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Black Laminate Flooring Ideas

Black Laminate Flooring Ideas, Options and Installation Methods

by Dylan Johnson

Black Laminate Flooring Ideas – Believe it or not, even a black laminate flooring can transform your interior space into a unique and stylish room you will never imagine before.

Black is one of the neutral color after white that will match all types of décor and room layout. It has its unique characteristic, adding the room with either classical style or even modern look.

In more cases, youngsters are those who likes black and white theme to represent their unique desire. If you walk along the crowd and see a store, a bar, or a coffee shop with checkerboard theme, the owner must be still young.

In fact, checkerboard is the most popular style ideas of black laminate flooring you will see around. However, there are still many other types of black laminate you can search for more inspiration.

To provide you with more ideas about black laminate flooring, here we have selected some recommended ones. Check them all out below:

Black and White Laminate Flooring

The Inspiring Black Laminate Flooring Options
The Inspiring Black Laminate Flooring Options

Black and white laminate flooring has been widely used over decades ago. This show that this kind of laminate flooring has been one of the favorite flooring for interior home design.

Over the years, checkerboard is the one popular style of black and white laminate floor. True to its design, black and white colors present an aesthetic value as well as creative variations.

This black and white flooring is designed to suit not only the larger rooms but also the smaller rooms.

Noticeably, this flooring can match any kind of the bright accents colors, showing up a classic view that also fits the modern and vintage style of flooring.

As we have started, black and white laminate flooring matches the youngsters’ soul. There is a sort of novelty feel of such floors, making them suitable not only for kitchens but also for bathrooms.

black and white tile effect laminate flooring
black and white tile effect laminate flooring

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Black Wood Laminate Flooring

The second inspiration of black laminate flooring you can apply for your flooring remodel is black wood laminate floor. It is a black laminate floor that looks like wood.

Simply, it has a wood-look. There are some reasons why black wood laminate floor is quite to be very considerable.

Firstly, it comes with the creative variations and versatility to match other colors and finishing options. So, it best fits your interior home design.

Secondly, black wood laminate floor is featuring scratch and stain resistance so that it is safe for pets and children.

In addition to the benefits of this flooring, the waterproof feature makes it installable in kitchens and bathroom.

Thanks to the innovative click system that makes the black wood laminate flooring easy to install. Along with the friendly-maintenance, you will only need an effortless cleaning to keep it clean.

What’s more?

Well, this kind economical alternative and nearly natural appearance. Hence, no matter what black wood laminate floor style you choose, your floor will always have an elegant and stylish look.

Black Wood Laminate Flooring
Black Wood Laminate Flooring

Black Oak Laminate Flooring

Whether you are installing a new floor or removing the existing one and replacing it with other flooring, black oak laminate flooring can be one of the considerable idea.

Typically, black oak laminate floor has 8mm thickness, which is considered good enough for a laminate.

Noticeably, black oak laminate floor comes not only with the high quality but also affordable price. The low price is often be the reason why people tend to choose laminate flooring nowadays.

Other reasons are the fact that there some different colors and designs, making the floor beautiful and wonderful to look at.

The latest upgrading techniques especially on the top layer make the floor looks so authentic along with the brushed floorboard structure.

Black Oak Laminate Flooring
Black Oak Laminate Flooring

Black Laminate Plank Flooring

Other variant of black laminate flooring you may optionally choose is the black laminate plank flooring.

Typically, the laminate plank is easier to install even without separate glue. This means that laminate plank flooring installation uses the glue-less techniques at which the plank has already a glue attached inside the layer of the plank.

What about the durability?

Is laminate plank flooring highly durable?

True to its high quality, the high quality of laminate plank flooring depends of how thick the laminate plank flooring you choose.

In fact, the thicker the laminate plank, the more durable it would be. The cleaner the subfloor before the laminate plank installation, the tighter and stronger the plank is attach to the floor. This means that, along with the proper installation.

Black Laminate Plank Flooring
Black Laminate Plank Flooring

Waterproof Black Laminate Flooring

If you want to install a black laminate flooring in the kitchens as well as in the bathrooms, you are much recommended to opt the one with the waterproof feature.

This is due to the fact that the waterproof black laminate floor is designed for wet moisture.

In this case, kitchens and bathroom are the wet areas in the house. Water spills mostly happen in the kitchens while water flowing always occurs in the bathroom.

Thus, waterproof laminate flooring is designed to suit them much.

Getting back to black laminate flooring, it offers not only the waterproof option to fit the kitchens and bathrooms but also a perfect style and sleek design as well as the stylish aesthetic.

Soon after you install this kind of flooring either in your kitchen or bathroom, you will find your space in a modern look.

Now get your modern-look kitchens and bathrooms with the waterproof black laminate flooring pieces.

Waterproof Black Laminate Flooring
Waterproof Black Laminate Flooring

High Gloss

No matter if you have already had a classic home design, rustic and even a farmhouse one, high gloss laminate flooring comes to complete your home with the luxury-look finishing, especially for the flooring element.

It is true that high gloss laminate flooring can transform your old flooring to an elegant and stylish one. It much resembles the real tile which is glossy and shiny.

In fact, when people want a real shiny tile but has only limited budget, high gloss laminate flooring can be the greatest solution.

You can have not only the real-tile look flooring but also the highly durable flooring mimicking the real one.

If you only knew, typically, the high quality of laminate flooring can even last for 20 years. It is because many manufacturers always keep innovating as well as providing the customers with the 15 product warranty.

This ensure them that the laminate flooring they purchase and install for their homes are trustable.

Whenever you want to consult about the product of laminate flooring, the customer services are usually ready for twenty four hours to help you.

High Gloss Laminate
High Gloss Laminate

Black And Grey

The last but not probably the least black laminate floor you can opt surely is the black and grey laminate floor.

Since black is the neutral color for everything, it can definitely go with grey and create a nice combination.

The color combination of black and gray is usually unique along with the stylish pattern, making the room so eye-catching but warm to feel.

Either for homes or for offices, this kind of laminate flooring will never be out of fashion. There are many styles and pattern of black and grey laminate floors available on the market.

Along with the 20 year guarantee, you cannot be questioning about the quality and durability of the laminate flooring. The high quality materials along with the solid construction within the installation adds special plus points for the product durability.

If you have a proper installation, this black and grey laminate floor can be the long lasting house element.

Black And Grey
Black And Grey

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Black Laminate Flooring Installation

There are some different black laminate floor installation depend on the laminate floor types you choose. Those are glue, pre-glue, glue-less and underlay.

They are the common laminate flooring installation types that are widely used among the home owners suggested by the home designers. The glue installation type is carried out by gluing down the laminate joints together.

It is considered able to make the flooring strongly constructed due to the glue that also strongly tighten up the laminate and the floor. So, you will have a very durable flooring.

The pre-glue installation type is available on certain type of laminate planks. Yes, some certain types of laminate plank flooring has already glue on its layer so you need only to snap the planks on the subfloor. This is considered the easiest and quickest laminate flooring installation.

The third installation type, the glue-less, requires no glue in installing the plank laminate. Though it is also considered the easiest and quickest way of laminate flooring installation, you must be aware of the technique you use to install the laminate in order to have a solid flooring.

Flooring Installation
Flooring Installation

The last installation type is underlay. It is one of the glue-less installation technique since you don’t use glue to attach the laminate to the floor. The glue itself has been included on the underlayment layer so that you just need to snap the laminate plank onto the subfloor.

Out of the black laminate floor review we have already presented, have you just inspired to choose one of the black laminate flooring ideas for your home?

Be sure you pick one up and make it for your lovely home.