Best Carpet For Family Room: 6 Considerations to Select Carpet

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Best Carpet For Family Room

Family room is one of the most important space to get together with the family, showing up close relationship and spending more time after working. Thus, make sure you are able to pick up the best carpet for family room to provide your spouse and kids with the most comfortable flooring to stay on, play and get relaxed.

This makes the caret for family room seems more important than that for the kitchen.

Hence, it is important to consider choosing carpet for family room which is soft, comfy and cozy.

Nevertheless, you cannot ignore other considerations such as durability, easy-cleaning, color options and construction when it comes to pick up a carpet for family room.

Here are several factors to consider when it’s time to visit home improvement stores and purchase a carpet.

Durability of Carpet for Family Room

In the list of the consideration to select the best carpet for family room, durability places the first rank to take into account.

Family room is one of the high-traffic home areas, requiring the carpet to be highly durable.

Thus, it is recommended that you look for a high-quality carpet with good wear warranty feature especially if you want to make sure that the carpet will stand up to every tear and wear of everyday family routine.

Selecting the best carpet for either living room or family room requires a simple and quick test to find out whether or not it is durable.

Bending the sample backward is common to do. It will show you the backing of the carpet and the density level of the carpet, thus, you can check out the carpet quality well.

Typically, a carpet durability is determined by the face weight, tuft twist and density rating.

In this case, the durable caret usually comes with 34-40 ounce face weight, 5 or more tuft twist and 2,000 density rating or higher.

Further, the carpet durability is also determined by the BCF (Bulked Continuous Filament) or even the staple fibers.

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Fiber Options on Carpet for Family Room

The second criteria of the best carpet to install in family room is the fiber options. In carpeting, fibers options play the role to support the look and the durability of the carpet.

In this regards, there are four fibers options influencing the quality of the carpet. Those are nylon, triexta, polyester and olefin.


Carpet with nylon fiber usually provides a stain protector. The softest and strongest nylon fiber carpet is typically 6.6 nylon. Stain protector feature is added to protect the carpet fibers from being stained.


Carpet with Triexta fibers is also considered as the best carpet for family room. Triexta fiber is originated from corn sugar that contains the superior anti-stain properties.

It is also a resilient fiber. However, the existence of carpet with Triexta fiber is no longer than that with nylon.


Like the previous fiber options, polyester also comes with the features of stain resistance. It is also cushy underfoot, providing a comfortable feel when walking on it.

Carpet with polyester fibers is relatively hard to clean. It cannot last as longer as you may wish. It may make you feel comfortable to walk on yet it is not a perfect options for high traffic areas.


If you want a carpet with affordable price, that with olefin fibers is the right option to consider.

Truly, carpet with this kind of fiber is inexpensive and resistant to fading, staining and mildew. It is not as durable as nylon yet it is a good option for high traffic areas.

In the world of carpeting, carpet with olefin fibers will look like the wool-like appearance. Therefore, it is mostly used in spaces with rugs.

The rugs, in this case, are commonly made of wool. In finishing result, carpet with olefin fibers ranges from the matte color to the high sheen.

For residential applications, carpet with olefin will be much suitable for lower-traffic areas.

However, if you use this kind of carpet for commercial places, it is recommended for light o medium applications only.

One of the noticeable downside of carpet with olefin is the fact that spills can be harder to clean.

Particularly, the oil spills and residue will not be easy to clean out of the carpet fibers. Hence, the carpet is not recommended for areas which is prone to oily spills such as kitchen or even dining room.

To reduce the oil spills transfer out of the bottoms of your feet, wear your socks or slippers. This is considered as the best advice for all types of carpets.

Easy Cleaning on Carpet for Family Room

Due to the fact that there will be more and more footsteps of your family walking on the carpet, make sure the caret allows you to perform easy cleaning. This is also one of the best carpet for family room.

In fact, the frequency of spills on family room carpet tends to be higher than that on the kitchen.

Simply, if you perform the cleaning easily, your family will be less anxious about making life there. Therefore, a carpet for family room must also come with the life time stain warranty.

In this case, choose the carpet type with “no exclusion” policy which means that there are no substances excluded from the warranty coverage.

In the other word, the warranty provided by the manufacturer fully covers the most stain.

Color Options of Carpet for Family Room

Basically, choosing color is a subjective option. The color of the carpet will much depend on your personal likeness as well as your home décor style.

Other considerations must also listed to choose the color of the carpet. Those are including the use of the room, the exposure of natural light and even the color of your pets. In this case, it will be much of advantage if the carpet color doesn’t show the pet’s hair.

Choosing bold color can be fun and exciting. However, it can be such outdated later. In this regards, gray and beige are the two natural color options that will never be out of style.

Meanwhile, beige or red can bring you to a comfort family room ambiance and hide the stains. Moreover, beige and red are the warm colors that will add such a warmth feel in the room.

Carpet Construction for Family Room

Carpet construction does contribute to lead you choose the best carpet for your family room, too.

Carpet construction plays an important role in supporting the appearance of the entire family space. In this case, the carpet construction includes not only pile and style.


In carpet construction, pile cuts are also called as plush. On the other hand, the uncut piles are called looped.

Other options are the patterned loop which is designed with the loops of multiple heights as well as cut and loop to create a certain pattern.


Dealing with the carpet construction, the styles of the cut pile include smooth, texture, twist and shag.

In this case, the twist is also known as frieze. Smooth style comes with the formal look while the twist and shag looks more casual.

The styles of the loop pile includes the level loop which is also called as berber. This kind of carpet style is considered ideal for high-traffic areas because it has a high density. Other loop pile styles that exist is the patterned loop.

Fiber Softness

One more aspect to help you evaluate a carpet product so that you are able to choose the best carpet for family room is the fiber softness.

Carpet with fiber softness is much perfect for people whose family likes to spend time together on the floor either to play games, watch television or just sleep over. Thus, considering the carpet softness is recommended and considerable.

Further, most carpet manufacturers today produce carpets with fiber softness to ensure the comfort feel for the users.

These carpets are usually constructed with the finer fibers more than the traditional carpet fibers.

Carpet softness can also be originated by adding carpet cushion which is positioned just beneath the carpet.

In this case, most homeowners believe that adding underpad can be much of advantage to make the carpet more durable than it actually is.

However, it would not be always true. It is always possible to keep the balance of the carpet softness and durability.

In some carpet manufacturing process, the use of modern memory foam carpet padding can offer not only the softness for the caret but also the durability.

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Shop Smartly

Now that you have already read the considerations to choose the best carpet for family room, it’s time to shop carpet smartly.

In this regards, it is highly recommended that you make at least three prediction to lead you get the best deal.

Confirm the installation quality due to the fact that the poor seeming and bad stretching as well as the very thin pad will definitely ruin the appearance of the new carpet.

In short, shop smartly by estimating and evaluating all the carpet features.

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