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Best Carpet That Won’t Show Footprints

One of the common reason why people take carpet for their floor covering is that they don’t want to notice any footprints or other marks on the carpet. You may start questioning whether or not there is a carpet that won’t show footprints, right?

Typically, people notice there are some drastic shading variances shown by the carpet when they are walking across it.

Even when they are vacuuming the carpet themselves, they seem avoiding the appearance of the footprints on the new freshly vacuumed carpet.

Apart from the disheartened feeling that people may frequently feel, carpet is designed and produced for floor covering where you walk on. It means that carpet is for people walking.

So, it must make the walker enjoy walking on and around the carpet.

In this article, we are going to share you some related information dealing with carpet that won’t show footprints.

Let’s have a quick read below so you will get to know what carpet that won’t make anybody cringe to step on.

Read all of our review sections so you will find the most suitable carpet option that mostly meet your needs.

Why Do Several Carpets Show Footprints?

Before understanding why a carpet cannot show the footprints and other tracking marks, firstly we need to know why some carpets do.

More or less, whether a carpet shows the tracking marks or not depends on the carpet types. In this case, Saxony is a type of carpet that usually shows tracking.

Analytically, it comes with the style features cutting the carpet fibers that are all twisted in the similar direction. It also comes with the similar finish to velvet.

Let’s remember, when you rub your hands on a carpet surface, the fibers will likely to look lighter or darker than the near part of the carpet fibers.

This occurs because the carpet fibers differently reflect the light particles especially when they are moved.

Hence, what kinds of carpet that won’t show footprints?

According to the above explanation, finding out the carpet variation based on the fiber’s texture is required. This way, there are lots of carpet options to look over.

So let’s check out some styles of carpet that possibly minimize the appearance of footprints in the carpet like you are expecting.

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Textured Saxony

A texture Saxony is one of the carpet style to overlook. It is a cut-pile carpet that comes with the same height with straight Saxony.

However, this carpet style is basically design with the ability to reduce the tracking marks appearance.

Textured Saxony carpets are usually considered as the trackless carpets. This might be due to the feature of twist or kinks in the fibers functioning to help dissolve the light particles. In the other words, the fibers are not always going with the same directions.

Thus, brushing your hands on the carpet on this textured Saxony will not leave a mark especially on the color variation. However, this carpet still show a small degree of tracking marks.

So, if you don’t want to notice any footprints or shading, this one style of carpet may not be your best option to consider.

Both the straight Saxony and the textured Saxony are available in all qualities, ranging from the lowest grade to highest grade of the carpet.

They also come with every type of carpet fibers such as nylon, polyester, wool and triexta.

In this case, the durability of Saxony carpet much depends on all of the components including the fiber, the carpet density and the twist of the fiber as well as other related things.

Keep in mind that it is crucial to keep the balance of those components to make sure that you pick up the right option of carpet.

For example, the home areas which are high in foot traffic can choose the denser Saxony with the high twist.

Thanks to the designs of Saxony that are never out of fashion. The classic look can work well for not only formal but also casual form.

If you select this Saxony carpet based on the recommended usage, you can have a very durable carpet for years to come.

The only drawback of Saxony carpet is the color choices that are nearly same. These colors are not as popular as its competitors such as Berber and Frieze.

However, this color sight will depend on each opinion of the consumers. It can be good or bad.

For recommendation, the Saxony carpet with the high-grade is suitable for busier areas of home such as stairs and family rooms.

The straight Saxony will be more suitable for formal settings such as living room while other style of Saxony carpet will flexibly suit your needs and conditions.

Looped Berber

The second carpet style that is considered not showing the footprints is the looped berber.

Luckily, the looped berber is best described as the best choice for carpet lovers who don’t want to see any tracking marks left.

This style of carpet comes with the tightness to provide a greater masking over the tracking or shading marks. This is because the small loop lets only a minimum movement for the fibers.

Further, Berber carpets are generally made from the fibers that look like a wool such as olefin. Thus, the carpets can have a bulky and low luster appearance.

In this case, the lower luster fibers will not reflect the lights as much as the fibers with the high luster. As a result, it helps the carpet reduce the shading or tracking marks variances.

Berber is increasing its popularity in carpeting due to the durable feature and styles that mostly fit residential use. This looped berber has a stronger fiber than the cut pile one.

Compared to Saxony, the lower quality berber is not as durable as a mid-quality Saxony.

If you want to get the value of berber, you need to compare it with another carpet style which has similar level.

However, you can still get its better durability for the same money you spend for purchasing another type of carpet.

