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Benefits Of Carpet

8 Big Benefits Of Carpet To Ensure Your Rooms Beautiful and Clean

by Dylan Johnson

Truly, it would never be easy to decide what kind of flooring you are going to put on considering there are too many flooring options available in the market. However, if you realize the benefits of carpet, you will directly make a choice.

In most cases, many people are wondering if carpet holds more advantages over the other flooring types such as hardwood.

Keep in mind that each of the flooring products have its own benefits as well as the drawbacks.

In this regards, carpet offers some distinctive benefits particularly in compared to the hardwood floors.

Thus, this article is going to show you the benefits of carpet including the styles, comfort, warmth, health, quietness, safety and cost.

Now let’s check the description in the following review sections.

Styles of Carpet

It is not uncommon to know that carpets are designed in various styles. There are dozens of interior designs that include carpets as a stylish flooring option.

Truly, there is a wide selection of styles, ranging from luxurious and elegant styles to the casual and comfy ones.

In general, carpet presents the different feel once you install it in one of the home areas.

If you would like to install a carpet for a formal room, consider the short pile patterned carpet while you can choose a long frieze carpet for more casual room.

There are basically more style options of carpet you can consider choosing dealing with the color selection.

In selecting the carpet with the great colors for amazing performance, don’t forget to relate it with the other design elements in the rooms such as wall schemes, windows treatments and other space furnishing.

Before you finally purchase a carpet, you need to bring the photos of your room where you are going to put on the carpet.

Here the store assistant will help you find the most suitable carpet styles for your room, fitting the entire design.

Truly, all the home elements will do affect to make a difference on how your floor looks like.

There are still more to consider including the fiber type, texture and patterns of the carpet. These also contribute much to styles of carpet.

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Comfort of Carpet

The second benefit you can just derived just after purchasing and installing a carpet at home is the comfort.

Different from the hardwood surface that makes your foot aches while standing on it for a long period of time, carpet doesn’t.

Hardwood surfaces are hard enough with no flexibility so they cannot absorb for your footsteps.

On the contrary, carpet provides you with the comfortable feel to step on since it comes with the shock absorption ability, making it like it is cushioning the surface.

Moreover, if the carpet is added with underpad, it will be more comfortable to feel and enable you to stand on longer without feeling aching to your body.

Finally you will find it nice to walk, sit and lay on the carpet.


Warmth is the third benefits of carpet you can feel. This is due to the excellent insulation which makes the space valuable to stay at.

Compared to the hardwood surface, carpet offers more insulation capability than the hardwood.

In this relation, Georgia Institute of Technology of Textile Engineering conducted a study which resulted the indication that the thicker carpet comes with the higher insulation factor (R value) no matter what type of carpet fiber.

The underpad used for carpet has its own R-Value. When R-Value is combined with the use of underpad, the carpet will have such greater insulation, allowing it to feel warmer.

Heat loss reduction means that the carpet can also help save the costs dealing with the home heating, such as the electricity and natural gas.

For some regions with cold winters, heat loss reduction can be a great amount of saving every year.

Health of Carpet

It has been debatable whether carpets are intensify or even improve health problems including asthma and allergies.

For many years, people with inspiratory issues are recommended to replace carpet with another type of flooring, particularly hardwood.

However, a number of studies conducted recently show that carpet is actually comes with more benefits than the hard surface floors in breathing problems.

Perhaps, you think that the dust that the carpet collect may cause a health problem especially for people with respiratory issues, right?

Well, the case is like this. As long as you can keep the carpet clean and free from the dust, you will not experience respirator issues.

Meanwhile, if you just let the carpet to be dirty by the dust, you may get cough and flue. So it simply depends on how you keep the carpet clean.

In fact, many people still use carpet for their homes for some functionalities. Not only for the primary flooring but also for a flooring complement.

Though they may have hard surface floors, they add such a beautiful carpet to complete the room.

Benefits of Carpet: Quietness

To what extent does a carpet bring benefits for you?

Realized it or not, a room without carpet will be sounding much.

This is due to the fact that flooring with the hard surfaces cannot absorb the sound like the way the soft surfaces can.

Carpet, which is the flooring with soft surface, is able to absorb the sound, thus, it presents quietness for the space.

If you live with children, their footsteps while they play and jump will not trouble you.

Simply, the carpet can help reduce the noise of footstep. This makes it very much suitable for active home areas such as living room, family room and even baby’s room.

In short, carpeting is much recommended to capture sounds and kill them. Truly, carpet contribute much to create a quitter space.

Benefits of Carpet: Safety

The next big benefits of carpet you can derive is the safety. On hard surfaces, you may find them slippery and not much fun to land on when you are just falling and slipping.

