Calypso Laminate Review

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Calypso Laminate Review

It is advisable that you read Calypso laminate review so you know what to expect before buying the floor.

This is the floor that is claimed to deliver overall perfection (as well as safety) for both kids and adults. Unlike hardwood floor, laminate floor is resistant to moisture and liquid.

Sure, hardwood may be gorgeous and beautiful, but it takes a lot of work and you definitely have to deal with complicated maintenance.

About Calypso Flooring

Calypso is basically a part of Lamett’s AtroGuard flooring lines that are claimed to have all the greatest feature, including sturdiness and strength and the beautiful natural look of the hardwood.

No need to worry that your laminate floor would look shabby, lame, or ugly. Keep in mind that today’s laminate floor is completely different from the one in the past.

If laminate flooring was considered ugly or cheesy, it won’t be that way for today’s products.

In fact, today’s laminate floor can imitate the look of natural elements, such as wood or stone.

Some of the high-end brands and products have super real appearance. You may have a difficult times differentiating them from the real thing.

Another thing to like about this floor is the fact that it comes with high-quality construction. Not all laminate flooring is made with similar quality.

Only those with premium construction are able to withstand moisture, liquid, and humidity pretty well.

And Calypso is claimed to be one of those premium lines which makes it perfect for busy household with active kids and fussy pets.

According to Calypso laminate review, this floor is tough enough against busy foot traffic.

If you want a floor that can last for many years to come, Calypso floor should be included in your list.

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Complication-Free Installation

Although laminate flooring is claimed to be easily installed, some brands are proven to be quite difficult.

You will have to dedicate your time and your efforts to make sure that everything is properly installed.

Be prepared of labor intensive work according to some users in Calypso laminate review.

The complication is more about the prep itself. You need to check the underlayment or the subfloor to make sure that everything is even and in a good condition.

If you are able to remove one step (just one step!), you will find out that everything is easier.

It’s a good thing that Calypso laminate flooring comes with an attached underlayment so you won’t have to deal with underlayment preparation or such thing alike.

Calypso planks are coming in 12mm of thickness which is pretty thick in general. The size isn’t overly big so you won’t have to worry about making any cit for adjustments.

Since it isn’t overly small, you won’t have to worry that you will damage the planks.

Thanks to the clever wits of the manufacturer, installing the floor (along with the already existing pads) becomes quite easy even convenient.

The pad itself is 2mm in thickness, which makes the overall planks have convenient thickness.

And why would thicker planks are considered better?

You see, thicker floor creates a comfortable feel underfoot. Not to mention that thicker construction would support the good performance of the floor.

The floor would feel somewhat firm and yet plush and you can rest assured that it will last for longer time at least longer than the thinner floor.

Convenient and Satisfying Coverage

Based on Calypso laminate review, thicker planks aren’t the only thing to like about this brand. The planks are coming in (almost) 7 inches width.

Because of the wide coverage, the floor can cover the floor quickly and conveniently.

If you want to cover a large area, this would be the most perfect flooring options to choose.

Whether you have bigger bedrooms or spacious living areas, rest assured that Calypso floor would be able to cover the floor and create stunning effect at the same time.

Does it mean that smaller areas (like small rooms or hallways) can’t be covered by the floor?

Not really. The floor can still cover the area quite well, but you may not be able to create appealing visual interest that can create a ‘wow’ effect.

But feel free to try. Who knows?

Maybe you are creative enough to make appealing design and look.

Another thing to like about this floor is the construction process. The company refers it as SureCore.

The technology is implemented for the base material. With this technology, the company creates denser floor than the traditional laminate flooring.

It delivers stable floor and you won’t have to deal with rooms’ transitions arrangement.

Various Color Options

It would be nice to see different options of colors on the floor especially if the common flooring color is only brown after brown.

That’s why the laminate floor can be an ideal option because today’s modern laminate flooring is coming in various attractive colors.

The good thing about Calypso flooring is the fact that it has 8 variants of colors.

Sure, most of them are coming in brown shades and hues, but still….they have nice variants that make them different from the others.

The options are from traditional and classic to a modern one. It means that you have the freedom to choose floors like traditional oak or maple.

But you are also free to choose other variants with closer shades to grays.

When compared to other brands or manufacturers, Calypso floor may not have excessively a wide array of options (as they are coming in similar shade), but it’s not bad at all.

When you have both options of classic and modern at the same time, you can actually enjoy different options to make your floor more artistic and beautiful.

In Calypso laminate review, many users don’t have any complaint about the colors and their options.

Easy Maintenance and Care Calypso Laminate

Laminate floor has always been known as one of the sturdiest floors that can fight against moisture quite well.

With laminate floor, you won’t have to worry that your floor would be drenched or soaked which can lead to serious flooring issue.

And thanks to modern technology, today’s laminate flooring even has better water resistant feature on its finishing coat.

If you read Calypso laminate review, you’d know that Calypso floor has premium finish that is completely durable against water.

Having durable and water resistant floor is important for laminate flooring.

It means that the floor would be easily cleaned and maintained. You are able to mop the floor even steam it with the modern steam mop machine.

With Calypso floor, you won’t have to worry about kids tracking in grime or mud or your pets dripping water all over the place.

You can easily wipe it off and maintain the cleanliness and you won’t have to deal with special mops, brushes, and brooms.

Aside from the fact that the floor delivers easy maintenance and care, it is also resistant to liquid and humidity.

Feel free to install it in areas sensitive to humidity, such as the basements, kitchen, laundry room, and even the bathroom.

Regular laminate floor can’t be installed in those areas because they would warp and damaged. But not with this Calypso floor.

It is strong and sturdy. And even when you install it in the bathroom and basement, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged or such thing alike.

Perfect Floor for Busy Traffic

The finishing coat on the Calypso floor isn’t only good to deliver premium water-resistant quality, but it is also good to deal with busy traffic.

This is also the reason why you should check the Abrasion Class rating before buying the floor.

Abrasion Class rating refers to the sturdiness of the floor, especially the surface, against daily use and wear.

Calypso has AC4 rating. It means that the products are perfect for residential as well as commercial use.

Whether you have tons of visitors, active kids, or active pets and the foot traffic is pretty high the floor should be able to take everything without any fuss.

It’s safe to say that you won’t have to replace the floor once every 5 or even 10 years because of the wear or damage.

Price Factor Calypso Laminate

Unlike hardwood that can cost you a fortune, the laminate floor won’t give you such a headache.

Considering the premium quality and all the packed features, it is quite surprising that the price is relatively affordable.

The online price is set from $2 a square foot to $4 a square foot. A box can cover around 18 square feet of floor, so you really save yourself a lot of money for your home improvement project.

What Users Say

Different people have different opinions about something and that includes the Calypso flooring.

There are actually many Calypso laminate review and feedbacks out there and most of them are saying positive things about the floor.

Some even say that the floor is premium and the best in the business. It is pretty understandable to see why many people love the floor.

After all, it comes with premium construction and high-quality performance that ensures the cycle and long-lasting outcome.

Not only the floor has beautiful look and appearance, but it has durable construction and reliable performance.

Make sure that you get as much as information as possible before making a purchase.

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Conclusion Calypso Laminate Review

Dealing with the laminate floor is generally easier than the real hardwood floor, but it doesn’t mean that the floor doesn’t have its own challenges.

You need to choose the right laminate floor that isn’t only durable and sturdy, but also made from trusted core and reliable.

Make sure that you choose products based on your own condition.

If you don’t really believe in Calypso products, at least make time to read Calypso laminate review so you can make an educated decision.

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