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Bernhardt Furniture Reviews

Bernhardt Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Determining the right furniture in one’s house is challenging for many reasons. Not only do you have to consider the price, color, materials or sizes, but also the right brand. Learning Bernhardt furniture reviews could help you achieve your goal due to its thorough information.

This reviews gives you fair information on Bernhardt furniture, such as its products, services and even Bernhardt furniture price list. Thus, you can learn from it and decide whether this high-quality home furnishing is what you are looking for. Check out the detailed information in the following.

Product and Price Range

Bernhardt Furniture Product and Price Range
Bernhardt Furniture Product and Price Range

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Bernhardt furniture has been in the furniture industry for over 125 years, so it is considered one of the top furniture brands. Its products have become a popular preference for Luxury homes, corporate offices, and hotels due to their high-quality products.

Unlike other famous brands such as Rove or Homemys Furniture, Bernhard brings satisfaction to its customers. Moreover, Bernhardt adds a classic look because it is made with prominent craftsmanship.

Take a look at the following examples of Bernhardt furniture products :

BedroomBedMetal frame
$4,436.00 – $10,020.00
 Bedroom SetsWood
metal frame
$4,443.00 – $15,120.00
$1,600.00 – $5,127.00
 Dresser and ChestWood$2,096.00 – $8,029.00
 Upholstered BedWood
first-class upholstery
$2,436.00 – $6,477.00
Living RoomSofaPolyester upholstery
bird feather
$3,185.00 – $8,275.00
 SectionalsSinuous spring
$6,165.00 – $16,400.00
 Sofa LeatherLeather$4,450.00 – $8,305.00
Dining RoomDining SetsPolyester upholstery
stainless steel
$5,299.00 – $18,861.00
 Dining Chair $1,034.00 – $3,149.00
 Dining TableWood
stainless steel
$2,637.00 – $16,336.00
Outdoor FurnitureSide TableWood
Starts from $884.00
As low as $995
 ChaiseMetal frame
fabric upholstery
 Patio ChairRattan wicker
foam blend
WorkspaceConfigurable Office SetSolid wood
 East Hampton Deskwood$2,288.00
 BookcaseStainless steel
$2,823.00 – $5,612.00
 Console TableIronStarts from $1,090.00

Bernhardt Furniture Pros and Cons

Although we cannot deny that Bernhardt has proven to be a high-end furniture line, yet, this renowned company still has its flaws, too.

Learn about its pros and cons so that you can decide whether to put Bernhardt on your list or not.

Pros of Bernhardt Furniture

  • Offer unique and classic style so that it can elevate the look of your room or an entire home.
  • Worth buying because Bernhardt furniture quality is the best.
  • Offers plenty of options due to their wide range of home furnishing collections.
  • Easy to match to any house design because they offer different materials and colors for their products.
  • All products are safe because they are made of non-toxic materials. They are water-based adhesives, foam with no CFC content, and PVA glues with no harmful fumes.
  • Have many international retailers, so customers from around the globe can purchase its products. Thus, you need to look for Bernhardt furniture near me to get the desired piece of furniture.

Cons of Bernhardt Furniture

  • Drain your pocket because Bernhardt furniture is very expensive.
  • Slow response because the company still holds to some of its old-school ways.
  • Customers find difficulties in getting a replacement due to the poor communication.
  • Come in big sizes, so it does not fit into smaller rooms or houses.


Bernhardt Furniture Durability
Bernhardt Furniture Durability

You can pick Bernhardt as your home furnishings investment because its products, such as Bernhardt furniture dining table, have proven to stand the time. You can trust this company because all the products are made only with premium materials and finishings.


Bernhardt is a reliable company because it guarantees its products such as upholstery, outdoor furniture, case goods, and upholstered beds. Bernhardt claims that all products are free from defects, so you must ensure that the products you buy are in their best condition.

A 3-year service warranty is offered so that customers can get the best benefits from it. However, you can only get a warranty if you buy the products from authorized dealers.


Be happy because Bernhardt offers free delivery on certain conditions. Thus, you can save some pennies on the delivery fee.

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Return Policy

There is not enough information on the return policy from this company, so you need to contact Customer Service for further details. However, Bernhardt offers replacements for certain parts of the products should they be damaged.

Contact the authorized retailers where you buy the products so you get detailed information on the replacements.

Final Words

Bernhardt Furniture is renowned for its craftsmanship and creativity, so the products they make come with premium quality. Investing your home furnishings in Bernhardt may benefit you because it can elevate the look of your house.

Moreover, the products are also durable so that you can enjoy them for a longer time. With any luck, this Bernhardt furniture reviews is helpful so that you can decide whether to buy Bernhardt furniture or not.