Cindy Crawford Furniture Reviews

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Cindy Crawford Furniture Reviews

Who does not know Cindy Crawford, an international artist and supermodel? However, this article will not discuss the artist’s career but the furniture business. You will learn a lot about her products by knowing Cindy Crawford Furniture Reviews.

This reviews will discuss many things, such as the profile of Cindy Crawford Furniture, various products, product quality, company policies, etc.

Those who want to have colorful and stylish furniture from top artists are important to know these reviews. So, don’t miss reading each section carefully.

About Cindy Crawford Furniture

Cindy Crawford has a dedicated consultant who deals with features, style, and color. It ensures that all her products meet the design standards and consumer tastes.

Cindy’s business continued to grow so that in 2009, she partnered with Raymour and Flanigan Furniture to create another home furniture line.

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Since then, Cindy Crawford has worked closely with home furniture retailers worldwide.

Today, people know Cindy Crawford as an artist and a successful home furnishing businessman. Cindy’s products are ready to compete with other well-known products’ styles and sophistication.

Cindy Crawford’s furniture collection has special features, such as unique, innovative, high-tech, excellent design, varied, etc.

Cindy Crawford Product Reviews

If you like Cindy Crawford’s chic collection, there are many choices of furniture products to suit your needs, from living room sets to bedrooms and dining rooms.

We will discuss the main product and its derivative products as a reference for you. There are many choices of designs, colors, and affordable prices.

Living Room

Cindy Crawford Living Room
Cindy Crawford Living Room

Cindy Crawford produces various quality products for the living room furniture, such as reclining seats, sofas, sectionals, tables, chairs, sleeper sofas, etc.

There is also a unique choice, leather living room sets for you. You can choose any fabric, leather, microfiber, plush, or textured materials.

As for the color choices, you can choose according to your taste, there are beige, black, blue, brown, gray, etc.

As for the color choices, you can choose according to your taste, and there are beige, black, blue, brown, gray, etc.For the price, Cindy Crawford’s furniture products are pretty affordable for you. For the best living room furniture set, prices range from USD 220 – USD 3,950 per unit.


Cindy Crawford Bedroom
Cindy Crawford Bedroom

As a place to rest, you have to make sure the furniture in the bedroom must meet the comfort requirements and make you sleep more soundly.

There are many choices of products at Cindy’s furniture, such as Queen Beds, King Beds, Daybeds, Dressers, etc.

The bedroom also equipped with various styles, including panels, posters, platforms, slats, etc. For the color, you can choose black, gray, white, etc.

With temporary, rustic, traditional decorations, you can get Cindy Crawford brand furniture at affordable prices, starting from USD 1,800 – USD 3,150 per unit.

Dining Room

Cindy Crawford Dining Room Dining Table
Cindy Crawford Dining Room Dining Table

For anyone who likes to be in the kitchen making creative dishes, Dining Room Sets by Cindy Crawford can be the best choice.

There are three sizes offered, from the bar, counter to standard height.

For style, you can choose a glass top, rectangle, round, square, storage, etc. As for the choice of materials, Cindy offers black colors, dark wood, gray, etc.

You can also bring dining room sets at affordable prices of USD 600 – USD 1,400 per unit. It’s pretty cheap for a product with a trendy style.

Cindy Crawford Furniture Material & Durability

You will have the Cindy Crawford Home collection for all your home furnishings. The products offered are prime quality, starting from the living room, dining room, bedroom collection, office furniture, and accessories.

For raw materials, Cindy Crawford chooses durable and long-lasting materials.

All products have been tested for durability. This is because the materials used come from reliable wood used by housing in America.

You will not regret choosing Cindy’s furniture because it is quality and environmentally friendly materials.

In addition to being durable and long-lasting, furniture by Cindy also has a hardwood frame covered with a micro-velvet fiber cloth.

One of the advantages of this furniture product is that it is not only tough and durable but also has a comfortable and elegant design.This is one of the highlights of Cindy Crawford’s collection.

Cindy Crawford Return Policy

  • If the goods are not as expected, returns are permitted within 48 hours of delivery.
  • A refund will be made for the purchase price of the merchandise plus tax.
  • To initiate returns, don’t hesitate to contact Internet Sales Support at 1-888-709-538.
  • Please include your original sales order number when contacting Internet Sales Support.
  • You are responsible for returning merchandise in its condition when it was shipped.
  • Items shipped via UPS must be returned via UPS at the customer’s expense.
  • Once the merchandise is returned, you will receive a refund within 10 business days.

Cindy Crawford Furniture Pros & Cons

To sum it up, So here are some pros and cons you should consider before choosing this brand for your home furniture.


  • Iconic furniture, from an iconic woman
  • Quality You Can See and Feel
  • Modern, colorful, and stylish Fabrics
  • Elegant. versatile. timeless.


  • Goods have not met expectations from some customer’s reviews
  • Some customers are not satisfied with its products, such as cushions collapsing after about two months, 10 month old couch is falling apart.

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Cindy Crawford Furniture FAQs

You can find out more about the Cindy Crawford brand from the list of the most frequently asked questions below.

How can you give feedback at Cindy Crawford Furniture?

You may easily leave your feedback for the products you bought by writing a Cindy Crawford reviews on the company’s page. You can find there other reviews and comments.

Where is Cindy Crawford produced?

All Cindy Crawford furniture collections are manufactured in the USA. The material used is a strong wood, durable and long-lasting.

Are all the items offered at affordable prices?

There is a large selection of products at affordable prices. You can choose furniture products according to your taste and budget.

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It turns out that many international artists have big businesses. One of them is Cindy Crawford.

This international artist from the US is currently in the furniture business with Cindy Crawford Furniture’s trademark.

She is not only opening an offline store but also selling it online. Now, she has opened many furniture stores in the United States.

Interestingly, Cindy Crawford’s furniture is that she only sells quality products with quality raw materials and ensures that they come from illegal wood.

For product selection, you can choose various types of furniture for your home needs at affordable prices.

After reading Cindy Crawford Furniture Reviews, you can assess of the famous artist’s furniture products. There are many choices of products and you can choose according to the needs of your home.

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