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BerryAlloc Laminate Flooring Review

BerryAlloc Laminate Review

by Dylan Johnson

You should seriously search for BerryAlloc laminate review if you are thinking about replacing your old floor with a new laminate flooring.

Wait, what?

A laminate floor?

In the past, laminate flooring might be associated with lousy and ugly appearance.

Sure, it is pretty sturdy and durable, but the look of it was just terrible. The floor looked fake not to mention the cheesy colors and patterns they had.

Well, all of those things were generally related to laminate flooring, but it isn’t the case anymore in this modern era.

In fact, more and more people are becoming fans for the laminate flooring. The floor is increasing in popularity because of several good reasons.

First of all, the floor is now so much better better in quality, better in design, better in colors and appearance. Not to mention that it also experienced improved performance and quality too.

Second, the floor is relatively easier in maintenance and care even easier than hardwood.

Third, laminate flooring is more affordable. When compared to natural floors (such as stone, bamboo, and hardwood), laminate floor is inexpensive.

Don’t you love it when you can have an improved look at home without dealing with the high cost?

Fourth, laminate floor is pretty durable. At busy household where you have to deal with high foot traffic, active kids, and even pets, such a floor is crucial. You don’t want to spend money for something needs replacing in a few years.

So, let’s dig deeper into BerryAlloc brand and learn more about their BerryAlloc laminate review, shall we?

The Cost BerryAlloc Laminate

Price would be one of the major elements in determining a home improvement work. Everything comes down to the budgets whether you have enough money or not.

Different types of floor would lead to different price ranges. In general, hardwood flooring may cost you between $5 and $15 a square foot.

And the price would go up if you pick the exotic type or the designers’ brands. This is one of the reasons why not all homeowners can afford hardwood in their project.

Laminate flooring, on average, costs you around $1 a square foot to $5 a square foot.

It depends on the brand you choose, the retailers (where you buy the flooring from), the quality of constructions, and so much more.

As a general rule of thumb, the better the quality (and the performance), the higher the price would be.

BerryAlloc flooring incorporates the same idea. The price would be different, depending on many factors, such as your retailer and the style you pick.

Expect to spend between $2 and $4 a square foot for this brand. Based on BerryAlloc laminate review, that’s the general amount to spend for the floor.

If you compare the price of hardwood with BerryAlloc products, the latter one seems very inexpensive. But don’t forget that the price stated above is only for the material.

There is possible that you will have to deal with extra costs, such as extra supplies, installation cost, and such thing alike.

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Durability of BerryAlloc Products

From the descriptions above, we have stated that BerryAlloc is a low budget brand ideal for homeowners with limited budgets.

Now, what about durability?

Everyone always relates price and quality in terms that low price is generally associated with low quality, whereas high price is associated with high quality.

Does it mean that BerryAlloc products aren’t as durable as you have expected?

What does the BerryAlloc laminate review say?

It’s a good thing that BerryAlloc is a brand focusing on quality and performance.

Not only it is durable, but most of the products are designed to put up with heavy and busy foot traffic, active kids, and also pets.

Unlike other laminate products (from other brands), this one is pretty resistant to scratches and damages.

Another cool thing about BerryAlloc is the fact that you can actually install it in bathrooms.

This is super cool, considering that laminate flooring is generally not waterproof or water-resistant.

Most manufacturers would advise their customers to install the floor only in dry areas.

Wet areas or areas with high level of moisture and humidity will lead to water damage and this is a serious issue which can lead to a total replacement. But BerryAlloc is different it is a special brand.

You can install the floor in bathrooms as the manufacturers design the floor specifically for that area.

The floor has incorporated advanced technology that makes it highly resistant to moisture and humidity.

No need to worry about water damage, warping, or staining if you have this floor.

Be advised, though, that you should follow the recommended (installation) instructions given by the manufacturers.

It would make sure that the floor stays in good and pristine condition for many years.

You should also be able to install the floor over the cooling and heating underfloor systems. Isn’t it cool or what?

However, you should know that the floor isn’t perfect or extremely strong. According to BerryAlloc laminate review, it is still vulnerable to some stuff.

