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Burrow VS Article

Burrow VS Article

by Ethan Ross

Both Burrow VS Article are extremely popular brands of furniture. Each brand has different competitors. While Burrow competes against brands like Ashley HomeStore and Rooms To Go, Article competes against brands like IKEA and Wayfair.

But the following review explicitly discusses the comparison between Burrow and Article. You’ll find out whether the Burrow sofa reviews better suit your style and preferences, or even Article sofas.

The Comparison Between Burrow vs Article

Price Range$835-$2,220$600-$5,000
Product Range Burrow offers various categories, such as seatings, living room, bedroom, rugs, and home office.Article Furniture offers various furniture categories, such as seatings, beds, and storage. But looking for one furniture category will be challenging as each category is not grouped in the appropriate category. 
The Ease of Ordering & Shipping Burrow provides free shipping on every single order.

Burrow claims to provide the fastest delivery timeliness in the business.

You can shop all Burrow products online on its website.
The Article furniture provides  offers a free delivery for purchases over $999.

It needs 2 weeks for the products to be shipped to you.

You can choose two delivery service options: In-Room Delivery and In-Room + Assembly Delivery.

If you need to return your order item, it needs 30 days after you receive your package.

You can shop all Article products online on its website.

You need to click the “Add to Cart” button to order online on its official website. Then, your order will proceed.
Quality of Service Delivery Burrow provides a one-year warranty, covering defects in material.

Burrow offers rescheduled shipping by sending messages to their customer service.

The package will be on the porch of your home or your apartment lobby. So, you don’t have to be home while the package arrives.
Article furniture provides a short period warranty, which is a one-year guarantee. All the warranties are valid starting from the delivery date.

Article furniture applies health protocols to send your order.

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About Burrow Furniture

About Burrow Furniture Company
About Burrow Furniture Company

Burrow Furniture has always stated that they are no ordinary furniture company. It is why Burrow Furniture always provides quality, affordability, and comfort in every piece of furniture they produce.

In other words, Burrow Furniture facilitates most people’s need for furniture. Burrow’s features and styles are American Medieval Modernism and contemporary Scandinavian Style.

So, if you are looking for fresh furniture without feeling too trendy or too bold and durable, Burrow Furniture would be a great choice.

Burrow Pros

This Burrow Furniture has some pros :

  • Burrow provides the availability of outlet stores.
  • Burrow offers Zip financing support.
  • Burrow provides direct customer relationships. It means you can send messages or give feedback to the store directly so you will get the response faster.
  • Burrow offers a curated catalog. There is a sea of choices and it confuses customers, especially the ones who are clueless about design. The curated catalog helps customers to create their own perfect pieces easier.
  • Burrow provides scheduled consultation.
  • You don’t have to be home while your package is arriving.

Burrow Cons

The following are the cons of Burrow Furniture :

  • Security features and policies are not maintained.
  • There is only a short period, which is a one-year warranty.
  • Burrow does not offer email discounts.

About Article Furniture

About Article Furniture Company
About Article Furniture Company

Article Furniture was launched in 2013. From the beginning, Article Furniture always creates the simplest furniture design with a reasonable price and long-lasting. That is why Article Furniture always produces its furniture using only chosen materials. 

As time goes by, the design and style of Article Furniture transform into chic and modern. One of the reasons why Article Furniture has been loved by its customers is because they always provide in-stock products in its warehouses. The shipment will take two weeks or less.

Article Pros

This Article Furniture has some pros :

  • Your order will be shipped with fast delivery.
  • No need to wait for so long because all of Article Furniture’s products are in-stock and ready to ship.
  • Time delivery estimation is in your hand. You will get informed about time delivery estimation and the location where your item is sent from. You will see all of this information in your shopping cart.

Article Cons

These are the cons of the products of Article Furniture :

  • The one-year limited warranty is provided for all products of Article Furniture.
  • You will get free shipping if your order reaches more than $999.

Final Words

Both Article Furniture vs Burrow Furniture provide modern and durable products. However, regarding the completeness of services, Article Sofa has received wider recognition from Burrow Furniture. It is an honest comparison review of Article vs. Burrow.

In choosing the most suitable brand between Article vs Burrow, you must also accurately measure your sofa, door, and room to sit on the sofa. We hope this helps you decide which brand is a better fit for you. Also, consider our Valyou vs Thuma review if you need more information when you want to buy furniture.