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Dixie Home Carpet Reviews

Dixie Home Carpet Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Welcome to Dixie Home carpet reviews presenting you a very clear description of everything about Dixie Home carpet.

Well, in general, this carpet comes with the large catalog of carpeting including traditional and modern styles. There are hundreds of options in the lineup except for those with pets.

The current trends are always provided by the company by launching new products like the ones that have just been released recently.

In this post, we would like to navigate you to check out every details of the Dixie group, Dixie Home carpet, Dixie Home LVP and SPC flooring, the carpet’s cost, pros and cons, ratings and the possibility to look for a qualified installer.

So let’s check them all out in the detailed sections below:

Dixie Group

In our Dixie Home carpet reviews, the first section to bring into description is the Dixie Group.

In the world carpeting, Dixie Home isn’t the one that has been in the business since it was found in 2003. Dixie Group is its parent company that had existed in flooring industry since 1920.

Though the materials and products used in Dixie Home considerably changed over the years, the company’s philosophy stays the same.

They are recently in charge of a half-dozen brands including Atlas, Fabrica and Masland. Each of those brands provide the customers with the various carpet styles and prices.

However, now we are going to focus on discussing the specific carpet product of the company called Dixie Home carpeting. 

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Dixie Home Carpet Reviews in General

There are a few different categories of Dixie’s carpet offered for the customers. Those carpet can be accessed in its website.

Everyone can browse and look at the catalogue by type though the categories may not be viewed in a well-organized order.

Todays, there are some basic categories of the carpets including the loop, patterned and textured. They also offer a carpet with Pet Protect along with the collection of EnVision 66.

The looped carpet collection can be found in the variation of Alcova, Movado and English Arbor along with some solid hues.

There are 30 carpet styles available within 100 colors. The fibers include Durasilk polyester and some nylon options with SuperiaSD, Luxerell and TruSoft.

For textured carpeting, there are 27 styles available along with the hundreds of colors. However, the patterned carpet is available only in a few collection including Touch of Velvet and Soft & Silky within 30 colors each. The similar fiber types are used, too, but they do not come with PET-based options.

Patterned carpet is the majority of Dixie Home Carpeting in which the styles can be found on their online catalogue. In this case, there are 40 styles of patterned carpeting.

Further, the well-textured carpets are usually designed with the PetProtect. Those include StainMaster SuperiaSD BCF nylon 6.6 fiber.

In addition to these kinds of carpets, there are recently a handful collection of EnVission66 carpets.

Dixie Home LVP and SPC Flooring

In our Dixie Home carpet reviews, we are going to state that Dixie comes with Luxury Vinyl Flooring. This means that you can find the vinyl under the Dixie branding.

In the collection, there is the most widely purchased choice with PetProtect system from Stainmaster within 25 styles to choose from the catalogue.

Most of luxury vinyl flooring provided by Dixie Home carpeting is in planks form. Some of them are designed to mimic the wood look such as Grand Oak and Coventry.

The planks sizes are vary, ranging from 60” long to 7.5mm thick along with a 20mil wear layer. This way, the planks are installed using a click-lock system like the luxury vinyl tile.

There is also a range of SPC flooring provided by Dixie Home carpeting through TRUCOR Alpha Collection.

In this case, SPC floors are made from stone plastic composite, making it more resilient than the luxury vinyl products. This way, SPC floor comes with 5.5mm thick along with 0.3mm wear layer.

Cost of Dixie Home Carpet

When it comes to cost, there has never been a word of “easy” for shopping. There are so many reasons why it is so.

Further, you will not either find Dixie Home carpeting even in a larger hardware store. Though they might be in stock, you will have only a limited option.

It is also a bit harder to ship the carpet unless you purchase the carpet tiles. That’s why flooring stores are much of advantage to open up.

So, you seems having to go to purchase the products in the store or order them when your desired collection is not available.

SeriesFiberPrice per square foot
BasicNylon$1.80 – $2.20
EnVision 66Nylon$2.00 – $2.80
Pet ProtectNylon$2.60 – $3.00

Pros and Cons of Dixie Home Carpet

Discussing pros and cons over a product is crucial since it can lead the future customers to the consideration whether to select the products or take the other options.

Depending on your needs, all of the carpet’s collections and styles are available. However, evaluating is necessary.


Dixie Home carpets have extremely excellent stains and soiling resistance supported by the tiered warranties by price. They are also eco-friendly products along with the Green Label Plus certification that is considered as a bonus.


The only drawback of Dixie Home carpeting is the fact that only a few collection of polyester carpet and no wool as they mainly rely on nylon fibers with protection. Stainmaster is the carpet.

Ratings of Dixie Home Carpet

Based on the Dixie Home carpet reviews, the carpets are rated 3 for the fibers’ colors and rated 4 for the color and style range, pet resistance, stain and fade resistance.

Looking for a Qualified Installer

Unluckily, some people complain about not being able to find the qualified local installers or overpaid the carpet installation.

However, there has been an online free estimate tool that will help get the installers in 24 hours.

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Final Words

Overall, Dixie Home carpeting offers their products through the online catalogue posted on their websites.

There are many different carpets you can find depending on the styles, colors and collections. If you cannot find your desired products in the catalogue, just go the stores and make a selection.


Can I install the carpet in my home with pet?

Yes, you can. But some types of fibers cannot come with the Pet-Based options.

Can I perform the installation by myself?

Yes, you can. But unless you are well-experienced with it, it is better to hire professionals.

What is the biggest thing offered by the carpet?

Stains, Fade and Soiling Resistance.

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