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Commercial Vinyl Flooring For High-Traffic Areas

Commercial Vinyl Flooring For High-Traffic Areas

by Dylan Johnson

Welcome to our best review of commercial vinyl flooring for high-traffic areas! True to its design, quality and material construction, vinyl is the one considerable flooring type not only for residential but also for commercial applications.

The water resistance and low maintenance help control the costs. Further, vinyl flooring is durable enough so that you don’t have to repair or replace the damaged planks very often.

Thanks to the wide selection of colors, textures and style options, allowing everybody to choose based on the self-preference.

One more thing, vinyl is also available in printed design to mimic the look of stone and hardwood.

However, choosing vinyl may require you to consider the quality of the material which is definitely related with where you install it.

In fact, the level of foot traffic in an area is the big thing that you must think over.

Printed vinyl tile options come with the thickness of the wear layer along with the coating to provide the floor with the protection.

The low-end printed vinyl flooring is designed with the 10 mm wear later while the higher-end comes with 30 mm, suiting the commercial places.

In this case, the colors options are just similar for the whole piece of materials, making them not to fade away because of the wear.

However, vinyl is still considered having a good quality, thus, the manufacturer defects will not cause any degradation to the structure of the material.

Warranties of Commercial Vinyl

Typically, the vinyl warranties for both residential and commercial warranties are various.

In this case, the retailers must check out the level of traffic so that they can arrange the warranty based on your particular situation.

Keep in mind that all of the warranties are only available for covering the manufacturer defects. It includes the covering for color misprint to the sheets and tiles.

The warranties will never cover the installation mistakes which are the most potential problems occurring on the vinyl flooring.

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Long Term Issues with Commercial Vinyl Floors

Commercial vinyl flooring for high-traffic areas usually comes with the issues that make the vinyl flooring surface look dull.

Most issues are caused by the accumulation of dirt, sand and debris as well as other small particles that are tracked on the floors by the wind or shoes.

As they scrape across the floor, they will cause the floor scratching the vinyl surface. As a result, the vinyl will wear away the finish of the floor, presenting the damages.


The easiest prevention to perform is to get the floors rid of any small particles that endanger the floor.

Sweeping and vacuuming are considered as the best regular maintenance while damp mopping can be a good idea for periodic cleaning.

These kinds of maintenance are categorized into the best solutions to protect the vinyl flooring in a high traffic areas.

Further, using mats at the entrances and exterior doorways is also much recommendable to help trap the debris before it gets inside the floor.

Commercial vinyl flooring sealers are also ready to help create a layer with an invisible and stain resistant feature to coat the surface of the floor.

However, be careful to choose a sealing or finishing agent. Make sure the agent can work with the vinyl flooring type you have.

Some cases show that the wrong seal or finish can cause a permanent murky layer across the vinyl floor.


Commercial vinyl flooring type that you install in the high traffic areas can actually experience discoloration.

In this case, discoloration always happens to the vinyl floors due to accumulation of buildup dirt, oil and debris as well as asphalt tracked into the space.

Besides, discoloration can also occur because of the shoes rubber and heat exposure such as the direct sunlight.


So what are the solutions you can take to prevent the commercial vinyl flooring for high-traffic areas from discoloration?

Cleaning up the floors is the most recommended way including removing the oils and greases that cause discoloration to the vinyl overtime.

The use of floor mats is also very useful to help trap the dirt, dust and debris before these particles get tracked inside the floors.

You can also use a curtain to prevent the direct sunlight to enter the room and yellow the floor. In shirt. You still need to avoid installing the vinyl flooring in spaces with heat output.

Consider stripping the vinyl finish on your commercial vinyl flooring one or twice a year.

It is aimed to help completely remove the surface buildup like the sealant layer, oil and greases coating over the floors.

Once you are striping the finish, the vinyl will be back into its original slate, allowing you to refinish.

Dents and Damages On The Commercial Vinyl Surface

The surface of commercial vinyl surface can also dent and damage due to the variety of problems.

Scraping the heavy furniture across the floor surely causes gouge and scratches.

If you install vinyl flooring in commercial places such as cafeteria or eating areas, be aware of the sharp unprotected chair legs causing the floor mar.

Even some high heels with no pad can also make the floors damaged.


Small dents and scratches can be solved by adding liquid seam filler to repair the floors.

In this case, the vinyl floors must be clean and dry before you apply the filler.

Take only a little amount of liquid seam filler to the blemish and watch out the process. Make sure that there is no any bubble and mounds.

Vinyl tiles that experience dents and scratches can be treated if they are really damaged.

