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CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

Installing hardwood flooring at home does have its own challenges, but you should be able to tackle them all with CoreLuxe vinyl plank flooring.

A lot of homeowners turn to hardwood because of its beautiful and elegant look.

The hardwood floor can deliver cozy atmosphere that transform the house into something inviting and even homey. The problem is: the floor costs a fortune.

Let’s not forget that wood is also organic, which means that it has pores and it will absorb moisture.

That’s why the most common issue with hardwood floor is the fact that it is sensitive to moisture, scratches, and humidity.

On the contrary, luxury vinyl floor doesn’t have those issues. Since the floor is made from engineered material, which means that it is non-organic and non-porous, it has water resistant quality in it.

Luxury vinyl floor today comes with beautiful images, thanks to the advanced technologies that enable the floor to imitate any look just perfectly.

You should have no problems finding floors with stone appearance, hardwood look, or such thing alike.

And CoreLuxe variant is one of the floors that you should seriously consider in your home improvement plan.

The Offered Features

CoreLuxe vinyl plank is the engineered luxury vinyl flooring that is created by Lumber Liquidators.

The floor has the nice combination of two worlds: the elegance and natural look of hardwood and the resistance and strength of vinyl floor.

With this floor, you should be able to have beautiful wood floor at home without having to worry about your finance.

The floor is also said to come in various options of design, so homeowners like you will have the right floor to fit any kind of room decor or style.

The floor is considered green and ‘healthy’ because it is free from the dangerous phthalate substance. The floor has passed qualifications and certifications, earning it GREENGUARD certification as well as FloorScore certification.

Waterproof quality is another thing to like about this floor. It is the perfect pick for those living in coastal areas, areas with high humidity level, and flood zones.

Rest assured that the floor should be able to withstand any beating or abuse just well.

The waterproof quality comes from the PVC core, a type of plastic. Because the core is made from something that isn’t organic, it is extremely stable.

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That’s why this floor can be installed in risky areas where moisture and humidity level is high, such as the basements, kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

You can’t install hardwood in those areas because the wood will warp, buckle, and damage. But such a problem won’t happen with CoreLuxe floor.

In fact, it is also claimed to be quite tough dealing with dents, scratches, stains, and also regular tear and wear (usually because of daily activities).

As if it weren’t enough, this type of floor is super easy to maintain, care, and clean. It is also the type of floor that is easily installed.

As a DIY-friendly floor, it doesn’t require any acclimate process or whatsoever. The appearance is also similar to hardwood floor the texture also feels authentic.

So, not only the floor has beautiful look and finish, but it also comes with other pleasant features that include strength and durability.

How to Care for It Properly?

Caring for the CoreLuxe vinyl plank is quite a breeze. You don’t need anything fancy no expensive cleaners or complicated cleaning tools.

Just use a regular broom to sweep the floor to remove debris, dirt, and dust. Feel free to use a vacuum cleaner, but make sure that it is designed for hard floor, so don’t use the beater bar, if any. If you need to perform deep cleaning, simply use a wet mop.

No need to worry about the waterproof feature the floor should be able to handle the moisture well. But don’t flood or soak the floor. A wet mop will do.

But then again, this floor has its own downsides to name a few. The floor may have solid surface that is resistant to scratches and scuff. But such power won’t last forever.

After a decade, or even longer, you should be able to see signs of wear and tear. But minimizing the scratch is possible, if you do these things:

  • Don’t wear high heels indoor because the pointy heels may scratch or even puncture the floor
  • Use furniture pads or coasters to protect the legs of the furniture.
  • To prevent any permanent dent, make sure to rotate or regulate the furniture regularly. Don’t let one piece sits on an area for too long. When you rotate the furniture, use plywood or boards under the furniture. This will prevent scuff or scratches from happening

This type of floor is also prone to fading or discoloration when exposed to direct sunlight. When you use it for a long time, the color will fade.

One way to prevent it is to use rugs as floor covering. It would be even better if you include window treatment too.

Use curtains or blinds when the lights are bright or when it’s during the day. Using window film is also possible.

When you combine rugs and window treatment, the result would be even better.

CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Flooring Designs and Styles

CoreLuxe vinyl plank comes with 3 different collections of CoreLuxe Ultra, CoreLuxe XD, and CoreLuxe.


This is the original line consisting of engineered floor offered in 3 different wood species: pine, maple, and oak.

The price is various, starting from $2 a square foot up to $3 a square foot. Each of the planks has 5.3mm of thickness to 5.5mm. The length is 48 inches.

The color options are various, including Natural Maple, Sawmil Oak, Weathered Gray Pine. The warranty ranges from 10-year warranty to 30-year one.

CoreLuxe Ultra

This collection has the biggest style selections. The wood species are abundant, including walnut, pine, hickory, ash, oak, Brazilian cherry, and so much more.

The planks are available in 48 inches as well as 60 inches, with 7mm up to 8mm of thickness.

This collection has the most beautiful colors and tones, covering trendier options and classic ones. Expect to find gray tones, red tones, and brown tones.

The price is set from $2 to $5 a square foot. Each one has its own lifetime manufacture warranty.

CoreLuxe XD

This floor comes with cross-hatch textures with deeper and darker shades. Rest assured that the colors are absolutely beautiful and perfect. The wood species in this line include oak, hickory, acacia, and others.

The plank is only available in 48 inches with 7mm of thickness. Some of the beautiful examples include Beach Cottage Oak and Driftwood Hickory. The price ranges between $2 and $3 a square foot offering 50-year of warranty.

Factors about Installation CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank

This CoreLuxe vinyl plank is basically easy to install on your own, thanks to its floating floor type. Installing it is like the puzzle you only need to snap each piece together so it fits well.

You should be able to install the floor over any existing subfloor. Just make sure that the subfloor is hard and solid. You don’t even have to remove the old floor.

Some of the CoreLuxe Ultra even have pre-attached (underlayment) pad for extra comfort.

It is a great floor for DIY project. The combination of straightforward installation and the fact that no fancy tools are needed are the winning points of this floor.

Thanks to the waterproof quality, you should be able to install the floor in any room, including the difficult ones, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements.

The company, Lumber Liquidators, also provide corner pieces (along with other finishing items) that will make the final result look perfect and flawless.

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Final Words CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Flooring

So, what are the things to like about this CoreLuxe vinyl plank products, anyway?

It is super durable and tough. Thanks to the engineered design with PVC core, the floor is tough and durable for high foot traffic.

The core is also responsible for the waterproof quality making this floor not only water resistant but also waterproof.

Whereas hardwood is impossible for installation in complicated rooms with high level of humidity or moisture, feel free to install it in laundry rooms, basements, or bathrooms no need to worry about warping or buckling.

Installation method is also easy. Because of the floating floor design and the premium snap and lock mechanism, installing the floor would be a breeze.

Simply install it over your existing old floor you won’t even have to worry about prepping the subfloor or such thing alike.

If you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, this CoreLuxe type is perfect. It is a green product that has passed several safety standards for eco-friendly rating.

But then again, the floor has its own downsides. They aren’t many but you shouldn’t expect the floor to last forever such a thing is impossible. Moreover, you may have to deal with purchase complexity.

The product is only available at Lumber Liquidators not anywhere else. If you don’t find any dealer within your neighborhood, then you may have to order the floor online.

In the end, CoreLuxe vinyl flooring is premium but are you ready with the extra efforts?