Bassett Furniture Reviews – Pros Cons & Warranty

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Bassett Furniture Reviews

Do you want something different for the space in your home? Like a rustic and traditional furniture look? But the problem is you already have modern furniture. Can you mix and match them without any false? The answer is yes. You need the product from Bassett. Come on, check this Bassett furniture reviews out.

Bassett brand allows customers to consult a home design with their home decor specialists. So you can customize your furniture. It has become one of the Pros of Basset products. But, Basset also has the ready furniture selections.

Bassett Furniture: Product and Price Range

Just like Bel furniture, Bassett furniture has so many collections. Namely, living room, bedroom, dining room, Benchmade, rugs, decor and outdoor.

To view some of the collections. Here is the list of some Basset products.

Product CategoryMaterialPrice Range
Living Room:
Coffee Tables
End Tables + Accents
Sofa + Console Tables
Bookcase + Shelving
Office +Storage
Walnut Wooden leg, Laminated Hardwood frame
Oak Wood
$299 – $18,499
Custom Living Room:
Benchmade Upholstery
Carolina Upholstery
Customs Otts + Benches
Benchmade Living Tables
Benchmade Motion
Oak veneers
$1,249 – $18,499
Dining Room:
Counter Stools
Storage + Sideboard
Dining Room set
Maple Solids
Maple Veneers
Oak Solids
Oak Veneers
Linen / Velvet Fabric
$600 – $4,299
Bed Room:
Dressers + Chests
Ottoman Benches
Custom Upholstered Beds
Asian Hardwood Solid
Birch Veneers
Poplar Solid
Ash Veneers
Metal Maple Solid
Oak Solid
Fabric Leather 
$399 – $4,199
Benchmade (Custom):
Living Room
Dining Room
Bed Room
Material by requestPrice by request

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Bassett Furniture: Pros and Cons

Some shoppers don’t have any complaints about this furniture. This product has good quality, but in some cases, there are issues about product receiving from delivery and the longevity.

For the detail, what are the pros and cons of Bassett furniture?

Let’s check this out.

Pros of Bassett Furniture Reviews

Here are some pros of Bassett products:

  • For sofa Bassett, they have traditional styles with pastel fabric colors like beige, gray and blue. They are also made from 3 kinds of material: velvet, tweed, and chenille.
  • The coffee table from Bassett is made from high-quality wood and solid construction. Besides that,  this table has a rustic and traditional design.
  • Bassett designs its bed in old-school, rustic farmhouse style. Some bed products mix solid wood material and an upholstered accent.
  • Sizes of the bed are available in many options like twin, full, queen, king, and cal-king.
  • Chairs are available in many designs. One of the best designs is the combination of wood and upholstered, making the chair look chic and traditional classic. 
  • You can customize all product collections and plan the design with the home decor specialist from Bassett.

Cons of Bassett Furniture Reviews

Here is some cons of Basset furniture:

  • Some shoppers complain about receiving products from delivery that are not in good condition.
  • Bassett doesn’t provide free delivery service.
  • This product has no warranty.
  • This furniture is categorized as high-priced.

The Durability of Bassett Furniture

Basset manufacturers produce furniture with high-quality material. All wooden furniture is made from solid wood that is durable to impact. Besides that, the material makes the Basset product sturdy and longevity.

Talking about the upholstery material, Basset uses fabric and leather that has longevity too.


The warranty is just for the part of the product. For import frames, springs and sleeper mattresses, the motion mechanism has a 5-year warranty. For import seat cushions, gel foam and air mattresses, and sleeper mechanisms have a three-year warranty. The domestic frame has a 7-year warranty.

For wood products, marble / metal / components, and electrical / mechanical parts have a 1-year warranty.

Delivery Service

There are some conditions you should know about the process of shipping in Basset Store:

  • Once an order is placed for ready products, the product from the central warehouse is delivered to your home soon by a local professional delivery team.
  • After you order, the product is built in the workhouse as soon as possible for customized products. Then the product is shipped to you.
  • You can choose one of two delivery service providers, UPS or FedEx.
  • The standard delivery time is 7 business days.
  • But the delivery time for rugs product is 14 business days.
  • In-Store Pick up services are available if it’s possible in your area. This option will automatically appear in your cart.

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Return Policy

Here is the return policy for Bassett furniture:

  • There is no cancellation for any custom product.
  • For the ready product, Basset will accept the cancellation if the product wasn’t shipped to your home from the main distribution warehouse.
  • If the item has been shipped to your home, your cancellation will charge 15% of the restocking fee.
  • Any non-furniture products can be returned within 30 days with proof of order.

Final Words

From these Bassett furniture reviews, we can conclude that this product is sturdy and has longevity because of the good material. But this product has a high price tag and no free shipping service. Hopefully this review can be your consideration in the buying decision.

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