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Cork Flooring Reviews

Cork Flooring Reviews with Pros And Cons

by Dylan Johnson

When it comes to think about home flooring, you cannot stay away from the best brands to search, right? To help you find the right flooring that may suit you, here we come with the Cork Flooring reviews to spring up your mind about Cork flooring, one of the best flooring type on the globe.

In the world of flooring, Cork is well-known for its recognizable uniqueness as well as eco-friendly feature, ensuring that the flooring product is safe for home environment.

As one of the “notice-me” flooring in its period, Cork comes with several benefits to offer. In some certain thing, it is just similar to the other flooring type. Other ways, it can be so distinctive.

To help you know deeply about Cork flooring, here we come with the best selected information packed in Cork Flooring reviews which include pros and cons which are much dealing with the reasons why people like and dislike the flooring.

If you want to check out the features highlighting the flooring greatness, you may check it in pros section, presenting you all the strengths of the flooring including the reasons why people like using it up to now.

Now let’s just refer to the following review sections to find the complete information about it.

Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

When it comes to consumers’ tendency to a product, there are always pros and cons dealing with why people like and dislike. It also deals with the products description either the strengths or the weaknesses.

To know whether Cork flooring is good or bad to install at home, the best you can do is to know what the customers’ say about it.

Hence, in this review we tried to pack what the consumers’ say and feel about this flooring product so that you can make your final decision well.

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The Pros of Cork Flooring

There are many great things offered by Cork flooring, showing why people love it for their home flooring either in the past or at present.

Firstly, Cork flooring is hypoallergenic, meaning that this flooring is safe for people who are suffering from asthma or allergies. It is because this flooring is resistant to mold and mildew as well as containing anti-microbial properties that are all allowing the flooring to repel dust, dirt and other debris better than some other flooring types available on the market.

If you want to consider the air quality in your home, you can best choose the Cork flooring wit FloorScore or GreenGuard Gold certifications due to the fact that the product is offering the environmental and health standard.

Secondly, Cork flooring comes with the easy maintenance, meaning that you will be able to easily clean the floor effortlessly. However, there are always some precautions within the maintenance to help you keep the floors look beautiful and long lasting.

The regular cleaning requires only sweeping and vacuuming while the tougher and difficult debris, a bit harder cleaning job is needed.

This way, you can use a mild wood floor cleaner as well as dam mop. Avoid using standing water and oiled-based soaps as they will cause a damage to your flooring.

Alternatively, you can search a flooring cleaning products produces especially for Cork flooring at the local store of home improvements.

Thirdly, our Cork Flooring reviews include the durability of Cork flooring into the pros section. Yup, Cork flooring proves to be highly durable. Its durability is even higher than hardwood and carpet.

To keep it durable, proper installation and regular cleaning are the two things necessarily paid attention for. Furthermore, using coasters under the pieces and furniture shift will also prevent your Cork flooring from sagging.

Other ways to keep your Cork flooring durable are avoiding the rocks and sand granules that can definitely scratches the Cork finish.

Next, Cork flooring is a soft underfoot, meaning that it provides you with the comfortable floors feel to step on because Cork is basically designed with 40 million air-filled cells per cubic centimeter.

Cork flooring is the best option for those with leg and back pain since Cork flooring can relieve the pressure on your joints when you are walking on the floors.

The next reason why people say that Cork flooring is good is the fact that Cork can hold the heat since Cork is a natural insulator. This makes you feel warm to step on the floor and enjoy your time with the family though it is in the winter when the weather is too cold.

Other thing makes the pros of Cork flooring is the feature of natural sound dampener. This feature allows to not to struggle with the sound issues anymore.

It is due to the fact that Cork flooring is acoustics, increasing the comfort-level of your dwelling, condominiums and apartment buildings.

If your home is active by the pets and household, this Cork flooring is just the best solution to lower the sound volume.

Sustainability is also a pros of Cork flooring. Made of the bark of the cork oak tree, making the floors finely constructed. It also makes the floors durable up to 20 years to come.

Now the last reason why people like installing Cork flooring at their home is the fact that the flooring is able to be refinished.

This way, the solid cork can be re-stained as well as sanded because it uses a palm sender and fine grit paper. Just after you finished sanding, you can continue applying a new stain coat.

The Cons of Cork Flooring

Now that you have already known the Cork flooring pros out of the Cork Flooring reviews, it’s also necessary to know its cons. The cons of Cork flooring are much dealing with the flooring’s drawbacks or weaknesses.

Firstly, Cork flooring is too sensitive to temperature changes, meaning that it can expand due to the humidity and temperature changes. In the other words, when the room has a high moisture, then the floors can expand.

If you like this Cork flooring much, then you must make sure that you acclimate the Cork flooring 5 days before the installation.

Secondly, Cork flooring can probably fade if it is too much exposed to direct sunlight. Thus, you are recommended to install this flooring in a room that has no large windows.

Alternatively, you can close the windows with the high-quality blinds or light-filtering curtains to help minimize the sunlight coming down to the room and attack your floors.

Thirdly, the fact that Cork flooring can dents and scratch, people tend to choose the other flooring type. This is extremely true. Cork is not a categorized as traditional hardwood. It can easily scratch and scuff if there is any dirt, dust, high-heels and pet nails.

In addition to the Cork flooring ability to dent and scratch, heavy furniture may also cause damage to the floors after time. Thus, if you keep using this flooring, you had better change the room’s layout once in several months to reduce the possibility of compression damage.

Alternatively, you can provide a protection to the Cork flooring finish using a sealer or even wax.

Unfortunately, Cork flooring is able to absorb liquid. In fact, Cork is not waterproof, meaning that when the water spills, it can find its way through the flooring cracks though you might have carried out a proper sealing.

Just before investing in Cork flooring, underline the information out of these Cork Flooring reviews including the fact that the flooring is not a good choice for you with pets and children. It is because the accidents by pets or spilled milk by your children can definitely stain the polyurethane finish or coating.

Other cons showing that people do not like it is the glue-down installation that may be harder to carry out, especially if you want to install the flooring by yourself.

It is because gluing Cork tiles isn’t easy. You need to prepare the subfloor, make sure the tiles are even and the glues are consistent, and the installation guidance shared by the manufacturers is followed well. Otherwise, you may void the flooring warranty.

Well, though Cork flooring looks trendy among the other types of flooring, it can stand only for 10 years to come.

So if you are alright with this flooring lifespan, you may pick it home up. Consequently, you must accept all the weaknesses and the consequence of the Cork flooring either in installation process or in its maintenance.

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Final Words

Now that you have read all the Cork Flooring reviews we have just shared above, you must be able to make a big consideration whether or not you will choose the Cork flooring for your home sweet home.

Cork Flooring has all of advantages but it also comes with the several weaknesses that you must pay attention to. In short, if you are just about choosing this Cork flooring, make sure you are ready to perform the right maintenance as well as to fix it if there is anything wrong with the flooring.