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Builder’s Pride Hardwood Flooring Review

Builder’s Pride Hardwood Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

Go searching around your home and finding whether it is already outdated or needs something new to look fresh? Perhaps, you need this Builder’s Pride hardwood flooring review to gain an inspiration in upgrading the home through the flooring element.

Maybe it’s the time to achieve the sense of pride so let the Builder’s Pride hardwood be a solution.

Presented by Dura Wood, Builder’s Pride sells the flooring products through Lumber Liquidators.

It consists of prefinished hardwood floors which are claimed to be beautiful, easy-installed and cost-effective.

Now the big question is whether or not the claims are true.

To fully fill your curiosity, Builder’s Pride hardwood flooring review is arranged based on the research we have conducted to find the exact answers why the flooring stand out.

We also do the analysis on the past reviews and customer’s complaints so that we have a lots of information as a base to make a purchasing decision.

Later, the review we are going to present in this article includes flooring durability, styles and colors, cost, installation, care and maintenance.

Now let’s have a quick read to all the review sections in the following parts.

Builder’s Pride Durability

When purchasing a flooring product, durability is the first thing that people commonly ask.

Is the flooring built to last?

How durable would the flooring be?

What factors will make the flooring more or less durable?

Purchasing a flooring is investing. It is due to the fact that you are going to spend hundreds and even thousand dollars on the new floors.

To know the durability of a flooring product, you must look at the average lifespan offered by the hardwood flooring.

The brand you choose, the species of wood and your lifestyle are the factors that would affect the lifespan of the hardwood flooring. In this case, the average lifespan of Hardwood is 40 to 80 years.

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What about Builder’s Pride hardwood?

Thanks to the good quality presented by Builder’s Pride hardwood that makes the consumers satisfied with the flooring products.

Many people were reviewing the hardwood to be good as their installers were professionally do the installation project.

In our Builder’s Pride hardwood flooring review, the most common complaint about Builder’s Pride hardwood is the fact that the hardwood flooring products were already damaged when they just open them out of the box.

Thus, they used to purchase additional boxes of hardwood and found that the flooring do not easily get damaged during the installation.

Similar to other hardwood flooring, there must be some precautions that everyone should pay attention on Builder’s Pride hardwood.

Those are the furniture movement, pet claws and kid’s activities that may cause dents, scratches, dings and other damage.

Thus, to keep your Builder’s Pride hardwood flooring durable, never slide the heavy furniture too often, trim your pet claws, avoid installing the hardwood in a humid spaces and make sure you clean the floors using the right and suggested cleaning products.

To prevent the floor from the damages, give pads to the legs of your heavy furniture and ask people to put off their high heels before entering the space.

There is no exact data showing how many years the Builder’s Pride Hardwood will last.

However, some reviewers state that this flooring types can be able to stand out for some decades to come.

To support the quality of the hardwood, Builder’s Pride add 50 years warranty to the products yet it doesn’t cover the damage caused by the daily wear or tear.

Instead, it covers the damage caused by the manufacturer’s defects which can affect the durability of the flooring product.

Styles and Colors Options Presented by Builder’s Pride Hardwood

Slightly after the durability, people usually question the styles and colors availability.

It is because colors and styles much deal with the consumer’s likeness and personal choice.

Definitely, they must match the entire design of the consumer’s home interior.

Luckily, it is found in our Builder’s Pride hardwood flooring review that the hardwood is designed with the wide range of styles and colors.

You can easily choose the classic species including oak, maple and birch and the exotic ones like Brazilian cherry, Brazilian koa and Hevea.

In this case, Builder’s Pride hardwood offers many different colors, ranging from natural and butterscotch to espresso and mocha. These colors availability is aimed to complement any home style.

If you want to make sure that you choose the best hardwood flooring, you could surely request for samples through Lumber Liquidators. People usually ask for three samples and pay $10 and get $10 credit to the purchase.

In this case, each of additional sample costs $1 and all the costs you pay for additional samples will be noted as a credit to your purchase.

Cost of Builder’s Pride Hardwood Flooring

Now we come to the most sensitive topic that is cost.

Are you wondering whether a Builder’s Pride Hardwood flooring fits your budget or not?

In fact, hardwood flooring can be very expensive if it is durable and has a beautiful style and color. Many consumers find the expense worth it.

However, if you have only a limited budget but you want a high quality product, the average costs you could expect to pay are $3 to $12 per square foot. It can even reach more.

Fortunately, Builder’s Pride hardwood flooring has a very competitive price which is around $3 per square foot. An exotic species usually cost $6 or more per square foot.

Mostly, anyone can easily find the hardwood flooring type suiting his/her budget.

Keep in mind that the cost does come only for a flooring product.

Other additional materials such as underlayment and trim are not included in the cost.

Installation of Builder’s Pride Hardwood Flooring

Once you decide on purchasing the Builder’s Pride hardwood, the next thing you have to check out of our Builder’s Pride hardwood flooring review is the installation technique and DIY option.

Is this flooring type available for DIY option?

Why not?

Many homeowners stated that they prefer installing the hardwood by themselves to hiring a professional. This is because they want to cut down the installation cost that requires a lot.

Truly, hiring a contractor can add thousands of dollars to the new flooring installation cost.

However, it is always told that installing hardwood flooring can be much difficult while the Builder’s Pride Hardwood flooring products are not easy to install.

Lumber Liquidators offers the installation guidance that everyone could follow in order to tackle down the flooring without hiring a professional.

There are several considerations dealing with the installation preparation if you insist on DIY option.

Makes sure you purchase or rent all the special tools needed for installation, making the materials ready, ensuring the skills, and provide times since installation project may take and consume time much.

There are three ways of installation offered by the Builder’s Pride Hardwood Flooring. Those are the nailing-down, using flooring adhesive to glue-down and the floating floor with edge-glue.

All of the instructions and recommendation for each installation types are readily provided by the company based on the flooring type you have chosen.

Reading carefully the instruction may take time. But if is understandable then you can do the installation project by yourself.

Many people reviewed that they were successfully installing their flooring by themselves with no prior experience.

This means that even you are only a starter or a newbie in flooring installation, you can definitely do it.

Care and Maintenance of Builder’s Pride Hardwood Flooring

The last thing we are going to present in the Builder’s Pride hardwood flooring review is the care and maintenance.

This way, the company has some recommendation dealing with how to take care of the floors well.

Those are daily cleaning and the use of dream home cleaners.

Daily cleaning is easy to perform. It includes the use of vacuum cleaner which is especially design to clean hardwood.

This way, you are not recommended to use an old vacuum to avoid the floors scratches and stains.

In order to keep your floors best as always, Bellawood or Dream Home cleaners is much recommended.

Though Builder’s Pride doesn’t come with any cleaner products recommendation, you can simply use this product by applying it with a cloth or a dry mop.

It proves that it efficiently clean the floors well without causing any damage.

There are no precautions that you should pay attention to.

As long as you use the recommendation delivered by the company, you will be able to keep your Builder’s Pride hardwood flooring best as you wish.

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Final Words

Finally, the Builder’s Pride hardwood flooring review conclude that its flooring products can stand out well from any other brands because of the low costs and wide range of selection.

However, just because it has a low cost doesn’t mean that it is not beautiful to look and less durable.

Now the choice is on your hands. Go and grab this flooring with no exception!