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Congoleum Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Congoleum Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Whereas most vinyl flooring is considered lousy or cheesy because of the low quality and not-so-appealing design, it’s not applied to Congoleum vinyl plank.

You probably think about marble, porcelain tile, or hardwood when talking about beautiful and high-quality floor because vinyl isn’t exactly considered the top-notch option when it comes to flooring.

However, today’s technology has made everything different. In the past, vinyl flooring was probably considered low in quality, but everything is different now.

The floor is now looking great, able to imitate the look of hardwood and other natural stone with minimal weaknesses and flaws.

About Congoleum Vinyl Floor

It’s a good thing that some flooring manufacturers are able to do smart things with technology and their innovation. One of them is Congoleum, a name in the industry that has existed for a century.

Yes, the company started their business in 1886 and they have survived until now. This fact alone speaks volumes of their quality, professionalism, and quality.

Not only they have been in industry for those many years, but they have managed to deliver quality perfection too.

They provide premium flooring types to commercial and residential customers.

They have some patents for their one-of-a-kind and unique products.

They use high-end technology to manufacture the floor.

They are basically one of the leaders and top producers in the business.

So, what’s the real fact about Congoleum vinyl plank?

Are they really as good as they are claimed?

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Congoleum Vinyl Plank Durability and Strength

In general, vinyl flooring should be able to last for 20 years even much longer with proper and correct care.

And Congoleum vinyl plank is said to even last longer because of the better and more solid construction that other vinyl flooring types in the market.

According to most customers or those who have purchased the floor, they are highly satisfied with the floor.

They are mostly impressed by the durability and the easiness in the caring and maintenance.

It doesn’t take a lot of efforts or fuss to care for the floor and yet, the result is just amazing!

One thing to like about the floor is its ability to imitate hardwood floor without any sweat. When you install it at home, you probably forget that you actually install a vinyl, not a real hardwood.

Most homeowners say that they are blown away by how real the floor looks even the feel and the textures. It makes them forget that they don’t install the real thing.

Hardwood is beautiful, but as an organic material, it is sensitive to water and moisture. Not to mention that it is prone to dents and scratches.

Well, don’t you like it when you can have a floor that looks exactly like wood without its flaws?

With luxury vinyl flooring, you can have a wood-look alike floor at home and yet you won’t have to worry about water damage or such thing alike?

You don’t even have to worry about making scratches or dents on the floor either because the floor from this brand is known for their top-notch wear layer to minimize the dents and scratches.

Another thing to like about Congoleum vinyl plank is its waterproof quality, which is quite different from hardwood floor.

Feel free to install the floor in sensitive areas, such as bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

However, keep in mind that the floor mustn’t be installed in a room whose temperature is over 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don’t be surprised to see that the floor may peel (at the ends) when the room’s temperature is more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite all the great benefits, be aware of the possible downsides. The floor is sensitive to heavy objects. If you drop heavy or sharp objects on the floor, it may result in dents or even punctures.

The floor may also fade, especially when exposed to constant UV light. There are ways to prevent or minimize these issues, as well as prolonging its life cycle.

For a starter, use the furniture pad whenever you place heavy items or furniture on the floor. It is also a good idea to rotate the furniture regularly to prevent dents from happening.

When you have to move furniture, make sure to use plywood or boards so there won’t be any scuff or scratches on the floor.

About the fading?

Well, one way to prevent it is to install it in a room that doesn’t get constant exposure of the sunlight. Or consider using rugs to cover the floor so the UV lights won’t damage it.

Also consider window treatments, such as using curtains or blinds or having window film installed to filter the rays.

These issues aren’t exclusive to Congoleum products alone as all vinyl floors have the same problem.

That’s why it is crucial to really pick a product that isn’t only reliable but also able to provide solid warranty. Congoleum is able to provide different kinds of warranties, depending on the products.

For residential warranties, there are cover wear and 10-year (to a lifetime) warranty to cover staining, water exposure damage, defects, fading, and others. For commercial use, expect a 5-year coverage.

Congoleum Vinyl Plank Price and Affordability

In general, vinyl plank flooring costs around $2 a square foot to $7 a square foot. The price depends on many things, such as the retailer, the brand, the construction, the style, and so much more.

So, what about Congoleum vinyl plank?

Well, the floor has a price tag between $3 and $4.50 a square foot. It means that the flooring is affordable it won’t hurt your wallet at all.