In addition to the cost-effective feature, berber carpet is relatively easy to clean. One you notice any spills and stains, you can easily clean it.

This is due to the looped berber’s construction, allowing the spills or stains to stay only on the carpet so you can easily grab them for clean.

This way, the dirt, spills or stain can be easily picked up before they are sinking into the fiber.

In the other words, you are doing such a prevention from letting the dirt sinking deeply into the carpet fibers.

Thanks to the multi colors of the looped berber carpets, making it listed as one of the carpet that won’t show footprints through its ability in hiding the soiling, stains and even footprints.

One of the drawbacks of looped berber carpet lies on its possibility of snagging. The loop construction makes everything easily caught in the carpet and pull it out.

This occurs when the piece of furniture is dragged across the carpet. And it would not occurs only by driving a toy car.

Another big drawback that might be complicated is the pet existence. If you are having a pet, it is likely that you had better not choose this kind of carpet. The biggest concern here is whether the pet’s claws will cause a damage to the carpet.

Other case, the carpet will possible hurt the pet since it catches the pet’s claws. Thus, this carpet is considered improper for pet lovers.

However, if your pet’s claws are not sharp, you will find the carpet right for the pets. Even the looped berber carpet looks appealing.

In short, it is still best recommended that you had better not choose this carpet if you have a rambunctious pets.


The next carpet that won’t show footprints is probably Frieze. Why is frieze?

Truly, this carpet style comes with numerous textures, allowing it to reduce and minimize the tracking marks left on the carpet.

Though their long fibers move a lot, the loose pile as well as the tightly twisted yarns dissolve the light particles. As a result, there will only be a little reflection.

Due to this fact, frieze is best described to be one of the choices for those who don’t like the footprints on the carpet.

Though there is no guarantee that it presents no single footprints, at least the carpet comes with the ability to minimize of getting tracked by the footprints.

So you can think of having frieze for your floor covering now.

Beware Cut and Loop

In general, the “cut” part of the carpet’s cut and loop is featuring short and same fibers in Saxony style.

Thus, though the texture and height variation are already added to the “loop” part of the carpet, the degree of shading will still appear on the carpet. This means that there will never be a carpet that completely shows no footprints.

In the other word, some certain types of carpet can only minimize the footprints not to appear on the carpet, not completely disappear.

Lighten Up

 No matter what styles or types of carpet you choose, the ones with the lighter color will not likely show the footprints as much as the darker ones.

Moreover, the today’s trend of the carpets come with the two color tones especially in a cut pile.

This makes the carpet naturally has not only lighter fiber colors but also darker fiber colors.

In fact, this style of carpet is just another great choice for reducing the shading or tracking marks variances. Again, there is no carpet that is completely coming with no footprints at all.

The only thing we can do is to find out a carpet style that is able to minimize the degree of tacking marks on carpet.

Nylon Carpet

Another carpet that won’t show footprints is nylon carpet. In this case, nylon carpet is widely used for home use.

In relation to stains resistance feature, nylon carpet is able to hide dirt, debris and withstands abuse as well as footprints.

This is due to the carpet construction that is the stronger fibers, allowing it to be durable for home areas with lots of traffic.

Nylon is the synthetic carpet that is highly durable and resistant to mold and mildew. Due to the fact that its fibers are continuous, it has only a little chance of shedding and pilling.

Polyester Carpet

Polyester carpet offers not only the beautiful color options but also an excellent fade resistance, making it possible to hide the footprints. There are a wide selections of colors and textures available in this carpet style.

Further, this polyester carpet offers also an eco-friendly feature, meaning that it is made of recycled plastic.

So you don’t have to worry about the environment impact of having this carpet. Polyester carpet is much of advantages along with the safety for the environments.

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Wool Carpet

If you wish to have a natural carpet that is able to hide the stains, spills and footprints it the wool, you can wish of purchasing wool carpet.

The softness of wool makes the carpet rich of appearance, listing it not only as the top-of-the-line in the carpet industry but also as the carpet that won’t show footprints.

Further, it comes with the lower price than nylon carpet.

Hence, many homeowners begin to consider wool carpet not only because it won’t show footprints but also because it is much affordable.

Acrylic Carpet

Now if you want a carpet with synthetic fibers but looks like wool carpet, you can easily opt acrylic carpet.

It comes with a spring under the feet. It also resists the dirt and mildew and hide the footprints.

Not only have the beautiful colored but also the high durability that makes people much interested in purchasing this carpet. Moreover, acrylic carpet is easier to clean than the wool carpet.

So you don’t have any reason not to consider installing this carpet in your home.

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