Bamboo Flooring Ideas Mix and Match Designs with Pictures

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Bamboo Flooring Ideas and Inspiring

When it comes to home flooring, there is always an unlimited number of different options available on the market. To allow you choose the most desirable flooring for your architectural project, here we come with some inspiring bamboo flooring ideas along with the complete description about each of the bamboo flooring types.

Typically, bamboo flooring is rich in features including the grain, color and pattern to present the dramatic effect toward the final looks just after the installation.

This way, you can have a look at the wide range of available options in the local store in your town.

However, you’ll need more than that. There are absolutely various bamboo flooring types constructed for different environment.

This is because other home elements such as wall layout, ceiling, and other architectural interior in your room will also be influenced by the look of the flooring type you choose.

To ensure that you can find the most suitable flooring to match your interior, checking out as more bamboo flooring kitchen pictures as possible so that the room gets sense of design entirely.

Hence, we write this article to share you what kinds of bamboo flooring you can install on many different types of environments.

Let use this article as the best guidance to get the most inspiring ideas.

Bamboo Flooring For Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Bamboo Flooring
Outdoor Kitchen Bamboo Flooring

While your outdoor kitchen comes with the with the wood furniture made of golden oak stained hardwood, bamboo flooring offers the natural look of wood grain pattern and be the good pair of hardwood features.

The brown wood colors presented by the bamboo floors will contrast the gray granite counters and your stainless bar stools.

Make sure the stainless bar stools you are purchasing has been padded so that their legs would not cause them scratch the bamboo floors easily. Notice that the good design doesn’t mean just a good design.

However, it must serve you not only the best look but also the best way on how to keep the floors well. Thus, it can keep the best look as always.

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Bamboo Flooring and Sliding Glass Door

Kitchen Bamboo Flooring with Sliding Glass Door
Kitchen Bamboo Flooring with Sliding Glass Door

Create your own Eastern style of kitchen by the ideas of bamboo flooring and sliding glass door which is one of the popular ideas adopted by most homeowners to match the shelves and cabinets.

In this kitchen style, bamboo flooring comes with the natural feel to expand your into your interior room, contrasting the frames of the sliding glass door.

As a result, this idea is good to present a comfortable atmosphere not only for the interior but also for the exterior beauty.

This way, it would be better and nicer to look at the shelves and cabinets which come in line with the bamboo floors.

This is how you fit the floors with the sliding glass door based on your kitchen design.

Hence, if you have a kitchen design with sliding glass door on your mind, remember that bamboo flooring can match well.

Natural Un-Carbonized Bamboo Flooring For White Kitchen Style

White Kitchen with Natural Bamboo Flooring
White Kitchen with Natural Bamboo Flooring

Another one of inspiring bamboo flooring ideas is the natural un-carbonized bamboo flooring for white kitchen.

Dealing with this, un-carbonized bamboo is the natural and untreated bamboo, which is much different form carbonized bamboo.

In the other words, there is no treatment done to the bamboo flooring, so, it is just pure.

While the carbonized bamboo is darkened through the heat and pressure to get the desirable color, the un-carbonized bamboo has only a natural light tan color.

In white kitchen style, un-carbonized bamboo flooring is much suitable to fit the unstained and untreated floors.

Un-carbonized bamboo flooring that comes with the soft color matches well the light wall along with the bamboo storages.

Now you may check out your kitchen.

Does it have soft and light color with the white walls?

If so, don’t hesitate to choose the un-carbonized bamboo flooring to create a more natural look over your white kitchen.

Flat Bamboo Flooring

Horizontal Bamboo Flooring
Horizontal Bamboo Flooring

Flat bamboo is also widely known as horizontal bamboo.

Flat bamboo flooring is characterized by the bamboo flat strips that are laid in a flat position, facing up the bamboo wide side.

As a result, the bamboo will look more natural though there are only a few options available.

