Craftmaster vs La-Z-Boy – A Side-by-Side Comparison

Ethan Ross

Craftmaster vs La-Z-Boy - A Side-by-Side Comparison

The question of Craftmaster vs La-Z-Boy often comes up among discerning consumers in the furniture market. The United States furniture industry is not just expansive; it’s also teeming with options, leaving buyers scratching their heads in puzzlement.

The stakes are high in selecting a brand that not only aligns with your aesthetics but also serves you in the long term. Enter Craftmaster and La-Z-Boy—two titans that command attention for very compelling reasons.

This article delves into the specifics of each, from their origins and product offerings to quality, durability, and much more. Stay with us as we elucidate what sets these brands apart, helping you make a well-informed decision.

Quick Comparison

Founding Year19721927
LocationTaylorsville, N.CUSA-based
Product SpecializationLiving room furnitureReclining chairs, sofas
Customization OptionsHigh (800+ fabrics, 50 leathers)Moderate
Number of EmployeesOver 600Not specified
Environmental PracticesEFEC certification, “Earthcare Inside”Not specified
Warranty1-yearLimited warranty, varies by product
Delivery OptionsNot specifiedUp to 10 weeks, white-glove service
Retail ExperienceThrough retailersNumerous showrooms in the USA
Durability10 to 20 yearsMany years with reasonable use
Unique FeaturesPaula Deen collection, largest employer in its countyFirst reclining wood-slat chair
ProsTimeless design, durable, customizableStrong reputation, design consultation
ConsMust buy through retailers, varied pricingNo free shipping, limited trial/returns

Craftmaster Overview

Craftmaster is a household name that has thrived in the competitive furniture landscape for nearly five decades.

Originally a small enterprise, today it stands as an industry leader, offering an impressive variety of living room furniture with a focus on customer customization.

Here, we delve into various facets that contribute to the brand’s sustained success.

Historical Background and Rise to Prominence

Craftmaster Furniture was founded in 1972 in Taylorsville, North Carolina. With less than 20 employees at its inception, the company has evolved remarkably, currently employing over 600 individuals. It is also the largest private employer in its county. Operating out of Taylorsville, North Carolina, the company has more than 650,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Over the years, the company has built a reputation as the exclusive manufacturer of the Paula Deen collection.

Product Specialization and Range

Craftmaster specializes in living room furniture, but the range doesn’t stop there. They offer:

  • Over 150 styles of living room sets
  • More than 100 types of accent chairs and ottomans
  • An astounding 800 fabric choices
  • 50 premium leather options

With such a wide array, Craftmaster certainly offers something for everyone.

Emphasis on Customization and Customer-Centric Approach

One of the key selling points for Craftmaster is the extent to which they allow customization. Customers can choose from different fabric upholstery, welt types, leg styles, and more. The company also offers specialized fabric options suitable for households with children and pets. This level of customization reflects the brand’s commitment to meeting individual needs and preferences.

Note: Craftmaster prides itself on its Family Life Performance Fabric, which is engineered for durability in homes with children and pets.

Environmentally Conscious Practices

Craftmaster is not just about aesthetics and comfort; they also invest in sustainable practices. They hold an EFEC (Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture) certification and use “Earthcare Inside” materials in their products. This focus on environmental responsibility sets them apart in an industry often criticized for wasteful practices.

By offering a balanced mix of quality, variety, and responsible manufacturing, Craftmaster has carved a unique space for itself in the furniture industry.

La-Z-Boy Overview

La-Z-Boy is another stalwart in the furniture sector, boasting a history that stretches back to the 1920s. Known for pioneering innovations in reclining furniture, the brand has expanded its offerings to include a variety of home furnishings.

This section will discuss the brand’s history, unique features, retail experience, and customer service policies.

Origins and Development Over the Years

Founded in 1927 in Monroe, Michigan, by cousins Edward M. Knabusch and Edwin J. Shoemaker, La-Z-Boy initially gained fame for its reclining wooden porch chairs. The brand took a significant leap forward in 1961 by introducing its first reclining sofa, setting the stage for a broader range of offerings.

Today, La-Z-Boy operates more than 200 standalone stores across the United States and distributes its products globally through other retailers.

Unique Selling Propositions and Brand Features

La-Z-Boy is renowned for its:

  • Patented reclining mechanism
  • High level of comfort due to Total Body and Lumbar Support
  • Wide selection of upholstery options
  • Integrated electronic features like USB ports and heated seats

The brand’s patented reclining technology and the comfort it offers set it apart in the industry.

Availability and Retail Experience

La-Z-Boy has a widespread network of standalone stores, making its products easily accessible. They also offer an interactive online shopping experience, complete with virtual consultations. Customers can even visit their Design Centers in-store to get professional advice on home styling.

Note: La-Z-Boy’s Design Centers offer free design services, providing a personalized shopping experience.

Warranty and Customer Service Policies

La-Z-Boy takes customer satisfaction seriously, offering a limited lifetime warranty on most products. They provide:

  1. Free repair or replacement for manufacturing defects
  2. Customizable extended warranties
  3. Efficient and courteous customer service

This focus on after-sales support adds another layer of trust and reliability around the La-Z-Boy brand.

La-Z-Boy’s reputation is built not just on quality and comfort, but also on comprehensive customer service and widespread availability.

Key Differences Between Craftmaster and La-Z-Boy

Craftmaster vs La-Z-Boy, both esteemed names in the furniture sector, offer a variety of options to discerning customers.