This would not happen on carpet. Truly, carpet provides a soft surface for not only stepping and walking but also landing from falling.

This is very much beneficial for baby’s room where you may actively walk in and out and you can slip anytime.

Carpet will also safe for your baby’s activity. When a little baby learns to walk or experience the phase of first walking stage, you don’t have to worry about his/her chance to fall.

In fact, carpet also helps prevent some falls in the first time and first place, especially on stairs.

In this case, carpet is designed with the safety concern especially when there are young kids and elderly residents at home as well as homeowners with the mobility issues.

In this case, young kids and elder people are more susceptible for slipping and falling.

Therefore, to provide them with the soft landing, adding carpet is good for safety reasons.

Selecting carpet for the flooring means that you are preventing many falls and slip. In this case, the 5- to 60 once carpet is considered ideal for stairs. It is also highly durable without too much thickness.

Benefits of Carpet: Cost

Is carpet also carrying benefit dealing with the cost?

The answer is definitely yes.

In fact, either carpet or other flooring product must have a range of qualities along with the price points.

Thus, there will never be a particular type of floor covering that is more or less expensive than another.

However, carpet appears to be the less expensive choice of floor covering than the floors with the hard surface.

In fact, there are several things that influence the cost of flooring products. The hard surface floors such as vinyl and hardwood require special preparation before they can be installed.

Further, other specific sub-floor requirements must be filled. An existing flooring must also be coated and so on. These are all saving a big deal of cost.

Simply, the cost will include the preparation cost, the installation cost, the tools price and the floors finishing as well.

In contrast, you don’t have to pass those kinds of cost in carpeting.

All you need to do is to purchase the carpet which has already been less expensive and directly lay it on.

In short, carpet is more cost-effective than the other flooring types with hard surfaces.

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Easy Cleaning is Benefits of Carpet

Other great benefit of carpet you will enjoy is the easy cleaning.

Depending on the size of the carpet, the way you are cleaning the carpet will also be different.

A large carpet you are laying on a large room may require you a machinery. Vacuum cleaner is a cleaner machine you use to vacuum the carpet and keep it clean.

In this case, vacuuming the large carpet in a large area can be done weekly or twice a week depending on the dust accumulated in the carpet and on the foot traffic.

Operate the machine automatically and you will just enjoy the easy cleaning.

While having machinery may cost a lot and you seems not being able to afford it, cleaning carpet without a vacuum is always possible.

There are some traditional ways that you can perform manually to clean the carpet. Now worry about the result! You can still have a clean carpet in the end.

One of the best tools you can pick up to help you done with the carpet easy cleaning is broom. Broom proves to effectively lift the dust out of the carpet. Use the dustpan to help you collect the dust.

This way, start sweeping the carpet using the broom from one of the carpet corners. This is aimed to avoid missing certain areas.

The use of carpet sweeper is also popular among the home owners with carpeting at home.

Thanks to the design of this tool that lets you operate it without requiring electricity. Moreover, this carpet sweeper is available in an affordable price.

This is the one of the benefits of carpet that most people are looking for. Believe it or not, even a ten-year-old daughter can operate it easily.

This is because the tool is allowing the user to use it like an automatic machine.

The multiple electrostatics rollers added to the today’s sweeper enable you to move the tool around the carpet to pick up the dirt and dust as well as the pet’s hair.

To help collect them, there is a bin attached to the tool. Well, this carper sweeper is very much helpful to keep the carpet clean cheaply.

If you are looking for other cheap way of cleaning the carpet, you can consider a carpet beater. Though this tool is used traditionally, it proves to be effective and costs nothing.

This beater can be purchased in a very cheap price but you can get the big functionality.

To clean the carpet, make sure you hang it on the fence, clotheslines or even over heavy furniture.

Hold the sturdy handle of the beater and start beating the carpet from the top position. Repeat doing it until you are finished with all the rest of the carpet.

In this case, don’t forget to beat the carpet on both sides to get the complete cleanliness.

Luckily, this carpet beater can be used not only to clean the dust and debris in carpeting but also to clean the cushions and sofas. So it is much more functional to make use of.

The last but not least ways on how to keep the carpet clean without spending much money is using stiff-bristle scrub brush.

Now you can also expect to free up the carpet from any dust and dirt by using this tool. Start hanging your carpet on a sturdy support and rub it from the top position up to the rest of the carpet.

In this case, totally brushing the carpet is needed to make sure that you perform the overall cleaning. It is also aimed to have a good result of cleaning the carpet.

Well, easy cleaning is really one of the benefits of carpet. In particular, you live with the high activities, easy flooring cleaning and maintenance is much needed.