All You Need To Know About Costco Laminate Flooring

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Waterproof Laminate Flooring Costco Ideas

Costco Laminate Flooring Reviews – So you are new to laminate flooring, so talking about Costco laminate flooring will little bit new, too. Well, Costco is the big store selling anything dealing with home improvement, flooring and tiles as well as laminate flooring.

Costco can be best considered as the popular companies on the globe which is also best known for their cost-effective value and wide selections of product including the laminate flooring products.

Simply to understand, Costco is the right place to look for and purchase laminate flooring

In relation to Costco laminate flooring article we are going to share you on this page, what information you will derive includes the Costco laminate flooring ideas, Costco companies reviews and Costco laminate flooring prices.

Now let’s check out every details about Costco and laminate flooring sold by Costco in the following reviews sections.

Costco Laminate Flooring Ideas

Costco is very much popular for its cost-effective laminate flooring products which means that though you are on your limited budget, this store is there to help you with the solution.

However, just because it has much affordable price doesn’t mean that it is designed without a good quality.

In this case, it is important to know that the laminate floorings sold in Costco are all very popular in homes across the countries all over the world.

Below are the details about Costco laminate flooring you may necessarily need to know:

Waterproof Laminate Costco

As we have stated in the previous section, Costco proudly provides the customers with the high quality laminate flooring.

Thus, most of the laminate flooring options sold in Costco are featuring waterproof. This means that you can surely search and find the waterproof laminate flooring Costco easily in the stores.

Nearly all of the laminate flooring users exactly know that waterproof laminate is good for the wet home areas where the high moisture frequently occur.

Let’s say the bathrooms. Water mostly flows in the bathrooms. This requires you to choose the waterproof laminate.

Kitchens are also the homes areas which are potentially wet by the water spills and any other liquid spills. You need also a waterproof laminate flooring there.

Like the bathrooms, laundry rooms also require a waterproof laminate flooring since the space will always be potentially wet. Waterproof laminate will not makes the floor damaged because of the high moisture.

In this regards, Costco laminate flooring is always ready to sell the waterproof laminate flooring to meet the customers’ needs and expectations.

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Harmonics Costco

Harmonics Laminate Flooring Costco
Harmonics Laminate Flooring Costco

In fact, Harmonics is the official flooring provider available for Costco. Harmonics are specialized in suiting the laminate to the readily wood grain in order to offers the natural look of hard floors without the expensive cost.

This means that you can have laminate flooring that looks like hard floors without spending too much like you may spend for having the real hard floors.

Harmonics laminate flooring Costco is not only pretty easy to install but also cheap to spend for the installation and maintenance process.

Accordingly, many people turn to laminate flooring since the real hard floor require an expensive installation as well as high maintenance.

There are five different options offered by Harmonic.

Firstly, it is Newport oak which is designed to resemble the European white oak. It has the realistic design such as knots and splits that makes the laminate looks so authentic and much suitable for traditional homes.

Secondly, it is Savannah Hickory which is deep and rich along with the grainy details for an authentic feels. This one is suitable for both modern and traditional homes.

The third options by Harmonic is Silverleaf Oak which comes with the classic hardwood look. This one is very much ideal for any different styles of home.

Next, it is Spiced Applewood that offers not only a warm feel but also a welcoming vibe to everybody who just enters your home. Spice Applewood works on any existing home furnishing.

The last option provided by Harmonic laminate flooring is Sunset Acacia. This is the richest and most glamorous design offered by Costco. The autumn design lets the laminate feels warm and welcoming but looks so exotic.

The graining and texture of this laminate is truly mimicking the look of Acacia hardwood, making it nice for either traditional home or modern homes.

Laminate Wood Costco

Can you find a laminate wood flooring in Costco?

Why not?

Costco is the big companies selling many kinds of home improvement products, one of which is laminate flooring.

This way, there are many different styles and patterns of wood laminate floors provided by Costco.

If you are just looking for the one with the wood look, surely you can soon derive the laminate wood Costco as you wish.

Many kinds of wood laminate flooring are available including the oak, hickory, walnut and other laminate floorings that look like wood.

They are also available in many different colors, allowing you to choose the suitable laminate color matching your whole interior design.

In addition to the laminate floors quality, the wood laminate flooring offered by Costco is unquestionable.

It has a feature of abrasion resistant meaning that it would be alright for significant wear and tear. This is quite essential for busy areas where the high traffic of footsteps occur.

Furthermore, laminate wood Costco is designed with pet and children friendly feature, meaning that the floor is safe enough for both your pets and children to play on.

Hand Scraped Costco

As the big companies selling laminate flooring, Costco also provides the customers with hand scarped laminate floor Costco which has more to offers including the deep textured for an authentic wood look.

This means that the hand scrapped laminate flooring is designed to mimic the real natural wood.

Hand scrapped laminate is also the right choice especially when you want a vintage style of a flooring. The scraped texture of the laminate will bring the real hard wood look into each plank, creating the vintage style as you wish.

Furthermore, this kind of Costco laminate flooring is available in more stunning colors and styles designed by the different manufacturers, thus, the laminate floor products are rich in texture.

This is the factor why Costco laminate floor is very much popular around the world.

Costco Laminate Reviews

Now let’s check out the Costco laminate flooring reviews to acknowledge yourself more with the information about laminate floors information.

In this case, the laminate flooring is available in harmonics planks which are 47.25 inches long while the Honey Oak is about 7.5 inches wide. Toasted Cinnamon, however, offers the lowest size which is only 6 inches long.

Most of the Costco laminate floorings are backed up by a lifetime warranty especially those which are made in United State.

In this case, Harmonic which is one of the best Costco laminate floor will never get damaged by the topical spills. It is due to the fact that most laminate flooring has already its feature of water resistant as well as stain resistant.

In comparison with harmonic laminate floorings, warn honey oak is richer in grain texture, making it versatile enough for traditional and contemporary homes.

Meanwhile, the toasted cinnamon oak comes with the chocolate tones along with the ruddy highlights.

This cinnamon oak fits more the traditional and rustic designs. These are the toasted cinnamon highlights.

There are the best patented features offered by the laminate floorings available in Costco.

Ones of which are the easy and secure installation powered by the Uniclic locking system and the waterproof constructions as the additions to locking system.

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Costco Laminate Flooring Prices

So you are wondering how much the Costco laminate flooring will cost, no worry about it. Costco is best known as the most cost-effective flooring option on the globe.

Its affordable prices lays not only on its laminate flooring products but also on its installation.

The Costco laminate floor prices may be different due to the numerous laminate floors available in Costco stores. It ranges from $1.99 per square foot.

Though a laminate has an underlayment attached on its layer, you can separately buy transition strips and other supplies of supplies.

The installation cost of Costco laminate flooring is $1.75 up to $2.50 for the most areas in the country.

For this installation cost, you can just eliminate the installation price by installing the floor just by yourself. Make sure you have been being a truly DIYer with the good home project skills.

However, these prices may only for a specific time now. It can change more in the future due to some specific reasons. But at least you have already the clear picture of the cost.

Now that you have known all the details about Costco laminate floor, you must be inspired to purchase the Costco laminate products.

Though all the products are popularly known with affordable prices, the quality is out of questions. They have still all the patented quality that you must not doubt about it.

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