While they share some similarities, their distinct histories, product offerings, customization options, and environmental practices set them apart.

Let’s discuss these aspects in detail.

Differences in Founding Years and Corporate History

Craftmaster emerged on the furniture scene in 1972, focusing on domestically made upholstered furniture. On the other hand, La-Z-Boy dates back to 1927 and initially gained fame for its reclining porch chairs.

The considerable gap in their founding years provides a glimpse into the different eras and design philosophies they represent.

Product Offerings and Unique Features

Core ProductUpholstered furnitureReclining furniture
Material OptionsVariedMostly Fabric
Additional OfferingsOttomans, accent chairsSofas, loveseats

Craftmaster offers a wide range of upholstered furniture, including sofas, chairs, and sectional sets. La-Z-Boy, while initially famous for recliners, has expanded its offerings to sofas, loveseats, and even bedroom furniture.

Customization Options and Variety

Craftmaster prides itself on its extensive fabric choices and customization options, allowing customers to create truly unique pieces. La-Z-Boy also offers customization but is generally more focused on features like reclining mechanisms and built-in conveniences such as USB ports.

Environmentally Friendly Practices and Certifications

Both companies demonstrate concern for the environment but in different ways. Craftmaster has specific lines made of sustainable materials, aligning with its ‘Craftmaster Green’ initiative.

La-Z-Boy also takes steps to minimize its environmental impact through waste reduction programs and energy-efficient manufacturing practices.

Note: Craftmaster has received certifications for its eco-friendly practices, affirming its commitment to sustainability.

Craftmaster vs La-Z-Boy each bring unique strengths and philosophies to the table, creating varied experiences for the customer. Therefore, choosing between them often boils down to personal preferences and specific needs.

Quality and Durability Comparison

Quality and durability are critical factors to consider while evaluating furniture brands like Craftmaster vs La-Z-Boy. Both brands have certain aspects that make them stand out.

Let’s delve into these characteristics for a better understanding.

Materials Used in Construction

FrameHardwoodMetal, hardwood
CushioningFoam, DownFoam, Memory foam
UpholsteryFabric, LeatherFabric, Leather

Craftmaster typically uses hardwood frames for its furniture, coupled with high-quality foam or down cushioning. La-Z-Boy, however, offers a mix of metal and hardwood frames. Both use a variety of fabric and leather options for upholstery, giving the consumer multiple choices.

Comfort and Functionality Features

Craftmaster offers plush, cushioned furniture that focuses on a classic aesthetic. On the other side, La-Z-Boy provides functional features like reclining mechanisms, adjustable headrests, and even built-in USB ports for added utility.

Longevity and Maintenance Aspects

Both brands offer durable products designed to last for years. However, Craftmaster recommends periodic maintenance, such as professional cleaning for its upholstered pieces.

La-Z-Boy furniture, specifically the recliners, might require occasional adjustments or part replacements for optimal functionality.

Note: La-Z-Boy offers guides and videos for maintenance, simplifying the process for users.

Warranty and Customer Support

Craftmaster provides a limited lifetime warranty on frames, springs, and cushions. La-Z-Boy also offers a limited lifetime warranty but extends it to its reclining mechanisms. Both companies offer responsive customer service, but La-Z-Boy has a broader network of service centers.

Craftmaster vs La-Z-Boy cater to different preferences when it comes to quality and durability. Your decision between the two would likely hinge on your specific needs and what you find most important in a piece of furniture.

Which is Better for Specific Needs

Craftmaster or La-Z-Boy, both renowned brands in the furniture industry, serve a wide range of customers with diverse requirements. This section aims to assist you in determining which brand better aligns with specific lifestyle needs.

Suitability for Households with Children and Pets

Specialized FabricsYesNo

Craftmaster offers specialized fabrics that are particularly resilient, ideal for homes with children or pets. La-Z-Boy also offers durable options but lacks specialized fabrics designed for this demographic.

Comparing the Styles and Themes of Each Brand

Craftmaster focuses on traditional and transitional designs, aiming for timeless appeal. La-Z-Boy, on the other hand, provides a wider range of styles from contemporary to classic, thereby reaching a broader audience.

Price Considerations and Value for Money

Craftmaster furniture often carries a premium price tag, reflecting its use of high-quality materials. La-Z-Boy offers a more extensive range of prices, allowing for budget flexibility.

Note: La-Z-Boy’s varied price points do not necessarily indicate a compromise on quality.

Recommendations Based on Diverse Customer Needs

  1. Traditional Homes: Craftmaster is the go-to option for homes that prefer a classical touch.
  2. Modern or Varied Aesthetics: La-Z-Boy offers a more diverse selection of styles.
  3. Budget Considerations: La-Z-Boy provides quality furniture at various price points, offering flexibility.
  4. Homes with Children and Pets: Craftmaster’s specialized fabric options make it a compelling choice.

Given the specific strengths of each brand, the choice between Craftmaster or La-Z-Boy will largely depend on individual preferences and lifestyle considerations.


The comparison between Craftmaster vs La-Z-Boy has elucidated significant aspects of each brand, including their history, unique selling points, and customer-centric approaches. Potential buyers should weigh these factors carefully.

If customization and specific fabric needs are a priority, Craftmaster offers advantages. For varied styles and budget-friendly options, La-Z-Boy stands out.

The future trends in the furniture industry point to an increasing emphasis on sustainability and customization, making both brands relevant choices for upcoming years.

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