If you drop heavy objects on top of the floor, it may cause chip or other serious damage.

But the good thing about laminate is that you can always remove and replace a plank and replace it with a new one.

You won’t have to replace the entire floor just because of a single damaged plank.

And you won’t have to worry about fading either not with BerryAlloc floor.

General laminate floor will fade or shrink when it is overly exposed to UV light. But such a thing won’t happen to BerryAlloc floor.

This is because of their premium quality and advanced construction making them different from other products.

That’s why the floor comes with lifetime residential limited warranty the company offers it to ALL of their products.

If we are talking about the best warranties and lifetime investment, then you have found the right one.

Caring and Maintaining the New Floor

One of the things to like about the laminate floor is the easy maintenance, clean, and care.

BerryAlloc even provides various (online) resources so you can take care of the floor properly and correctly.

First thing first: have doormats at the doors. It would prevent debris, sand, and dirt tracking.

Second, in case the floors are dirty, simply use the regular broom to remove the debris, sand, and dirt without a sweat. If you have a vacuum cleaner, use it.

But be sure that the vacuum is for hard floor. And don’t use the beater bar to minimize the possibility of scratches and scuff.

If you are thinking about doing a deep cleansing, use a damp mop. Just remember not to over-saturate or flood the floor.

For the greatest result, the company does have their own cleaning products. Never use any harsh pastes, waxes, or cleaners that would leave residue (or a film) on the floor.

Although most laminate floor don’t advise steam mops, you can actually use one for the floor. But don’t overdo it just use it once in a while when you need it the most.

And most importantly, never move heavy furniture by sliding it across the floor. If you have to move them, use plywoods.

And if you have to place the furniture, make sure to use furniture coasters or furniture pads. Installing leg protectors can also be a good idea.

The last one is precautious actions. Although the floor is designed for bathrooms, it would be wise not to leave much water pooling around.

And even with the floor able to resist UV lights, it doesn’t hurt to place rugs or to have window treatments on the area.

Such ways can prolong the life cycle of the floor making it last longer.

Installing the BerryAlloc Laminate Floor

Another thing to like about the floor is the fact that it is DIY-friendly.

In the event that you don’t really have the budgets to install the floor, you should be able to do it on your own. All you need is the right tools, the extra time, and the determination.

Based on BerryAlloc laminate review, most homeowners don’t expeirence any difficulty when installing the floor.

BerryAlloc makes the overall process easier by providing guide and installation manuals, including instructions, videos, and also online resources to help you get going.

Their instructions are detailed. You get the outlines carefully, including the things you have to do before the installation, during it, and after it.

Be advised, though, that the project may be time consuming. It isn’t complicated or difficult, but it is definitely time consuming.

If you are super busy and you can’t do it on your own, then hire a pro. With professional installer, you don’t have to worry about the final result.

But then again, if you are committed and determined, you would be able to save a lot of money.

Available Styles and Designs

Another interesting aspect about BerryAlloc laminate review is the fact that you can enjoy their various collections.

Some of them include Ocean V4 and the Ocean, which are pretty water resistant. They are also available in stone and wood designs.

And there is Chateau collection with its herringbone pattern seriously elevate and improve the look of the house.

And there is Glorious Luxe that comes with (extra) long planks delivering natural look.

The collections include Impulse V4 and Impulse V2 with beveled lines, the Smart 8 that is trendy and modern, and also Eternity (which is super ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and commercial use).

All of their products have real feel and look of stone and wood. And don’t forget that there are so many different colors available for your needs.

As you see, BerryAlloc offers tons of various collections covering various designs, styles, and variants.

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Final Words

In the end, if you want a floor that looks great, pretty tough, and isn’t expensive, you already have your own pick.

If you check the BerryAlloc laminate review, you’d see that the review is absolutely flawless without any negative complaints.

The floor offers various perks and easiness, including easy maintenance, straightforward installation, and inexpensive overall cost.

And unlike other laminate floors, this one is even designed to be placed in bathrooms. This fact alone speaks volumes of the quality of the floor.

You should seriously consider this floor and do your research concerning BerryAlloc laminate review.