Blue Vinyl Flooring Ideas – Add Peace and Harmony to Your House

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Blue Vinyl Tile Flooring Ideas

Blue Vinyl Flooring Ideas – So you love blue color, now you can invoke your feeling of peace and harmony with blue vinyl flooring, providing you a natural air of relaxation in your homestay.

Yup, blue vinyl floor will treat yourself to a calming soak in a blue bathroom, encourage the atmosphere of studying in a blue study room and let you have the most comfortable relaxation in the blue bedroom.

Blue vinyl floor creates the best feelings of peace in your home. That is the truth.

Along with the wide range of blue vinyl designs, lots of people tend to install vinyl for the floor, making it popularly used around the world.

There are lots of benefits that people can derive from installing vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is not only cost-effective but also durable, high quality produced and waterproof as well as water resistant. Good vinyl flooring will even last for 10 years.

Read the following review of blue vinyl floors to gain more information, allowing you to feel sure and confident to choose vinyl floor.

Kinds of Blue Vinyl Flooring

Like the real ceramic or tile flooring, vinyl flooring is available in many different kinds of styles and patterns.

The manufacturer will definitely try to meet the customers need and expectations about the stylish look and design of the vinyl so that they can suit the flooring with the overall home design.

Below are the kinds of vinyl floors you can choose in blue color.

Blue Ridge Pine

Blue Ridge Pine Vinyl Flooring
Blue Ridge Pine Vinyl Flooring

The first widely used vinyl floor is the blue-ridge one. It is 100% waterproof, allowing the flooring not to swell, crack or peel when it is exposed to water.

The blue-ridge pine vinyl floors looks like the real wood pine. It is floating as well as water resistant. The thickness is around 7.5mm along with the wear layer thickness which is 12mm.

Blue-ridge pine vinyl floors has superior durability, making it suitable for the busiest homes.

Moreover, its easy installation and maintenance make the flooring practical to use.

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Blue and White

Blue and White Make Your House Unique
Blue and White Make Your House Unique

The second option to consider installing vinyl floor is the blue and white style.

This is one of the kinds of blue vinyl floor you can find easily in the market either online or offline.

Blue and white is the common style of vinyl floor admired by most people around the world for their kitchen, hallways, bathroom and even family room.

The combination of blue with the white color will provide you with more peaceful feelings to stay home.

Blue Cedar Gray

Blue Cedar Gray Vinyl Flooring
Blue Cedar Gray Vinyl Flooring

Blue cedar gray vinyl flooring is typically representing the clean and traditional look with a natural oak texture.

Blue cedar gray vinyl is also one of the luxury vinyl floor sized at 6 inches wide and 48 inches length.

This kind of vinyl flooring will fit most of the spaces in your house which means not only the kitchen, bathroom or kids’ room that are good to use the vinyl but also other parts of the house such as hallways, laundry room and others.

Garrison Aqua Blue

Another kind of blue vinyl floor is Garrison Aqua Blue vinyl floors. This one is resembling the realistic wood along with the aesthetic value. This vinyl flooring also created with the water resistant feature, making it be the best in the construction.

As one of the vinyl flooring, this type is considered as a good solution with its high durability, easy maintenance and water resistant.

Aqua blue vinyl floor is featuring an EVA rubber underlayment to repel moisture and bacteria. The surface texture is deeply embossed by the micro-beveled edges while the vinyl planks are finished with aluminum.

This is how a garrison aqua blue vinyl floor comes with the lasting quality.

Thus, don’t hesitate to install your kitchen, bathroom and other areas near the pools with the garrison aqua blue vinyl floor now.

Blue Vinyl Plank Flooring Ideas

Blue Vinyl Plank Flooring Ideas
Blue Vinyl Plank Flooring Ideas

There are always various blue vinyl plan floor ideas you can find online.

As one of the blue vinyl floor that is popularly used nowadays, the blue vinyl plank floor ideas come up due to the vinyl features including the versatility, innovative and high performance of the vinyl floor.

The richness in texture as well as the natural materials constructing the vinyl such as hardwood, ceramic tile and stone add another plus point of the vinyl flooring.

Overall, blue vinyl plank flooring ideas are spread to tell you the easy installation and high level of comfort provided by the blue vinyl plank flooring.   

Blue Vinyl Tile Flooring Ideas

Never think that you will run out of vinyl flooring ideas. There are blue vinyl tile flooring ideas available to help you choose the best blue vinyl flooring to install in your house.

The choices are ranging from cove, arie, shoal, sky, azure, frosted, slate, platinum and etc.

This way, the color and design options allow you to integrate metal accents into a premium and durable material which makes the vinyl tile perfect for any environment.

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Blue Vinyl Sheet Flooring Ideas

Looks Great on Kitchen
Looks Great on Kitchen

Sheet vinyl flooring is best described to be easy installed. In this regards, you will always have options of blue vinyl sheet floor ideas to install in your home.

Some of which are the multi-color slate and sunset blue vinyl sheet which are widely requested by the homeowners to the designers.

This means that having the blue vinyl sheet floor is not a problem, yet it can be a new style for your renovated house.

Overall, blue vinyl floor is a good addition to the house elements, presented by the cost-effective solution for on-budget floors.

Whether you are building a new house or just remodeling or renovating your old one, vinyl flooring is much recommended due to its durability, high quality, waterproof and water resistant feature and easy installation as well as easy maintenance.

Make sure you have been acknowledged more with this information about vinyl flooring so that you can figure out whether you finally take vinyl flooring or not.

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