linoleum, Armstrong eliminates chlorine, heavy metals and crude oil in the production process. This allows you to enjoy your commercial space with low-VOC.

Keep in mind, the room with low-VOC is healthier and safer especially for those whore are suffering from allergies.

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Styles and Colors Options Availability

The next thing to talk about out of the Armstrong LinoArt Linoleum review is the styles and colors availability offered by Armstrong LinoArt linoleum. This way, you must be wondering if this flooring type comes with a number of styles and colors or not.

Luckily, if you want a flooring of your commercial space to stand out, don’t look for the other flooring type but Armstrong LinoArt linoleum.

There are a large number of options for styles, sizes and colors to personalize the flooring look. Mix and match is always possible to create a pattern you like so that it makes your commercial space unique for your business.

There are six different collections provided by Armstrong LinoArt linoleum. There are more than 110 colors options available within the collections, allowing you to choose the best colors from calming neutral to bold bright. Hence, you can create and personalize the look of your linoleum flooring based on your own ideas.

Armstrong LinoArt linoleum is also available in modular Granette tile or sheet from. This way, most manufacturers produce the linoleum sheet in multiple sizes, from 12/12-inch squares to 12/24inch rectangle to present the unique looks that are different from any other flooring type.

In relation to Granette tile, Armstrong LinoArt linoleum is designed with the multiple collections, making you easier to search and find the suitable flooring to upgrade your commercial space.

Thus, no matter what flooring design you want to create, you can make it true with this Armstrong LinoArt linoleum. Never feel worry about it.

Armstrong LinoArt Linoleum Care and Maintenance

Is Armstrong LinoArt linoleum hard to take care of and maintain?

Believe it or not, this kind of linoleum offers a pretty easy maintenance. It is due to the feature NATURCote II coatings added to the product to allow you easily clean it without using any chemical cleaning product.

In fact, you need only to keep the Armstrong LinoArt linoleum floors clean by mopping and auto-scrubbing.

For a regular cleaning every day, sweeping and vacuuming as well as mopping will work well to keep your floors clean and free from dust, debris and dirt.

If you find any adhesive residue, you can simply use the mineral spirits to remove it. Optionally, you can also perform damp mopping along with the natural detergent which is diluted.

Our Armstrong LinoArt Linoleum review also states that a high-quality commercial floor polish can be necessarily used to polish the floors in a temporary way.

This way, you can use minimally two coats before you scrub the floor using neutral cleaner along with the floor machine. However, you can apply this maintenance technique only if you cannot do the regular cleaning.

In the other words, once you are able to perform regular cleaning, you can stop polishing your LinoArt linoleum floors.

Armstrong LinoArt Linoleum Durability

Are you wondering whether Armstrong LinoArt linoleum durable or not?

Due to the NATURCote II coating, the LinoArt linoleum will be easier to clean based on the suggested maintenance from the manufacturers.

In this regards, the proper and professional maintenance will lead to a high durability, meaning that your Armstrong LinoArt can be highly durable compared to the other types of flooring.

In addition to the durability, Armstrong LinoArt is designed with the feature of scuffs and scratches resistance as well as soiling and staining resistance, making it best suitable with the rooms with the high-foot traffic.

Armstrong LinoArt linoleum also meets the ASTM International standards, ensuring the high quality of the flooring designed for commercial spaces.

A-five-year limited warranty is also provided by the manufacturers to offer protection for the commercial floors from the manufacturing defects.

Hence, we can say that Armstrong LinoArt linoleum’s durability is unquestionable since it is made of the trusted materials and added by the great features supporting the quality of the flooring.

Whenever you want to find a durable flooring for your commercial places, Armstrong LinoArt linoleum can be the right option to consider.

Armstron LinoArt Installation Options

Once you feel that you are interested to pick up Armstrong LinoArt linoleum flooring, the next thing you have to know is the availability of installation options.

In this case, there are two main LinoArt options to choose. Those are sheet linoleum and tile linoleum. Sheet linoleum offers a solid color for your space while the tile linoleum comes with more intricate pattern.

It is pretty easy to install Armstrong LinoArt linoleum. Supported by S-761 seaming system, you can just cut down the installation costs including the labor cost and the material cost up to 80 percent.

This flooring types also offer the full line of adhesives to allow you to bond the flooring products.

It is much recommended that you hire a reputable licensed and insured professional installer if you want to have a proper installed linoleum on your floors.

Though it may cost a lot, but you don’t have to worry about the possible damage caused by an improper installation, right?

Spend more to result better is just alright.

DIY Options

Due to the Armstrong LinoArt Linoleum review particularly for the installation section, it seems that Armstrong LinoArt linoleum is not recommended to install by yourself.

Instead, hiring an expert is much recommended to make sure that the linoleum flooring is installed properly without any significant damage during the installation process.

Thus, before finally pic up this linoleum flooring, make sure you also consider hiring an experienced installer.

No matter how much the cost you will pay, as long as you get the floors professionally installed, you will have a durable floors for years to come.

Moreover, the professional installer must have an unquestionable skill that you don’t have to worry about.

In the end, Armstrong LinoArt linoleum is not available for DIY option. Well, this is the only drawback of the flooring type you need to know.

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Final Words

Out of the Armstrong LinoArt Linoleum review we have just shared here on this page, it is clear that Armstrong LinoArt linoleum is not as boring as you may think of.

It offers a wide variety of colors and styles options to create a calming and cozy space in your commercial places.

Armstrong LinoArt linoleum is designed with the bright and trendy colors and styles within the collection so that you can create your unique flooring to achieve your desired look.

This flooring type is also easy to install and maintain.

In fact, the proper installation and professional maintenance will achieve the high durability of the floors. Even for some high traffic areas, Armstrong LinoArt linoleum can last longer than you may think of.

The eco-friendly as well as the low VOC features will definitely create not only comfortable spaces but also safe spaces for everyone who visits your commercial places.

One more, you cannot expect to install this Armstrong LinoArt linoleum by yourself since it is not available for DIY options.

Instead, hiring a professional installer is a good choice.