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Branch Furniture Review

Branch Furniture Review

by Ethan Ross

Many furniture brands produce home office furnishing. But, they are not specialized in it. They just make it for completing their variant products. The quality is doubtful. To find the brand that excels in home office furniture, let’s read these Branch Furniture review.

The Branch company was built in 2018 after its CEO, Greg Hayes, found a problem. He found that buying quality home office furniture is a super hassle. That’s why he wants to make your workplace more comfortable with the product his company designed.

Product and Price Range

Branch Furniture Product and Price Range
Branch Furniture Product and Price Range

The Branch brand specializes in workspace furniture. But it designs its products not only modern but also ergonomic, following the contours of the human body.

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The purpose of designing ergonomic office furniture is to create comfort. So that the body does not feel tired quickly, even though you have to sit all day.

The same furniture brand that carries out the manufacture of ergonomic seat furniture is the Stressless furniture brand. The difference is that Stressless is not specifically for office furniture, only for home seatings.

Even though the Branch only has furniture products for the workplace, it still groups them into several categories. The goal is to make it easier to find products on its website.

The following is a list of Branch Furniture product categories :

TypeProductMaterialPrice Range
ChairsErgonomic Chair
Task Chair
Daily Chair
Verve Chair
Elevate Chair
Nylon Weave
Fiber Weave
and Woven Mesh
$209 – $499
DesksOffice Desk
Standing Desk
Quad Desk
Double Standing Desk
Six Person Desk
$369 – $2,849
Desk Organization
Small Filing Cabinet
Monitor Arm
Branch Gift Card
Oak Wood
$10 – $699
Nylon Weave
Fiber Weave
and Woven Mesh
$109 – $2,849
BundlesTeam Workstations
Collaboration Bundles
Individual Workstations
Nylon Weave
Fiber Weave
and Woven Mesh
$538 – $4,582

Pros and Cons of Branch Furniture Review

What are the pros and cons of Branch Furniture? Let’s see this below.

Pros of Branch Furniture

Here are some pros about Branch products :

  • This brand gives a warranty product to all its customers.
  • The chair’s back shape is curved to follow the contours of the body’s ergonomics. So that it is comfortable to use.
  • Moreover, every chair has lumbar support to add comfort to it.
  • Mesh backrests or seat backs with a padded upholstery due to high-density foam. Both can be adjusted in height to distribute body weight evenly. It is what makes you support sitting for hours.
  • This furniture has a sleek and simple silhouette that appears modern in your office room.
  • This Branch furniture brand has two special categories for co-working spaces or meeting rooms. 
  • You will get the best price for the best quality product from this furniture.

Cons of Branch Furniture

Here are some cons about Branch products :

  • There is no international shipping, except to Canada.
  • Some shoppers feel it is challenging to assemble the product. An error causes it in measuring the product. So, ensure you ask for a friend’s help to measure it.


Branch Furniture Durability
Branch Furniture Durability

The net shape of the fabric on the back chair makes the air flow smoothly, so it doesn’t cause a feeling of heat on the back. There is no sweat or dampness on that side. It is good for your back and the fabric, so it doesn’t rot easily and is durable. 

The use of aluminum and MDF makes this product light and durable. It is because aluminum can withstand weather, heat, or cold. While MDF is not easy to absorb water, so the product does not mold quickly.


The Branch furniture company gives the product warranty with 2 – 10 years terms. These periods differ among the products, and you can get this information from your cart by shopping on the website. But most products have a ten years warranty.

This guarantee covers the defect of the manufacturing process or the malfunction. Then you will get the repair or replacement for the product you claim. All the warranty is valid from the date of delivery.


The furniture from The Branch brand is free shipping every time you shop. Your order will be processed and shipped in 1-3 working days. 

The branch furniture company uses a third party to deliver your packaging. They are FedEx and UPS. Besides that, you can upgrade the delivery service to White Glove Delivery. But unfortunately, the Branch doesn’t provide international shipping, excluding Canada.

Return Policy

Branch Furniture Return Policy
Branch Furniture Return Policy

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You can return your product within 30 days of delivery. Then you will get the refund after deducting 20% of the restocking fee. 

But if you receive the damaged product, you must confirm it to the Branch team within three days after the receipt date. You can get a full refund for this situation.

For approval, you must send the product back in its original packaging. Besides that, all refunds will be transferable to the actual payment.

Final Words

All the words about this Branch Furniture review are this product is ergonomic, so it is safe and perfect for your back health. In addition, this furniture design still looks modern, simple, and sleek.