Best Flooring for Kids Bedroom to Consider

Dylan Johnson

Best Flooring for Kids Bedroom

You may want to know the best flooring types for kids bedroom, considering that they are pretty risky.

You can choose whatever flooring types you want for the house, but you should consider a special flooring for the kids bedrooms, especially since they are pretty active and there are certain risks that follow them.

You see, kids need floor that can provide warmth, comfort, and also softness. It means that they will dislike stone, porcelain, or ceramic floor that are generally cold and hard.

Not so comfortable for them or for you when you have to accompany them while playing, right?

You also want a floor that is durable and resistant to dents, spills, or scratches. Kids will create their own mess, so your job now is to find a floor that isn’t only sturdy and tough, but also soft and safe.

No wonder if parents have a constant headache all the time!

But there are some of the most popular and also the best flooring types for kids bedroom.

Cork Floor for Kids Bedroom

Hardwood may be one of the most gorgeous and beautiful flooring types, but for the kids bedroom, it isn’t exactly the best option.

If you want something softer and plusher, you can always consider cork flooring.

You may not know that cork is one of the best flooring types for kids bedroom for many good reasons, really.

First of all, cork is soft and somewhat plush although not overly plush. But for overall quality, the floor is perfect for playing.

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Not to mention that it is easy to clean and maintain as long as you remove any spill, splash, or drop right away, you won’t even notice that they had been there.

The soft surface is considered safe for the kids. As active creatures, they are prone to bumps and fall.

When those two things happen, you won’t have to worry about their safety. The floor will absorb the impact of the fall, making them unharmed.

Cork flooring is no longer considered cheesy or lousy.

Since it has been considered one of the most popular flooring options, more and more manufacturers are willing to produce high-quality cork flooring that isn’t only beautiful but also reliable in quality.

If you have previously known about engineered wood floor or LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) floor, then you can be sure that cork flooring will be as good as them.

Modern cork flooring comes with various styles, colors, and designs. You can even enjoy cork flooring with natural stone or hardwood effect.

There are some of the good things about cork flooring, such as:

  • Soft quality

As one of the best best flooring types for kids bedroom, this floor is soft and plush.

It has this unique bouncy quality that makes it different from the others. The floor is nice to stand on even for a long time.

  • Easy clean and maintenance

Cleaning and caring for the floor is fairly easy. For everyday clean, you simply use a regular broom and a damp mop.

Don’t use anything that can cause flood, soak, or pooling. You also need to remove any spill right away before it sets and leaves stains.

Despite all the good things about this floor, there are several possible downsides:

  • Costly price

The floor is quite costly. It’s not as high as the hardwood floor, but it is still pricier than other inexpensive types

  • Stain possibility

It is impossible to leave stain out of the floor, no matter how hard you try. Stains will happen in the long run, but it won’t be too visible if you remove it immediately after it happens.

That’s why extra maintenance and care will be needed.

(Wall to Wall) Carpet for Kids Bedroom

This is another popular and the best flooring types for kids bedroom. The floor is soft and cushion-y, and yet it is bad for cleaning.

Carpets are pretty good for kids. Its natural construction is able to absorb the impact of jumping, running, playing, and also falling down.

When you install it at home, you can rest assured that your kids will stay safe and protected. Carpets are also the ideal and traditional pick for kids’ playroom.

Unfortunately, carpets aren’t really good for cleaning or caring. The surface easily traps pollen, dirt, or dust.

If you spill something on the surface, you won’t be able to clean it thoroughly.

Vacuuming the floor may help, but it won’t thoroughly clean any spill or debris ever trapped inside.

Not to mention that it is also provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and insects.

You may want to choose polypropylene, polyester, and nylon carpeting that offer greater color-fastness and durability.

Never consider uncut pile or wool carpets that easy to snag. Also consider having padded and good-quality carpets that are produced with stain resistant technology.

Consider removing the carpets when they are frayed or irredeemably soiled.

One of the good things about carpet is the fact that it is plush and soft. The carpet can absorb any impact, including fall, which makes it perfect for kids’ room and also the elderly.

Second, the carpets can cover the entire room. It provides a plush surface that would be safe for the inhabitants of the room.

On the negative sides, carpets aren’t exactly perfect for the kids. The flooring is a challenge for deep cleaning.

If you decide to keep it, you may need to have extra tools, extra equipment, and extra efforts. Second, installing the floor isn’t exactly a DIY friendly.

You will need a professional installer to do the work or you may end up with a messy result or even a flooring that is inhabitable.

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Laminate Flooring for Kids Bedroom

When we are talking about one of the best quality of flooring, hardwood often comes to mind. It’s because the quality of hardwood is easy to spot.

Everyone has no doubt that such floor is premium in quality and construction.

But what if you can create a hardwood-look alike floor that doesn’t only imitate the look of the floor, but also the construction?

It is possible if you have laminate flooring with solid and tough underlayment.

In the past, laminate flooring might not be one of the best flooring types for kids bedroom because of the low quality.

But today, laminate flooring comes with premium quality and impressive visual effect.

The floor is made from particleboard core and attached image layer on the top (plus a wear layer to strengthen the floor).

Such a floor is pretty good at dealing with impact and shock, absorbing them all.

But if you can add a softer underbelly with the underlayment, you can actually create a high-quality floor with softer core.

The underlayment can be pre-attached (to the flooring’s underside) or be separately rolled out from the floor. The foam will deliver a certain level of softness so the floor won’t be so hard and rigid.

When you combine laminate flooring with underlayment, it is actually one of the best flooring types for kids bedroom because of the combination of positive features.

And you are still free to add other elements, such as area rugs, for added protection, softness, and even visual look.

There are some things to like about the floor:

  • The surface of the laminate floor promotes easy cleaning and maintenance. You simply use a broom and a damp mop you can easily deal with spots and stains. There is no need to use cleaning tools that can soak the floor.
  • Laminate floor is basically a hard floor with a plush side. It is solid and sturdy, and yet it isn’t hard (unlike the hardwood) so it won’t hurt your kids.
  • The floor can resist the moisture, so you won’t have to worry about spills or splash. But make sure to clean them up right away. If you are able to eliminate the possibility of moisture flooding and pooling, then you have the possibility to make the floor last.
  • If you are rather low on the budgets, this floor is DIY friendly. As long as you are willing to make time for it, you should be able to install it on your own and gain a satisfying result is you are careful

On the down side, there are several possible flaws that you should be aware of.

First of all, laminate floor is still considered worthless. Installing one won’t actually increase the value of the property.

Yeah, it kind of a bummer to actually spend money but it won’t affect the value of the house.  

Second, the floor isn’t completely waterproof. When there is flood or pool, the floor can suffer from significant damage which is usually related to water damage.

You will have a serious headache when dealing with water damage because it usually means that you have to replace it.

Those are your options for the kids bedroom’s flooring. Feel free to explore other options, but remember, these candidates of flooring are the most popular ones.

Most homeowners pick them because they stand out among other types of flooring. Consider the nature of your house and what you need from the floor.

Only you can decide which floor would be suitable for your kids. Narrow down your options from these best flooring types for kids bedroom and you should be able to find the right one.

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