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Best Carpet For Baby’s Room

The Best Carpet For Baby’s Room: Main Features and Carpet Options

by Dylan Johnson

In the world of carpeting, there seems never be easy to find a hundred percent best carpet for baby’s room. However, there is a number of carpet selections available in store today.

In fact, carpet keeps becoming the best option for baby’s room due to a couple of reasons.

The primary reason why most woman choose carpet for their baby’s room is the softness of the carpet.

Especially when a baby gets his phase of crawling, what we need to provide is the soft floor covering to protect his little knees.

When the baby learns to walk, carpet comes as the nice cushion ensuring the protection for the baby from falling and getting hurt.

The second reason why carpet remains the best choice for baby’s space is the fact that carpet is one of the best quality of floor coverings for indoor.

Despite the rumors that carpet mostly catch up the dust in the fibers, carpet remains in use to prevent dust and other allergens from becoming an airborne.

As a result, a carpet helps both you and your baby to breathe well and easier.

In this article, you will directed to understand deeply about the key features of the best carpet for baby’s room and the best carpet options you can surely consider purchasing.

Have a complete read on the review of each section so that you can find the best carpet you need for your baby’s room.

Key Features Of Best Carpet For Baby’s Room

Though you might have a hardwood flooring in the room, providing a rug or carpet is much of advantage. Now the question is what type of carpet will be most suitable for baby’s room.

Well, to provide you with the best information about it, let’s first have a look at the key features that a carpet must have for nursery.

Carpet Softness For Baby’s Room

As it has been mentioned in the previous section above, softness is the primary benefits that everyone can directly derive from lying it down on the floors.

All carpets are soft. However, there are some carpet types that are softer than the others.

In these recent years, there is a hug number of carpet trends that are brought into homes as well as baby’s room. There are also dozens of options for every style of the carpet.

To find the best carpet for baby’s room with the expected softness, don’t hesitate to ask your retailers for a soft-fiber carpet.

Surely, they must know what you are talking about.

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The second key feature of the best carpet considered suitable for baby’s room is VOCs.

In this case, most home materials come with the volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This substance is essentially chemicals that release gasses.

These gasses have actually a bad effect for your breathing air. If you live with elderly or family member suffering from respiratory issues, this will be a problem.

Further, you don’t want your baby breathes of air with VOCs while sleeping, do you?

Well, to prevent this gas exposure, looking for a great carpet with low VOCs is much recommended.

Thanks to the carpet construction for using the natural sourced materials, making the carpet contains a lower VOCs than the traditional synthetic fibers.

Ensuring the safety of the baby’s room with carpet can be done by installing the carpet before the baby’s arrive at home sweet home.

To make sure that the carpet takes out its air, keep the door of the baby’s room closed and windows open.

This must be carried out several days just after the installation.

Healthy and Eco-Friendly For Baby’s Room

In addition to VOCs substance that may be contained in certain types of carpets, it is recommended that you opt the type that comes with eco-friendly feature.

This is aimed to ensure that you provide your baby and environment with the healthy and friendly products.

This is a good idea not to bring an effect on health problem.

Clean-Ability For Baby’s Room

Truly, it is just common to see a baby’s room is messy with spilled bottles, powders and even diaper mishaps. It is just easy to leave stains on the carpet just after you use baby’s oil and cream.

So, carpet with the high level of stain resistance is a necessary for baby’s room or nursery.

When it comes to purchase the carpet, you must come to think about the soiling warranty as well.

It is because there is a significant difference between staining and soiling. Thus, makes sure the warranty covers not only staining but also soiling of the carpet.

Durability of Carpet For Baby’s Room

The next key feature of the best carpet for baby’s room is the durability. Unlike the bedrooms or stairs that requires a high durability, the baby’s room doesn’t take durability into a primary concern.

However, if you want to have a good quality carpet that can last for long periods of time, you must take the durability into consideration.

Overall, a carpet is an investment. This way, you deserve a carpet with the high performance, right?

Personal Choice

So, keeping these key features in mind, do you think you have found the best carpet for baby’s room?

Many carpets fulfil all the criteria as the best carpet fitting the baby’s space or nursery.

Based on the customer’s review, the best and the most considerable carpet can be picked up from the collection of Mohawk SmartStrand that comes with the key features to meet all the criteria stated above; durable, soft, and last longer along with the stain and soil resistance and warranty.

Make sure you are optioning a carpet product with low level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to avoid the respiratory problems.

Best Carpet Options For Baby’s Room

Once you are acknowledge with the key features that a carpet should have for a baby’s room, then it’s time to check out the best carpet options you can take for your baby space.

So here are the list of carpet option we have explored to suit the baby’s room. Have a quick read on them according to the category given, allowing you to narrow the choice:

Karastan Wool and SmartStrand Forever Clean For Best Softness

Never let yourself feel overwhelmed because there are too many choices of carpet for baby’s room.