On the other hand, a damaged sheet vinyl must be replaced with the new one that mostly matches.

Best Commercial Flooring Types For High Traffic Areas

People may still be questioning whether vinyl flooring can be the best for commercial spaces.

In fact, not a few people starts using vinyl for their business places such as restaurant or cafeteria where the high traffics of footstep do occur.

In this regards, vinyl flooring is best describe to be able to withstand the never-ending foot traffics along with minimum wear and tear.

Vinyl flooring is one of the best investment you can smartly choose due to its longevity, functionality and wear resistance.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is considered as the fastest-growing flooring product on the globe.

It is designed amazingly with the look of hardwood flooring, stone and even ceramic tile.

Luxury vinyl tile is one of the best commercial vinyl floorings for high-traffic areas that offer a wide selection of sizes and shapes.

In majority, the luxury vinyl tile sold at the market has a good selling point. It proves to be highly durable and long-lasting. Secretly, the high durability of this luxury vinyl lies in its construction.

Truly, it is made of some different layers with the protection against scuff and scratches as well as wear and tear.

In this case, there are some wear levels to opt, ranging from the most popular thickness which are 12 mil LVT to 20 mil LVT. The thinner layers are usually affordable yet they have shorter lifespan.

Moreover, you need to replace them before applying the thicker and higher quality surface.

Most LVT products require no waxing. Only regular sweeping and mopping that help maintain the floors well.

Criteria Of The Best Flooring Options That Vinyl Meets For High Traffic Areas

In fact, vinyl flooring meets the criteria of the best flooring options for high traffic areas. Vinyl proves to be tough materials installed on a heavy-use spaces.

This flooring type also presents the amazing durability, beauty and ease of maintenance.

It would be much advantageous to install vinyl flooring on your commercial places due to the reasons that it keeps your flooring looking great though it is on a heavy use space.

It also saves your money a lot for repairs and replacement as well as minimize the business interruption for the maintenance of the floor.

Commercial vinyl flooring can be very suitable to install on some businesses and organizations fields including retail stores, medical offices. Restaurants, hotels, sports facilities and gyms as well as entertainment venues.

Noticeably, commercial vinyl flooring is able to hold up all the activities you throw. It won’t either make you down in maintaining and caring for.

One more, just because it is designed for commercial use then it doesn’t mean that it cannot look great. Instead, it comes with the beauty to complement the rest of space.

Vinyl flooring also comes with the flexible design either in styles or colors.

There are also many shapes of vinyl tile available to provide you with the different colors and finishes. For example, you can arrange the styles to create a logo for a hospital or retail setting.

To suit your décor, you can just obtain the virtual look that includes classical look to mimic the wood or ceramic. Sheet vinyl flooring can also be used to create custom-made designs.

Commercial vinyl floorings for high-traffic areas must have resilience either to reduce the noise or to provide a comfortable underfoot.

Unlike the hardwoods, laminate and ceramic tile, resilient vinyl flooring is soft for more comfort.

Durability is also one of the most crucial criteria of commercial vinyl flooring especially for areas with the high level of foot traffic.

This flooring type is not only moisture and stain resistant but also able to remove the difficult stains easily.

Further, vinyl flooring offers an attractive cost supported by the economical maintenance over the floor lifespan.

Aesthetic value is another criterion why vinyl flooring type is much recommended for high traffic areas.

Todays, vinyl flooring is designed to enhance the interior environment of a house.

Not only the appearance that is able to mimic the look of hard flooring but also patterns and colors are used in such a way to make the larger space looks small or the smaller space looks larger. It is always possible with vinyl.

Now the last criterion to list the vinyl into the best commercial vinyl flooring for high traffic areas is the safety features.

The enhanced slip-retardant surfaces are added to make the floors suitable for any commercial places and institutional applications.

These surfaces can be easily cleaned, too. If you want to take vinyl flooring for your businesses space, check with the vinyl manufacturers to allow you to meet other special needs such as the static control.

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Key Factors to Choose Vinyl Flooring

To choose the best commercial vinyl floorings for high-traffic areas, there are some key factors to consider.

Keep in mind that prefinished solid wood, vinyl and tile are the better options when it is about formaldehyde emissions. Make sure you use the glues that contain no gas during the installation.

In this case, engineered wood and laminate flooring products come along with the resins and glues that are emitting formaldehyde.

If you are wondering that the lower cost flooring product either laminate or vinyl will look unreal, the experts recommend you mix up the planks from the boxes which are different one to another especially when you are applying them. This is aimed to break up the same pattern.