However, the selections are very much distinctive. If you are just looking for bamboo flooring with the natural unique look, flat bamboo flooring is the best option to consider. 

Vertical Bamboo Flooring

Vertical Bamboo Flooring
Vertical Bamboo Flooring

In solid hardwood, there are two types categorization that is flat-grain and vertical grain bamboo flooring.

If the flat bamboo has horizontal strips, this vertical one has a hundred strips standing up side-by-side which are laminated together.

Each plank of vertical solid bamboo flooring has a distinctive look along with the natural features, providing you a special option to pick up.

Similar to flat bamboo flooring, there are less selections of vertical bamboo flooring.

However, people like it more due to its unique design.

Vertical bamboo flooring has more joint lines on each planks. It is due to the short side that faces upwards.

Bamboo Floors For Shabby Chic Living Room

Living Room
Living Room

If you have already a shabby chic living room, try bamboo floors to complete the elements for your space.

This way, bamboo flooring is very much attractive for home interior especially the living room.

To get fitted well with your living room style, there are unlimited numbers of bamboo flooring options offering you the natural characteristics.

This way, you can just choose the bamboo floor which is much suitable to couple your shabby chic decors in the living room.

Purchase two couches in pink and white strips to match the pink wall and natural white coach in the other side of the wall.

Later, complete your shabby chic décor by locating the chestnut credenza in imaginative colors.

As a result, there will be great coupling of the shabby chic and bamboo floors to create a great look of living room.

Contrasting Bamboo Flooring with Purple Accents

Bamboo Flooring with Purple Accent
Bamboo Flooring with Purple Accent

On more inspiring bamboo flooring ideas you can may want to adopt is the contrasting bamboo flooring with purple accents.

This way, bamboo flooring is applied as a part of home elements to pair with white featured wall and furniture.

To provide the living with a light and airy look of beauty, pairing the bamboo floors with the bright purple rug is one of the best ideas.

Other purple thing you can combine in the room to fit the bamboo floors is the tablecloth.

If you have a kitchen with an open dining room, this purple tablecloth will help you allocate the dinning space well.

Natural Bamboo Floors for Living Room and Kitchen

Natural Bamboo on Living Room
Natural Bamboo on Living Room

Amazingly, there is a wide selections of bamboo flooring types you can choose from the reputable dealers.

This way, natural bamboo floors especially the vertical version, are much recommended to install in the ground floor to unite the wonderful look across the living room, kitchen and hall.

Truly, green features can be added to the white wall linked to the natural bamboo floors to create such a stylish look of nature.

In relation to highlight the living room and kitchen through the bamboo floors, fireplace wall is a good addition to present the areas visual and actual point.

Separate the fireplace from the bamboo floors using the sharp black border.

This is how you create an eye-catching artwork to flow up the chimney like you are wishing to do.

See how you can also naturally make sense of flow from the lowest floor to the highest sky in the space.

Apart from the interesting design offered by the bamboo floors, the types of bamboo flooring is very much to pay attention to.

This is because the bamboo flooring type used for living room must be different from that used for kitchens.

Living room is one of the dry environment where all types of bamboo flooring can match well.

On the other hand, kitchen is one of the high foot-traffic areas with the high moisture.

Please, keep in mind that the only one bamboo flooring suiting the kitchen is the one with the water and moisture resistant as well as scratch resistance.

Bamboo Flooring For Hallways


Is it possible to purchase and install bamboo flooring in the hallways?

Why not?

Certain types of bamboo floorings are truly designed for hallways, one of the home areas with the high foot traffic.

In this regards, you can choose the natural bamboo flooring with the sharp features to create a logical movement and energy passing through the space.

As a result, a simple space is ready with the natural way of moving that direct you to another space in your home.

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Final Words

Finally, there are lots of inspiring bamboo flooring ideas you can search and find out of our review.

Be inspired well to get the most suitable bamboo flooring design for your home.

Now that you have gained more information about bamboo flooring design ideas, you can also share them with your friends or families.

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