Greige Carpet – Understanding Definition And How To Decorate With This

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Understanding Definition of Greige Carpet And How To Decorate With This

Understanding the definition of Greige carpet is much of advantage particularly in time of selecting a carpet. In the world of carpeting, it is not uncommon to hear the term of Greige.

But if you are just a new comer, then it would be very essential to check out our article up to the last page and find the valuable information you need.

Truly, there are more to present dealing with Greige carpet including the definition of Greige which is the primary concern, characteristics, benefits and other related information including where you can use the greige carpet.

Without wasting too much time, let’s just have a quick read on the following review sections.

What Is Greige Carpet?

What is Greige carpet?

Most definition states that Greige basically refers to one of the two things.

First of all, the term refers to “Gray” and “Beige”, the two types of neutral tones which crucially play the role to keep the carpet color in balance.

Secondly, the term Greige can also be a type of base term for undyed carpet fiber.

The definition of Greige carpet is also related to the carpet color as a finished product. Other way, it can refer to the unfinished fibers used in constructing the carpet.

Generally, some carpet manufacturers keep producing their carpets without dying the fibers. The colors resulted would usually be a light beige-gray tone, categorizing the carpet into “Greige Goods”.

This way, the manufacturer’s dying process can be influenced by the demand for specific carpet colors.

In the other words, if people demand certain carpet colors, it can be the crucial information contributing to the manufacturer’s dying process.

Based on this various definition, we can assume that greige carpet is a type of carpet that comes with the nearly similar colors but yet they are bit different.

Gray and beige are the two colors that form greige. Now let’s check out the details about it.

Greige Color

In carpeting, Greige is fairly a new color term dealing with somewhere between beige and gray. Few years ago, Greige was one of the most famous colors in interior home décor.

This way, Greife is best described not only as the neutral color but also as the perfect color option which is not too cool and not too warm, making it suitable for all kinds of applications.

The quick search engine in the internet shows that the term “Greige carpet” presents some pages of result about the term which is referring to the kinds of carpet styles in greige tones.

If you are just arriving at the home improvement centers or carpet retailers in the town, ask the salesperson for greige carpet and you will be directed to the samples of some fashionable colors.

Nevertheless, in the industry of carpeting, this term technically deals with something a bit different.

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Greige Goods

While greige caroet refers to the different colors of carpet, greige goods refer to the synthetic carpet fibers produced but not been dyed yet. In this case, there are two different methods used to add color to the carpet fibers.

The first method is adding the color at the beginning of the manufacturing process that is the time of solution dyeing.

Second, adding the color at the end of the manufacturing process.

Solution Dyeing

Solution dyeing is adding the color to the chemical liquids before the carpet fibers are created. This method allows the manufacturer to produce the desired color.

For example, if you want to create a blue carpet, the blue dye must be added to the chemical compound at the beginning of the manufacturing process.

The carpet will turn to blue when the finished fiber come out at the end of the manufacturing process.

Dyeing Greige Fibers

Dyeing greige fibers is the second method used in creating greige carpet without adding any color.

The finished fiber is then called as a greige good due to the absence of color addition. Though no color is added, the fiber has the beige look.

In Greige Goods, the color added to the greige fiber uses some different ways depending on the method used by the manufacturers.

However, each method includes dipping the fiber in a dye to create the desired color.

Benefits of Greige Goods

Believe it or not, producing carpet fibers in the form of greige is carrying benefits. It not only allows the manufacturers to produce a large number of colorless fiber but also accepts the orders from the customers.

This supports the manufacturers to have lots of color inventory. For example, a warehouse will have a big stock of blue carpet when no customer is ordering blue carpet.

Thus, definition of Greige carpet can refer to a couple of different things.

In general, when it comes to shop a carpet, people need only to look over the final color of the carpet, one of which is greige.

This way, selecting the carpet colors is definitely a personal choice.

The Versatility of Greige Carpet

Now that you have known more about the gerige carpet definition along with its color and how the colors are created, this is the time to know the versatility of greige carpet.

Considering that greige floats around the world of home décor, you can expect more than just versatility.

In the other words, greige is quite promising the beauty appearance for a spectacular flooring.

Greige carpet is also bets described to be an intriguing new term entering the industry of interior decoration. Further, greige is presenting the fresh style to many homes through carpeting.


Is there anything else related to the definition of Greige carpet? It is a décor.

This way, the perfect natural color offered by the greige carpet makes it amazing for rooms that need to keep the warmth balance. Beige comes with the warmer tone while gray is cool and neutral.

In fact, as we have mentioned, greige is neither too cool nor too warm. The neutral tone will just match any room of your home sweet home.

Further, greige also offers lots of wonderful color for experimentation with the cool and warm tones.

Greige Carpet For Decoration

So you have an idea to decorate your room with greige carpet, it is just a good idea due to the fact that one of the reasons underlying the production of this carpet is to be a great addition.

Now the question is to what extent the greige carpet exists for the interior design?

Greige Comes with New and Different Neutral Color

If you are not able to differentiate gray from beige, no worry!

You don’t have to do it right now as long as you have known that greige is the trending neutral color in the interior design.

It is extremely hard to describe greige due to the similarities of it with the some shades of gray and beige. They can even be recognized with in-between color.

Truly, you will be trying hard to define where greige starts and ends on the color. This way, the name “greige” is the result of combining gray and beige.

Greige Ties Your Color Scheme Together

Basically, greige is either pleasing or flexible for the neutral home design that goes with any palette.

The color is able to extend from the dark color tones to the lightest taupe hues and from the cool shades to the warmer ones.

Of course, these are depending on the balance comparison of gray to beige in the combination.

Greige ties your color with the other neutrals including white, cream, tan, black and grey tones.

Greige has definitely a fabulous color that works well with the splashes of either bold or subtle hues.

Due to the greige’s softness and neutral tones, the colors of greige carpets bring such a harmony to the environment.

For bedroom in particular, greige will fit the window treatments with the blue and yellow accents to the pop colors.  

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Where To Use Greige Carpet

Where you will use greige relates to definition of greige carpet dealing with its soothing color that works well with every room and most surface such as the soft fabrics and rugs, hard flooring surfaces including stone and tile, counter surfaces including marble, laminate and granite, wall surface such as wall coverings and paint as well as bed and table linens.

Are You Ready For Greige Carpet Now?

Now that you have known more about greige carpet, one question is whether or not you are ready for purchasing it. For neutral balancer in rooms, carpet is the perfect option.

When you are just furnishing a room with the cheerful pink sofa, so give it a glamorous flavor with a greige carpet to create a décor balance. When it comes to beautiful carpets and floors, there is nothing neutral but greige carpets.

All in all, greige offers a huge rage of quality flooring materials along with the expert installation.

So move on your next big flooring project by purchasing and using the greige carpets.

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