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Bellami Laminate Review

Bellami Laminate Review

by Dylan Johnson

The reason why you should read Bellami laminate review is so you can learn more about the brand and their products.

Homeowners are constantly dealing with complicated decision whether to use hardwood or not?

Whether to do a remodeling or a renovation?

Should they focus on interior updates or deal with exterior element?

With all of these considerations, it is understandable if you have a hard time making a decision about the type of flooring to choose.

Most homeowners may choose hardwood for their home, but then again, you should remember that hardwood is super costly.

Yes, it is gorgeous and beautiful, but then again, it is expensive. Not to mention that it isn’t exactly the easiest floor to deal with. Cleaning can be quite a hassle, while maintenance can be a challenge.

You can always choose other types of flooring, like laminate or vinyl, but are you sure?

Laminate flooring is often associated with bad quality and lousy appearance.

Well, ugly appearance and lame quality was associated with the OLD type of laminate flooring.

Thanks to technology, laminate flooring is becoming better and better not only the appearance, but also in performance and quality.

Today’s laminate floor has better durability and quality, and yet it is still cheaper when compared to hardwood.

Among the many brands in laminate flooring industry, you should be able to find Bellami floor. This brand is exclusively sold at BuildDirect.

The company promised luxury floor and beautiful finish of course with high quality construction.

They claim that their floor is able to change the overall look and atmosphere of your house.

But is the Bellami laminate review real?

Can the floor perform well, just as promised?

Price Range and Affordability

Flooring project isn’t something cheap you must prepare big budgets to make it happen. We are going to compare the prices of Bellami products with other types of flooring.

The hardwood floor has the standard price between $3 and $10 a square foot. For $3 a square foot, don’t expect good quality.

In general, $6 a square foot of hardwood is pretty decent, but not impressive or amazing.

For exotic species and designers’ brand, expect to spend up to $15 or even $20 a square foot.

What about laminate flooring?

Well, the floor generally costs from $2 a square foot to around $4 a square foot.

It can still go higher, depending on the variants you choose, the brands, the location where you live, the retailers, and so much more.

According to Bellami laminate review, the floor is set at around $1.59 a square foot. This is lower than the standard price of laminate flooring.

For this price range, it’s safe to say that Bellami would be a perfect choice for those who have limited budgets, and yet they want to improve their interior look of the house.

When you have a flooring project, don’t forget to factor in other prices and costs.

You should also factor in the materials, trims pieces, tools, extra supplies, and others. Don’t forget to consider professional installer cost in your budget.

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Durability and Quality Bellami Laminate

Now that you have learned that Bellami products are quite affordable and inexpensive, now it’s time to reveal whether the brand is durable and sturdy.

According to Bellami laminate review, many of those who have installed the floor state that they are satisfied with the outcome and the quality.

However, there have been some (minor) complaints about the floor.

Some said that the floor have been broken when they arrived.

Some claimed that the planks were somehow stuck to one another, which leads to peeling on the top surface.

For those undamaged planks, though, they have been installed well resulting in flawless performance, including in daily busy use and foot traffic.

Let’s not forget that laminate flooring has better scratch resistance when compared to hardwood. But it doesn’t mean that Bellami floor is completely 100% super tough.

If you want to maintain its shiny and flawless quality, there are some precautions to do.

Here are some general tips in protecting the floor:

  • Don’t slide heavy furniture on the floor
  • Use leg protectors for the furniture
  • Don’t use high heels on the floor
  • Install the floor in areas that aren’t directly exposed to the sunlight. If you can’t avoid installing the floor in such an area, then use rugs to cover the floor. It would be even better if you can have window treatments to add another layer of protection.

Be advised that there has been a common misunderstanding about laminate floor stating that it is water resistant.

Well, when compared to hardwood, laminate has better level of water resistant quality, but it doesn’t mean that the floor is waterproof.

Moisture can still do serious damage to the floor, so it would be a bad idea to install the floor in areas with high level of humidity and moisture, like the laundry rooms, the basements, and the bathrooms.

Don’t allow any spill to sit. Simply wipe it off right away.

If you have to conclude things from Bellami laminate review, you know that this floor is pretty tough and durable.

