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Carpet Fibers 101 Nylon

Everything To Know About Carpet Fibers 101 Nylon

by Dylan Johnson

In the word of carpeting, nylon places the first rank of being the most popular fiber type in carpet industry for residential nowadays. In this regards, carpet fibers 101 nylon comes with a solid reputation to be the durable and easy maintenance floor covering. So this is how we are going to show you the more in-depth look at the nylon 101 carpet fiber.

Particularly, in this article, you will be directed to learn the facts and origins of nylon 101, characteristics, specifications, resiliency and stain-resistance as well as the engineering notes.

There will be other related information to add your background knowledge about nylon. So let’s have a look at the following review sections.

Facts Carpet Fibers 101 Nylon

In fact, nylon 101 is considered as the perfect options especially when you need material with the wear resistance while it also needs to reduce the lubrication.

Nylon 101 is designed from Modern Plastics either in rod, sheet or tube and even plate forms such as those which are produced by Ensinger-Hyde, Plastic Products, Sustaplast, Quadrant Engineering and Cast Nylons.

Carpet fibers 101 nylon is commonly used for mining, aircraft, food and constructions industry since this kind of nylon provides an outstanding utility.

For example, manufactured by Quadrant Engineering, Nylon 101 with the type 6/6 is the standard all-purpose nylon sheet with the extruded grade.

Among the types of unmodified nylon, this 101 type has the highest strength and the most rigidity as well as the highest melting points.

This kind of carpet also fits the food contact parts and screw machined electrical insulators.

Nylon 101 also comes with the toughness supported by the low coefficient of friction and good abrasion restriction.

This makes the nylon a perfect alternative for a various materials ranging from rubber to metal.

In this case, the standard metalworking equipment is used to fabricate and machine the nylon so that it can be a precious product to consider.

Todays, nylon 101 includes FDA, NSF, USDA and 3A-Dairy compliant. These nylon products are commonly available either in natural or in black colors which are all designed with the custom basis.

Carpet Fibers Nylon 101 Engineering Specifications

To acknowledge you with the complete information about carpet fibers 101 nylon, engineering specifications for nylon 101 sheet are included in this article.

Basically, nylon 101 has 11,500 psi tensile strength, 12,500 psi compressive strength, 0.30% water absorption, 210F of continuous service temperature, resistant to Ketones, Hydrocarbons, Ethers, Chlorinated solvents and alcohols as well as UL94:V-2 flammability rating.

These specifications definitely support the performance of nylon 101.

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Engineering Notes

Engineering notes are just the other parts of nylon 101 information added to enrich you with the exact information.

In this regards, nylon is able to absorb water up to 7% under the high humidity. As a result, the dimension will change up to 2% and the physical properties will decrease. However, the appropriate design techniques will compensate for the issue.


Historically, nylon was originated by Wallace Hume Carothers in 1935, the head of research at DuPont.

In commercial application, nylon was firstly used in woman’s stockings in 1939. Later, it was also used in toothbrush bristles and fishing line.

For carpeting, nylon 101 was produced by DuPont in the middle of 1950 especially in the form of staple fiber. This was successfully done after the six-year trial has been successfully done in DuPont Hotel.

In 1959, some years later, a kind of nylon named BCF (Bulked Continuous Filament) nylon was introduced by DuPont.

Thanks to the nylon that has revolutionized the carpeting industry to lead nylon as the first truthfully synthetic fiber and as the new benchmark quickly in the world of carpeting.


The next thing dealing with carpet fibers 101 nylon is the characteristics which are also much related to the nylon features. In order that you can find the most ideal choice of carpet fiber, the only one key features to look over is the nylon’s durability.

In this case, nylon is best describe to have an extremely strong fiber that stands up well to abrasion. Nylon has also a high resilience and a very good texture to maintain its original look.

In short, to highlight the greatness of nylon product, we have summarized the characteristic of nylon products.

