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Craftmaster Furniture Reviews

Craftmaster Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Do You need furniture for your room that is luxurious, modern, and timeless? If the answer is yes, there’s no wrong if you read this Craftmaster Furniture reviews to decide whether this product is worth buying and suitable for you or not.

Craftmaster Furniture is based in Taylorsville, North Carolina, USA. The company was built about 45 years ago. This furnished company has manufactured a variety of furniture product types such as sofas, chairs, ottomans, sections and beds with 1000 fabric choices and 50 premium leather options.

Product of Craftmaster

Product of Craftmaster
Product of Craftmaster

There are many collections from Craftmaster Company, namely Craftmaster essential, casual retreat, loft living and even Design Options. Like Palliser Furniture, Craftmaster is famous for its living room sofa products.

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Here is the list of Craftmaster Essential products recommended by Craftmaster.

Product Name / SKUType Of ProductMaterial
Swivel Glider Chair – 004510SG Chairfabric
Chair – 017510Chairfabric
Chair – 066210ChairFabric
Swivel Glider – 084410SGChairFabric
Swivel Chair – 092910SCChairFabric
Sleeper Sofa – 268550-68Sofa – 3 SeatFabric
Sofa – 700450Sofa – 3 SeatFabric
Sleeper Sofa – 773550 – 68Sofa – 2 seatFabric
Sofa – 755150Sofa – 3 seatFabric
Sectional – 7004-SECTSectional Fabric
Sectional – 7016-SECTSectionalFabric
Sofa – 718354Sofa – 2 seatFabric
Queen Sleeper – 712650-68Sofa – 3 SeatFabric

Craftmaster Furniture Pros and Cons

Every product in this world always has pros and cons. This is the list of pros and cons of Craftmaster furniture that can be your consideration in buying decisions.


Here is the list of pros of Craftmaster furniture:

  • The design is timeless, tested by time.
  • The couch’s frame is made from hardwood with hardwood laminating and rails.
  • The armchair/arm couch was padded with a soft material so your arms would feel comfortable.
  • Craftmaster uses sinuous wire springs that give durability and comfort.
  • The couch’s back was heavily padded so that you would feel more comfortable.
  • The back cushion is filled with high resiliency and high-density foam. And it also is wrapped with 100% Dacron Fiber.
  • The sofa fabric is sewn ticking.
  • Craftmaster provides you with customized products exactly as you want.


Here is the list of cons of Craftmaster furniture from our reviews:

  • You can not buy this product directly from the manufacturer or the site, so you must go to the retailer. And, of course, the price will vary depending on the retailer you visit.

Craftmaster Furniture Durability

Craftmaster provides a product that is durable for years of usage. The material of the fabric is easy to clean and maintain, so we can say it is resistant to stain or other member family activities.

The wood legs of the sofa are a built-in frame, not just in screw mode. So the durability of bearing the weight is stronger. It happens just because the furniture has a skirt frame. If it hasn’t, the wood legs couch will be screwed up the frame.

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FAQ About Craftmaster Furniture Products

Here are some of the questions about Craftmaster furniture that are frequently asked;

How long will the product of Couch Craftmaster last?

This couch will last 10 to 20 years.

How about the price of a Sofa Living Room from Craftmaster?

This sofa is mid-end furniture with above average quality, so the price is counted as middle price.

How to clean the fabric of the sofa Craftmaster?

It’s very easy to clean because of the technology of the fabric and family life performance fabric. If you spill out a liquid like wine, milk, etc., Don’t use the stain protectant detergent. 

Add one tablespoon of liquid laundry detergent with 2 cups of warm water. Then dip a washcloth in the mixture and gently press it over the stained surface. Or you can brush it gently and then wipe it.

What is the Craftmaster Collection?

Craftmaster has so many collections of furniture products. Craftmaster Essentials has many items to make your living room look beautiful, such as a pretty accent chair, swivel glider, sofa and sectional.

The collection from Casual Retreat performs the timeless style that makes your coastal-inspired room. If you want a modern look space, you can buy furniture from the collection of Loft Living.

One collection that you must know is Power Recliner. This chair is equipped with a USB port, ensuring your smartphone or another device still charges without ever leaving your seat. Besides that, with the power motion, you need to push one button, and you can change your lying position.

Final Words

Craftmaster not only provides stylish sofa products, from vintage to modern-casual. You can also create your collection of sofas according to your style with 1000 choices of fabrics and 50 premium leather options.

This product makes it an investment furniture product because it is timeless and has 10 to 20 years to expire. That’s how this Craftmaster Furniture reviews was done. Hopefully, it can be a consideration for making a buying decision.