Considering that it is a pretty inexpensive floor, the quality is somewhat pretty impressive.

Moreover, the company offers 25 years of limited warranty that should protect you from manufacturing defect and failure.

Collections Designs and Styles

From the Bellami laminate review, we have learned about the quality of Bellami flooring, but what about the availability of collections, including variants, styles, and designs?

Unfortunately, Bellami has limited collections, especially when compared to other competitors.

In a total overall, Bellami has 4 different options, including Tailor, Berlin, Athens, and Paris. Tailor has darker collections with craftsman-style design.

Athens, Berlin, and Paris have reclaimed and rustic look. Despite the different options, it’s just too bad if the collections are pretty limited.

Most of the collections are for classic and elegant look. If you want modern and sleek floor, other brands may appeal you more.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Floor

Based on Bellami laminate review, cleaning, caring, and maintaining the floor is quite a breeze.

There is no complicated process or fancy tools to use. Feel free to use dust mop and a broom to remove the dirt and dust.

If you have a vacuum cleaner designed for hard floor, use it. But don’t use the beater bar it can do a significant damage to the floor.

Want to perform a deep cleaning system?

Use a tile mop or a damp cloth. Don’t flood or saturate the floor with too much water. It’s a good thing to always dry the floor after using the damp cloth.

That’s why you should have both damp cloth and dry one to have the job done correctly.

If you have spills, always wipe them off right way. Don’t let the water sit or pool for a long period of time. It will cause a serious damage to the floor.

It’s not a good thing to use scouring pads, abrasive cleaners, polishes, or waxes on the floor.

Just simple water will do. What about a steam cleaner?

It’s not a good idea too considering that the heat will damage the floor’s surface.

If you want to, use a special product for laminate flooring.

If you have to remove tar, oil, or paint, use nail polish remover and acetone.

Such a substance can also be used to deal with tough stains.

For better care, you should use furniture coaster or pad under every appliance and furniture.

To avoid permanent dent, you should move and rearrange the furniture regularly.

When you have to do the removal, use plywoods so there won’t be any scratches or scuff on the floor.

Don’t forget to use protective rugs (the non-scratch type) to protect the floor.

Installation and the Complication

You should remember that laminate flooring provides the easiness and the flexibility in having a DIY program.

It means that you are free to do it on your own or you can always hire someone professional to do it for you.

As a floating floor, today’s laminate flooring is quite easy to install on your own.

It’s a good thing that Bellami is one of the companies providing the instruction and guide on how to install their products properly and correctly.

Of course, such a gesture is always appreciated, but then again, there are several things to consider.

When you have a flooring project, you should know that the steps to do it include subfloor prepping, vapor barrier installation, and proper acclimation for 48 hours, minimum.

Don’t forget that you will have to measure the floor, cut the planks to the proper sizes, and then really dedicate your time doing the installation.

As a floating floor, Bellami comes with click and lock mechanism it’s like fitting a puzzle tightly to its place. You won’t need to use any nails or adhesive.

Based on Bellami laminate review, those who have installed the floor stated that they went slowly at first. It wasn’t exactly easy for them to install the floor.

But as they don’t rush things and they go along the process, the process becomes easier and they find themselves to work faster. As you get used to it, everything should be easier.

But you also need to remember that this installation requires a lot of patience and time. To enjoy successful outcome, you can’t rush it.

If you don’t think yourself qualified for the job (in terms of patience and time), then don’t do it. hire a pro, instead.

You can always hire a skilled and experienced installer to do the work. Those who have hired a pro claimed that the installer didn’t have any complaint or whatsoever with Bellami products.

However, you will have to spend extra for the installation cost and such cost is quite significant to your overall spending, really.

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Conclusion Bellami Laminate Review

Bellami has proven its quality as a premium floor that is able to deliver beautiful and artistic outcome.

Not only it is inexpensive, but it is also easy to install and care. The only downside is the lack of options in styles and colors.

And you still have to deal with extra preventive measurement to really maintain the condition of the floor.

It’s up to you whether you want to choose this brand or not. Make sure to read Bellami laminate review to help you make a decision.