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Coretec Vinyl Plank Flooring

Coretec Vinyl Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Coretec Vinyl Flooring Reviews – No matter you are a new home designer or just a home owner, knowing more about flooring especially Coretec vinyl flooring is necessary. Coretec is a vinyl floor brand manufactured by USFloors.

This company is based in Dalton, Georgia and was established in 2001 focusing on importing and marketing cork and bamboo flooring. Later, the company develops an innovative resilient LVT flooring.

In recent years, USFloors offers a wide range of flooring products either for commercial or for residential use. Nowadays, one of the most popular floor products of the company is coretec vinyl floor.

Like many other vinyl flooring, Coretec vinyl is easy to install. A DIYer can even do it easily without hiring an expert.

The company includes the detailed instructions in its website so that everyone can use it as a guidance. Moreover, underlayment is not always necessary during the installation.

Here are what you need to know more reviews about Coretec vinyl flooring.

Coretec Vinyl Plank Flooring

Coretec vinyl plank flooring comes with the most expensive price in the market. Yet they are high-quality. There are two kinds of Coretec vinyl plank floor which are the Plus and Pro Plus.

The Plus line of Coretec is the original Coretec LVP/LVT. It comes with a waterproof vinyl core along with the enhanced recycled wood, bamboo dust and limestone to add more strength and stability.

The Plus Coretec consists of 6 lines of planks and tiles which are 8mm thick, making the floor softer and ideal either for commercial or residential use.

On the other hand, the Pro Plus Coretec is more rigid due to the additional top and bottom layers for dent protection and active areas.

Pro Plus Coretec consists of 3 lines along with 4mm thick of the planks and tiles. This makes the floor harder and better to opt for medium to heavy commercial applications.

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Coretec Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Like Shaw Floorte Pro and Cali Bamboo Pro, coretec luxury vinyl flooring is thinner and has more rigid LVP and LCT. This kind of coretec vinyl floor has three broad lines which are Pro Galaxy, Pro Plus and Pro Plus Enhanced.

Pro Galaxy line is the budget line, meaning that the prices starts under $3 per square feet. It uses a solid polymer core and includes attached cork pad and underlayment.

The styles offered for the customer are all wood which is mostly oak with a few pine. If you would like to choose this vinyl, you can opt the light, medium, dark and gray shades for the color options.

Pro Plus coretec luxury vinyl floors comes with a special top and bottom layers to add more stability and strength to the floor.

Oak is dominating the types along with few pine and hickory options. The colors are vary, ranging from the light, dark and grey to a couple multi-tonal options.

The third line of coretec luxury vinyl floors is Pro Plus Enhanced. This line presents a painted bevels on four sides to create the look of realistic wood and stone.

There are some options available including the tiles, planks, XL planks and HD and XL HD. Forth plank and tile styles are available to provide you with plenty of options both for residential and commercial use.

The types offered by Pro Plus Enhanced include wood planks, stone and wood tiles.

How to Clean Coretec Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Coretec Waterproof Vinyl Flooring
Coretec Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Coretec vinyl floors is featuring low maintenance, meaning that it is extremely easy to clean the Coretec luxury vinyl floor. All you need to do is simply using a broom or vacuum cleaner along with a hard surface attachment. Damp mop is also good for a deeper cleaning.

One thing to remember when cleaning this Coretec vinyl is that you must avoid using chemicals. Let your floor dry after being mopped and makes sure to clean the spills as quick as possible.

Coretec Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Coretec vinyl flooring is waterproof due to the proprietary Coretec core technology which is backed by the waterproof and pet-friendly warranties.

This makes the floor easy to maintain since it won’t be restricted by any amount of spills.

Coretec One

Coretec one vinyl flooring is best described as the perfect solution to any space that needs a high quality and attractive flooring in any room such as bathroom, kitchen, kid’s bedroom, hallways and even living room.

This Coretec One vinyl floor has 5 ratings stars of the customers’ reviews, showing that the vinyl is good and satisfying.


There are many colors of Coretec vinyl flooring provided by the manufacturer including the light colors, dark colors and gray colors.

To choose which color of Coretec vinyl floor, you had better look back at the room layout you have in your house in order to fit the color.

Thus, you will have a proper interior to catch everyone’s eyes.


Coretec vinyl flooring prices are vary, starting under $3 per square feet. Generally, the vinyl price is much depending on the vinyl quality and thickness.

Since there are many different thickness of vinyl flooring, the prices are also different. Thus, never feel so surprised.

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Coretec Plus Vinyl Plank Flooring

Coretec Plus Vinyl Plank Flooring
Coretec Plus Vinyl Plank Flooring

Coretec Plus is best considered as the perfect flooring brand to choose and install for your house.

It comes not only with the stylish design but also with cheap price. Most people have discovered the benefits of purchasing and using this Coretec Plus for the flooring.

Coretec Plus vinyl plank flooring is a new found popularity providing you with so many options and have many reviews. Along with the high-end design and construction, making it looks like the real hardwood floors.

Furthermore, Coretec Plus has real texture and real graining, making it different from any other LVP products available on the market.

Now that you have known about coretec vinyl floors in detail, will you be inspired to use this kind of floor.

Make sure you reread this article if you are not feeling sure about installing Coretec vinyl in your house and make your decision.