Simply, if you want to pick up the softest carpet, you can definitely consider purchasing Karastam Wool and SmartStrand Forever Clean which is best described to provide the expected softness.

This carpet choice is excellent for not only baby’s room but also nursery. Karastan offers the wool carpets along with the softness and luxury as well as imaginable fibers.

Karastan wool carpets are constructed from a 100% wool. Besides, they offers the trustable durability to withstand the high foot-traffic accompanying your baby grow.

Similarly, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets are also listed as the innovative carpet fibers available in the market.

Further, this kind of carpet also offers a beauty and comfort, presenting the high performance supported by the built-in stain and soil resistance feature.

Overall, Karastan wool and SmartStrand are all the great qualities for your baby’s room flooring.

Shaw Floors ColorWall for Best Clean-Ability

The second option you may want to have is probably Shaw Floors ColorWall.

Considering that kids are messy with the diapers leaks, spilled bottles and stains caused by the diaper rash cream that explodes all over the room, you need to find a carpet that is quick and easy to clean.

In this regards, Shaw Floors ColorWall is another good option especially if you are looking for a carpet type that comes with easy maintenance.

True to its style, Shaw Floors ColorWall is designed with the premium soft fibers to perfectly match the baby’s room décor.

Thanks to the LifeGuard Spill-Proof Backing added to the carpet, allowing you to perform an easy clean-up and provide the subfloor with the protection against the spills or diaper accidents.

Mohawk Flooring’s Air.o Hypoallergenic Soft Carpet for The Best Eco-Friendly Choice

To ensure the healthy life of your baby, another best carpet for baby’s room is Mohawk Flooring’s Air.

This kind of carpet comes with the soft fibers and easy clean-up. One best thing offered by this Mohawk carpet is VOC-free feature, meaning that the carpet is constructed without any VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

So, there is no gas releasing in the air in the room where your baby may be sleeping.

This makes the carpet is safe and suitable for either baby’s room or nursery as well as other bedroom where people with asthma and allergies stay.

True to its goodness, Mohawk Flooring’s Air carpets do not trap the dust and dirt in the fibers. This enables you to easily vacuum the carpet away.

nuLOOM Hand Tufted Wool Dotted Diamond Trellis Area Rugs for The Best Budget

It is not only the durability, colors and styles but also the budget that you need to take into account when it’s time to purchase a carpet for baby’s room.

Not all of the people comes with the sufficient money to welcome the baby and provide him with anything for comfort.

Yet all people wants to give the best for the baby though only a little cent left in a purse.

Just because someone has not enough money doesn’t mean that she cannot get a carpet for the baby, right?

Consider nuLOOM and you will see your baby enjoy his room on the soft and comfy carpet.

This is how you can décor your baby’s room with the beautiful carpet that you can afford without letting your bank account collapsed.

The millennial pink is the modern touch yet the rosy hue comes classically.

Thanks to the design of nuLOOM carpet attracting everybody with its dashed diamond style appearing sweetly to add such texture to the carpet surface.

Apart from the cost-effective price and beautiful design, nuLOOM carpet is noticeably thick and durable along with a 100% wool construction and a low-pile to free up the carpet from the dust and dirt.

Pairing this rug or carpet with the cushion is a sort of good idea to provide your baby with more comfortable space.

Land Of Nod Colorful Triangle for The Best Gender Neutral

When a woman is just expecting a baby without knowing whether she is going to have a baby girl or a baby boy while she want to make a good preparation, Land Of Nod Colorful Triangle comes as the neutral option with the neutral colors.

This carpet is also good for siblings who are sharing the room.

True to its design, Land of Nod Colorful Triangle offers a modern mix of primary and pastel hues.

There is actually a plenty of colors you can consider purchasing for your baby’s room and nursery.

Dealing with the way you are providing a comfort, this kind of carpet is constructed from cotton or polyester blend which is soft, bright and durable.

One plus point offered by this carpet is the ability to withstand twice the wear.

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Safavieh Kids Collection Zig Zag Wool for The Best Modern

Another best carpet for baby’s room to consider based on its modern design is Safavieh Kids Collection Zig Zag Wool.

This one has an updated striped style to present a combination of affordability, durability and style options.

Believe it or not, this kind of kids carpet has been awarded as the 100-year-old carpet product with the high customer reviews, meaning that the carpet is good to use in residential particularly in baby’s room.

Along with the trustable quality and construction as well as modern patterns with versatility, Safavieh Kids Collection will last even for years to come, accompanying your baby to grow.

Thanks to the wide range of color options and sizes availability to meet everyone’s need and expectation over a carpet.

Made of hand-spun New Zealand wool, this carpet is categorized into a premium floor covering product that doesn’t reflect the price tag.

Now if you want a modern style of baby room carpet, choose a palette with black and white version from Safavieh Kids Collection Zig Zag Wool.