Basement Laminate Flooring Ideas For Your Ideal Option and Installation Cost

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Basement Laminate Flooring Reviews

Basement Laminate Flooring Ideas – Do you ever think that even a basement can be installed by laminate flooring? When the laminate fits the subfloor, basement laminate flooring is a good idea not only to fit your limited budget but also to provide your home with the easy flooring yet durable one.

Is laminate floor suitable for basement?

Why not?

If you are looking for a low-cost and DIY flooring material for basement, laminate floor is an ideal option.

The one key thing to pay attention when installing laminate flooring for basement is that you should eliminate any moisture issues before finally covering the floor with the laminate. This is aimed to avoid any damage in the future.

For more information, you could continue with our review about basement laminate floor along with the details about the laminate floor you could probably use for your basement.

So, let’s refer to the following review section now.

Waterproof Laminate For Basement

Waterproof Laminate Flooring For Basement
Waterproof Laminate Flooring For Basement

Waterproof laminate flooring is best considered as the best options for basement for some reasons. The waterproof laminate floor installed on the basement will not only prevent water to cause a damage to the floor but also allow you to carry out an easy cleaning-up anytime there is leak or spill.

Waterproof laminate floor is also good for basement especially if you have kids and pets that are probably play there. When the basement space is also highly trafficked by the footstep, the waterproof laminate option is really necessary.

Basement Laminate Flooring Cost

Basement Laminate Flooring Cost
Basement Laminate Flooring Cost

How much something costs always become the first sensitive part for people to choose and purchase a product or something. Dealing with the basement laminate flooring, there are two kinds of costs that you must find out to prepare the laminate floor budget. Those are the cost of the laminate flooring per square foot and the cost of installation.

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Laminate Flooring Cost

Firstly, the flooring cost that everyone must get to know is the laminate flooring cost. In this case, laminate costs can be different one to another, ranging from $0,70 up to $2,00 per square foot. It depends on the types and finish.

If you want to purchase the most inexpensive laminate flooring, you can opt some types of maple, oak and white oak as well as hickory. Other varieties including acacia, cherry and beech will approximately cost $1 per square foot.

In fact, the price fluctuation is different seasonally. This way, winter is usually the best season to buy laminate flooring.

Perhaps, it is because the weather is terribly cold in the winter and it is assumed that most people will not install the laminate flooring due to the moisture and humidity of the season. Discounts and sales will be available on the markets and in any retailers.

Laminate Installation Cost

The laminate flooring installation cost depends on the finish, the abrasion rating and the other add-ons your contractor might recommend. Thus, there is a bit difference in the installation price of laminate flooring.

On average, $2,816, is the cost to install laminate wood flooring. In this case, most home owners spend between $1,397 and $4,239. According to home advisor, the average installation cost is between $2,70 and $10 per square foot.

Now that you know both the laminate flooring cost and the laminate flooring installation cost, you predict how much you will spend for your basement laminate flooring.

Measure how big your basement is and how many squares of foot of laminate you need. Then you will be able to determine the installation cost.

Underlayment for Basement Laminate Flooring

What is actually underlayment?

Well, it is a thin and flexible sheet of material that is supposed to be installed on the subfloor top as a base for laminate flooring installation, either the laminate planks or the laminate tiles.

Underlayment for Basement Laminate Flooring
Underlayment for Basement Laminate Flooring

Now the questions are: Is underlayment necessary for basement laminate flooring?

To what extent is it important?

Basically, underlayment provides the flooring material with the strong support in order to enhance and protect the flooring.

In this regards, underlayment has some great functions for laminate flooring installation.

Firstly, an underlayment is leveling the flooring slightly.

Secondly, it is cushioning the laminate planks or tiles.

Thirdly, it can reduce the sound transmission and forth, it improves the floor’s R-Value. These functions make the laminate flooring resistant to heat transmission.

It is important to carry out a proper installation of underlayment. Well, the proper underlayment installation can affect how the laminate feels.

There are many types of underlayment types available on the market. Make sure you choose it based on the flooring types, environment and your own personal needs of spaces.

Carrying out the proper underlayment installation actually requires the vendor-provided instructions so that you will not go on the wrong installation that may lead you to manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Laminate for Basement Flooring

So you are willing to install laminate flooring in your home basement?

There are some best ideas dealing with the basement laminate flooring.


Waterproof laminate flooring is considered as the best option for basement floor due to the fact that it provides an easy clean-up. Waterproof laminate flooring can also prevent the floor from being damaged by the water.

Basement laminate with a vapor barrier

Flooring with a vapor barrier
Flooring with a vapor barrier

It is also best recommended that you use a vapor barrier while installing the laminate flooring in the basement.

The vapor barrier provides an extra precaution simply by securing the sheet of plastic to the floor using the duct tape. This vapor barrier makes the laminate flooring installation easy. This is the point.

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The next best laminate flooring considered good for basement is the conventional laminate flooring. Though it is conventional, it is still a good option for basement.

Conventional laminate flooring is quite important in the laminate installation to prevent moisture damages over the floors.

Overall, there are several things to know about basement laminate flooring ideas. Along with this review, it is expected that you gain more information before actually go and purchase laminate floor as well as installed on your basement.

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