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Dania Furniture Reviews

Dania Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Determining the best home furnishing could be challenging due to many considerations one should take before buying. If you want your house to have a contemporary Scandinavian look, reading Dania furniture reviews might help you.

The designs of Dania Furniture products are inspired by Nordic culture because the founders who started the company in 1963 are Norwegian. However, this furniture line is currently providing its customers with modern designs to meet their styles and needs. 

In the following reviews article, let’s delve into Dania furniture, its products, pros and cons and more.

Product and Price Range

Dania furniture is much the same as any other furniture line such as thomasville furniture or pulaski furniture in providing a wide range of products. You can find different home furnishings such as Dania furniture sectional, sofa, dining and bedroom sets, or even outdoor furniture.  

Take a look at the following examples of Dania home furnishings for your information :

TypeProductMaterialPrice Range
Living RoomSofaLeather
$549.00 – $4,488.00
Starts from $999.00
$1,737.00 – $6,699.00
 Coffee TableWood
$279.00 – $999.00
 Console TableWood
$289.00 – $949.00
Dining RoomDining TableSolid wood
metal frame
$359.00 – $2,999.00
 Bar and Counter TableMetal frame
solid wood
$429.00 – $799.00
stainless steel
$599.00 – $2,599.00
 Extension TableWood
metal frame
$429.00 – $$2,999.00
$249.00 – $3,099.00
 Storage Bedswood$549.00 – $3,099.00
Starts from $69.00
 BeddingcottonAs low as $69.00

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Dania Furniture Pros and Cons

Dania Furniture Pros and Cons
Dania Furniture Pros and Cons

You need to learn all the pros and cons of Dania products to decide whether this home furnishings is your choice. Delve into them at the following :

Pros of Dania Furniture

  • Help you lower your budget because their products are relatively inexpensive.
  • Worth considering because it has a wide variety of modern Scandinavian furniture.
  • Easy to access because it has 40 outlets throughout the US, such as Dania furniture Lombard and Dania furniture Portland.
  • Beneficial due to their free return and exchange policy.
  • Hassle-free because you can also purchase the products online.
  • Worth buying due to its best price guarantee.
  • The products designs are timeless and modern so that they can fit any room décor.
  • A great option because its designs are effortless and functional.

Cons of Dania Furniture

  • Offer limited 1-year warranty so customers may exceed the warranty period by the time they need the policy most.


We can say that Dania furniture is durable enough because many people have tested the products over time.


Dania Furniture Warranty
Dania Furniture Warranty

Dania furniture offers the following warranties for their loyal customers :

  • Best Price Guarantee

Do not worry about being over budget because this warranty ensures that the price they offer is reasonable and affordable.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

This company cares about its customers by offering this warranty so that they will be happy and satisfied with their chosen products.

  • Retail Warranty Package

Should the products you bought have manufacturing defects, then this warranty applies. However, you need to show proof of purchase as one of the requirements.

  • 12-months Warranty

If you purchase another furniture brand without any warranty at any Dania Furniture locations, then Dania will offer you this one.


This furniture company offers the following Dania Furniture delivery policies :

  1. Standard Delivery
  • Beneficial because it applies to unlimited items.
  • You will get a flat rate starting from $149.00, so you can save your budget.
  • Hassle-free because the company will deliver the products inside your home.

However, this delivery does not include product assembly or packaging removal.

  1. Deluxe Delivery
  • This type of delivery is also applying to unlimited items.
  • You can save your budget due to its flat rate, which starts from $99.
  • Very beneficial because the company will deliver the products to any room in your home.
  • You are worry-free because you do not have to assemble the products yourself. Thus, Dania furniture’s employees will do that for you, along with removing the package.

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Return Policy

Learn the requirements if you want to return and exchange the products you buy because the company applies specific terms and conditions. Call the Customer Service of Dania Furniture near me so they can help you with the process.

Final Words

Dania furniture might be your answer when you need a modern Scandinavian design for your home. You can rely on this company because it has 50 years existence in the furniture business. In addition, there are many shipping options, and the warranty can be very profitable for the customer.

By learning from Dania Furniture reviews, you can get more information on the company to make your decision better. Hopefully, you have already decided due to the needed information you get.