But then again, you need to remember that the price is only applicable for the material only.

It doesn’t include hiring a professional service (to install the floor), the suppliers, or the extra tools. You need to consider all of these cost factors before making a decision.

But in the end, such a price range is still affordable especially when you have to compare it to other flooring types, such as hardwood, marble, tiles, or bamboo.

Congoleum Vinyl Plank Designs and Styles

It’s a good thing that Congoleum vinyl plank has a lot of options to offer. There are many colors, styles, and designs available for you. They have various different collections, including DuraCeramic Dimensions and Timeless.

DuraCeramic Dimensions collection is about vinyl flooring imitating ceramic tile and marble appearance. These are the popular collections by the brand.

Another one is the Triversa, which displays hardwood natural beauty with good sound absorption feature.

If you like exotic wood, but you don’t really like the cot, then go with Impact collections.

The products are coming with various styles. Some of them may imitate the look of reclaimed wood appearance, while some look like the original hardwood.

You also have the freedom to choose various styles from modern faux marble to sleek and natural wood.

The colors are also various, from lighter hues (gray and white included) to darker ones (including brown and ebony).

Cleaning and Caring for the Floor

There is no need to worry about cleaning or caring for Congoleum vinyl plank.

They even have their own caring guide so you know the correct methods and ways to preserve their pristine conditions.

Proper and correct maintenance and care is crucial not only to keep the warranty intact but also to prolong the life of the floor.

The company has their own cleaning products so homeowners won’t have problems maintaining their cleanliness.

Bright n Easy cleaner is one of their products to remove sticky spills or cakey dirt without leaving any residue. You even won’t have to rinse.

In general, using regular and general broom would be enough to remove the dirt, dust, or debris.

You can also use the vacuum, but make sure that it is designed for hard floor. Don’t use any beater bar attachment so you won’t have to scratch the surface.

In the event that your floor becomes dull, use special floor polishes to make it shiny again.

The company has its own special products and polishes. Avoid using other types of waxes or polishes. never use any steal cleaner.

It’s best to use the company’s stain removal instruction and guide so your floor will remain in its best condition. Use homemade cleaners like damp mop, lemon juice, or baking soda.

But you should also use Clean n Bright products to maintain its perfection.

It is also a good thing not to drop heavy objects or drag the furniture on the floor, unless you don’t mind having dents and scratches on the surface.

If you have to place the furniture, use furniture pads or coasters.

If you want to remove the furniture, use boards or plywood during the move.

Professional Installer vs DIY Work

Vinyl flooring is basically easy to install on your own, and Congoleum vinyl plank has brought it to the next level. If you are rather on the budgets, consider installing the floor on your own.

There is no need to hire a skilled installer to have the floor installed. But the work requires the proper tools, patience, and also time. You will have to dedicate your time in it.

The company has provided technical installation instructions and guides on their official websites, including videos, written manuals, and others.

Even if you have never had installed any floor before, there is no need to fret. Make sure that you understand everything thoroughly and carefully before starting the work.

In case you don’t feel that it is the right job for you, then it is better that you hire a pro.

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Final Words Congoleum Vinyl Plank

You have to admit that today’s vinyl flooring has its own appeal. After all, it has improved so much better than the vinyl floor of the past.

There are tons of things to like about modern vinyl flooring. It has better quality and construction.

The floor is affordable so it won’t hurt your wallet. And yet, the inexpensive rate doesn’t affect the performance and durability as it is super solid and strong.

Moreover, the floor is beautiful, able to imitate the look of real natural materials, such as hardwood and stone. Expect to improve your house without spending a fortune.

Not only you have a durable floor, but you can also expect it to last for many years in the future.

Doing simple but regular cleaning and caring would be enough. And let’s not forget that you can install the floor on your own, which will save you a lot of money for the installation.

All of these positive benefits don’t mean that the floor is absolutely perfect. It still has its flaws, although they are quite minimal.

First of all, the floor is sensitive to heavy objects. It is also sensitive to scratches and dents but all of those things can be prevented.

There are several minor complaints about the fading and scratches, but they are nothing when compared to all the perks you can enjoy from this floor.

Let’s not forget that vinyl floor isn’t for everyone.

So you should really look into your house and its condition before making a decision that Congoleum vinyl plank is the right choice for you.