Those are the good electrical and mechanical properties, toughness, stiffness and high strength, easy to machine, a wide range of grade options and the ability to be listed as the finished parts and close to the net shapes.


Resilience is just the next thing to look over after the durability. Nylon 101 gets its high resiliency from the large part of hydrogen molecule that establishes every part of it structure.

In this case, the molecule can be rejuvenated by extracting the hot water cleaning method. Widely, this is also known as steam cleaning method.

In this method, the hydrogen molecule will be reactivated by the heat through the steam cleaner.

Thus, because of the foot traffic, the fibers will start flattening. As a result, the carpet will be able to bounce back when it was cleaned.

Due to this reason, the requirement to steam clean the nylon carpet is extremely important every 12 to 18 months at minimum rate to ensure the life span. In this case, this kind of nylon is frequently used for high traffic areas.


Other key feature you need to look over out of the carpet fibers 101 nylon is the stain-resistance. Due to the fact that nylon is an absorbent fiber, the protection must be added with the stain treatment.

This is aimed to avoid the spills so that the spills do not sink deeply into the fibers and finally leave stains.

Thanks to the advanced stain treatment technologies supporting the today’s nylons ability to resist any stain better than before.

In this regards, solution-dyed nylon is the nylon that comes with the stain resistance feature. This feature has a function to lock the color by adding it in the fiber production.

When the color becomes an important part of the fiber, the stain-resistance and fade-resistance will be permanent, making the spills unable to leave the stains on the fiber’s cells.

Carpet Fibers Nylon 101 Cost

Though nylon 101 is available at all price points, it proves to come with affordable options. However, just because it is affordable doesn’t mean that it has low quality and limited in variety colors options.

Though purchasing this kind of carpet nylon is affordable, the product keeps offering the fiber versatility, durability and longer warranties.

Despite the cost, caret with nylon 101 can be a great choice of either residential use or commercial applications. It can even fit all the flooring needs.

Benefits of Carpet Nylon 101

There are reasons why carpet nylon 101 is widely used on the globe up to now. It deals with the benefits of this nylon type that contributes to the carpet performance in the usage. Thankfully, nylon with premium fiber offers some terrific product benefits.

Believe it or not, carpet nylon 101 is not only strong but also resistant to soiling and staining, crus, wear, abrasion, insects, mold and mildew, rot as well as many chemicals.

The easy maintenance feature makes people keep using carpet with this nylon type. Further, it is durable and versatile.

When it comes to stain protection, carpet nylon 101 bears stains dealing with the soiling.

Due to its versatility, this nylon is used in a wide range of styles and carpet constructions while its durability makes it perfect for high traffic areas.

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In addition to the benefits of carpet nylon 101, long lasting is one of the feature that most people are looking for over a carpet.

What makes this carpet long lasting?

Basically, the longevity of carpet nylon 101 is supported by the stain resistant feature, bounceback factor, and strength.

As we have mentioned, nylon 101 is highly absorbent which means that the either stains or spills will not seep deeply into the carpet fiber and leave stains. This kind of nylon has a permanent color along with the fade-resistant.

For the bounceback factor, nylon 101 responds perfectly to the steam clean because of its molecular composition.

In this case, the hydrogen molecules are activated by the heat derived from the steam cleaning. This helps nylon recover the areas on the carpet installed in the high traffic areas.

The strength of nylon 101 is supported by the resiliency. The fibers are sturdy enough to withstand the abrasion. Noticeably, this is one of the greatest feature in carpeting.

Manufacturing Process

Carpet fibers 101 nylon is produced either in-house or from the other source outside and turned into a carpet. Nowadays, many companies keep producing carpet nylon 101 to sell to the carpet manufacturers like Invista.

In general, nylon which is produced in-house will be more affordable than the one which is purchased outside.

This is based on the restriction of the additional link in the supply chain. Keep in mind that this is not indicating the lower quality of in-house nylon.