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Bruce Park Avenue Laminate Review

Bruce Park Avenue Laminate Review and Quality Products

by Dylan Johnson

If you are thinking about installing modern and high-quality laminate floor, then it is only imperative that you read about Bruce Park Avenue laminate review.

By reading the review, you know the overall quality of the floor including the possible downsides or possible issues that you will encounter in the future.

So, what are the perks to enjoy from this Bruce Park Avenue floor?

And how do you learn about the quality?

About Bruce Park Avenue Products

If you expect a rough hewn and hand-scraped floor that is just perfect to imitate the hunting lodge style, then this one won’t be the right product for you.

The floor has smooth finish and high shine surface that will deliver modern, contemporary, and high end look.

If you want to create a big-city appearance at home, then this brand would be the right pick.

If you are looking for a trusted name in flooring industry, you have found the right one. Not to mention that they have all the quality products with premium performance and quality.

When we are talking about Bruce flooring, we are talking about one of the most popular names in this industry.

The company itself has existed for more than a century it speaks volumes of their quality.

They have manufactured hardwood floor as well as laminate types, so they basically know what they are doing.

It would be easy to find Bruce Park Avenue laminate review with positive feedbacks.

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All the Good Things about Bruce Park Avenue Floor

According to Bruce Park Avenue laminate review, this comes with quite impressive features which deliver satisfying benefits. You can have different thickness as well as width.

What can you expect from their products, anyway?

The Five Inch Width of Planks

Bruce floors have a pretty nice width when it comes to plank construction.

They are convenient to cover spacious room, such as living area, bedroom, or other open space concept in the house.

If you go with narrow planks, not only you will have to deal with more intensive (and extensive) labor attempts, but they may create too busy and too crowded effect on bigger areas.

If you are only doing one room (and it isn’t overly big), planks with 3 inches of width may be accommodative enough.

But if you use the same 3 inches of planks all over the house, the effect may not be pleasant at all.

Take a look at the Boston Gardens parquet floor. It is beautiful and somewhat iconic.

But then again, do you want to see something like that on every day basis? Certainly not, right?

So, you need to stay wise when it comes to choosing the right size (including the length and the width) of the planks.

12mm of Thickness Planks

Not only the planks are wide, but they are also thick. According to Bruce Park Avenue laminate review, they have at least 12mm of thickness.

This is considered the ideal thickness, especially if you want to deliver hardwood-look-alike effect. Not to mention that thicker planks means more comfortable feel for the feet.

Having thicker planks has its own benefits. When compared to 6mm types, the latter one would easily bend. They are also more sensitive to damage. The 12mm won’t easily give up like the 6mm ones.

Does it mean that thicker planks are better even thicker than 12mm of floor? Not necessarily.

Thicker boards may be more convenient and comfortable, but they are difficult to cut. You will need special tools for them.

In short, the 12mm planks are quite nice in the middle ground. It has the nice thickness without the fuss of specialized tools for cutting and installation.

Many users in Bruce Park Avenue laminate review say the 12mm is just the perfect option for their house.

Beveled Edges

You need to remember that different laminate flooring products have different constructions and models.

Some have click-and-snap construction, while others have beveled edges. Well, Bruce flooring is one of those with beveled edges which have its own perks.

The bevel just comes with the right design that creates gorgeous and striking models without affecting the cleanliness of the floor. Maintaining it would remain easy and effortless.

The bevel is complicated. If it is too much, it will create unpleasant gaps. It would visually be too wide or too big and it can be too distracting and somewhat annoying.

But if it is too little, the effect won’t pleasant either because everything will look too uniformed.

You will lose the sense of individual planks that may affect the vibe and atmosphere.

Sustainable Products

It’s difficult to talk about environmentally-friendly practice when it comes to producing hardwood (and also laminate) floor. The manufacturing process can be difficult for Mother Earth.

However, the effects can be minimized if the company has the dedication and determination to make it environmentally safe and friendly.

Most home builders and constructions claim in their Bruce Park Avenue laminate review that the floor isn’t only gorgeous and beautiful, but also has positive impact to the environment.

The company, at least, has done their best to minimize harmful effect to Mother Earth.

As a part of Armstrong brand, Bruce floors are determined to implement solid sustainability program.

They use renewable fiber source (the high percentage ones) as well as recycled materials. The products are LEED rated.

They implement efficient manufacturing production system utilizing more parts of the tree when compared to other manufacturers to achieve board yield in the maximum effort.

High Gloss Effect and Finish

High gloss can enhance the beautiful effect of the floor but only when it is clean. When you have to clean and maintain its pristine condition, it can be complicated.

The complication may be even higher if you have super busy foot traffic with active kids and busy pets.

The high gloss effect can be beautiful and beneficial, and yet it can also be a downside.

If you are able to maintain its pristine condition by wiping it off every time there is a drip or making sure that there won’t be any splash on it, then you are in luck.

But if you can’t do it all, then there would be spots and stains on the floor, for sure.

If you don’t mind doing extra cleaning or you simply love your cleaning routine, then this one would be the right fit for you.

Unfortunately, there is no other option high gloss is the only available laminate floor.

If you don’t really like the idea of having to do excessive cleaning or caring, then Bruce floor may not be the best and the most ideal pick for you.

Collections and Types

Another reason why you should read and learn from Bruce Park Avenue laminate review is so that you can be prepared for the possibility of mistakes or disappointment.

If you read the reviews, you know that the collection (of this floor) can be quite limited. Yes, they are able to deliver real hardwood effect.

They are also super gorgeous and natural. However, most of their collections are coming in the shade of browns.

If you want other shades more grayish hues or other modern bold colors then be disappointed as you won’t find them in this collection.

But if you are looking for something more classic and traditional, Bruce floors would be the perfect pick.

Their lines are available in Makore, Pradoo, Exotic Walnut, Mocha Maple, Fruitwood Select, and Amber. Rest assured that all of these collections are simply gorgeous and stylish.

Price and Cost Bruce Park Avenue Laminate

Based on Bruce Park Avenue laminate review, the price ranges from $3 to around $5 a box but this is the price for online retailers. Each box is able to cover around 13 square feet of area.

This would be the most perfect selection of floor if you are thinking about covering medium to large areas.

But you also need to keep in mind about the price range. The mentioned price above is for online retailers. The price may be different for offline retailers.

Not to mention that they may have different price sets for different variants or collections.

So, be ready to deal with flexible price factors and don’t be rigid about them.

Users’ Feedbacks

In most Bruce Park Avenue laminate review, the feedbacks and users’ opinions are quite positive.

Most of them say that the floor is able to create realistic feel and their houses are amazingly have warm vibe and atmosphere.

Some say that they love the shiny and rich-looking effect of the floor that is somewhat transforming their house it creates bigger effect!

However, the floor does have its own flaws. Aside from the limited collections and options, many users say that the floors are coming in a damaged condition.

You may want to check into the company’s warranty and guarantee about such a thing.

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Final Words Bruce Park Avenue Laminate Review

If you want a mid-level high-quality floor that is able to create modern and sophisticated effect without neglecting the traditional vibe and classic appeal, then Bruce flooring would be the greatest pick. Don’t forget that it isn’t 100% perfect.

It requires constant cleaning and maintenance. The options for collections are pretty limited too.

But if you read Bruce Park Avenue laminate review, most users are pretty satisfied with the overall quality of the floor, so it is up to you now!