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Dream Home Laminate Review

Dream Home Laminate Review

by Dylan Johnson

People say that you need to read Dream Home laminate review if you seriously want to transform your place into a dreamy land or so what they say. But you have to admit that the name alone is pretty catchy and inviting.

Who doesn’t want their house to be a dream house that feels luxurious and homey?

If you do want to have a dreamy lot, you will have to choose the right products and make sure that they meet your requirements.

But then again, how is Dream Home floor is different from the others?

And what benefits can you get from the products?

Understanding Dream Home Products

Dream Home laminate floor is actually the product manufactured by Lumber Liquidators.

They are made available at many retail outlets in America you should be able to find them easily.

The reason why it is called Dream Home is truly because of the exclusive and luxurious feel the floor delivers.

The floor boards imitate the look of natural materials (such as wood) just perfectly and it looks gorgeous!

They even have their own lines consisting of expensive materials (imitation, of course) like rare wood without you have to spend a fortune.

Laminate floor is a versatile and engineered floor made from synthetic resin. The material itself is created and designed to deal with water damage, staining, and other common floor issues.

You see, wood floor is definitely gorgeous and natural perfect to create homey and comfortable vibe.

But wood is difficult to maintain. It loses its battle against water, moisture, and humidity. It is difficult for caring and cleaning.

And it is sensitive to stain making it a complicated material to maintain. Because of these issues, laminate floor is then created.

Dream Home was invented back then in 1977. It was made available in America in 1994.

Since then, the floor has gained a positive popularity a lot of homeowners love it, especially in affordable houses and restaurants.

However, not everyone liked laminate flooring.

First of all, the look wasn’t very good. It looked cheesy and lame. When you had to compare it to hardwood, it is clear that hardwood is the winner.

Second, laminate floor was considered dangerous due to its connection to the formaldehyde.

However, things have changed now. American EPA (Environment Protection Agency) has claimed that today’s laminate floor is safe for businesses and homes.

They have backed up their claims with numerous and various reports that support their claim.

So, if you want to install laminate floor now at your house, rest assured that it is perfectly safe.

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The Durability and Strength Dream Home Laminate Flooring

The laminate floor is claimed to have better strength and durability. Some brands are known with their superior quality and it has been proven.

But then again, is Dream Home laminate floor as strong as claimed?

What does Dream Home laminate review say about it?

Dream Home is claimed to be sturdy and durable. The floor is supposed to be super solid and strong against heavy foot traffic, pets, and active kids.

Daily wear won’t be able to affect the pristine condition of the floor. But in reality, you may be disappointed by the real results.

Although the floor is certified by North American Laminate Flooring Association, it isn’t 100% perfect. But the opinions about the condition of the floor are a mixed result.

Some homeowners say that their floor remains flawless and beautiful for many years without any issue.

Some, however, say that the floor immediately loses its varnish and shine within months only. The floor even suffers from bubble and scratches immediately.

You should expect a satisfying quality from Dream Home floors. According to Dream Home laminate review, if you want your floor to last for years, you need to choose the premium floor. Avoid the cheap materials they only cost you more money for nothing.

Go with something more premium and more durable. It’s a good thing that Dream Home is made from good quality. It may not be premium, but it should be enough.

However, if your house is super packed and excessively busy, then Dream Home floor may not be the perfect one for you.

The Available Collections

One of the biggest perks of choosing Dream Home is the availability of patterns and colors.

According to Dream Home laminate review, it is a floor brand fun to shop because of the many positive perks and good features.

When it comes to various patterns, styles, and colors, Dream Home has everything.

Lumber Liquidators create the floor in various types and models. And most retailers would sell the floor in various different series.

The most popular option is the one imitating fashionable and stylish woods (and they are super good looking like the real thing), like acacia, oak, walnut, and cherry.

If you want to find colors and patterns that imitate rosewood, beech, hickory, and other exotic variants.

If you want to find irregular patterns, you are able to find it at Dream Home. According to Dream Home laminate review, the floor comes with high varnish and unique designs.

The varnish itself is beneficial to protect the underneath materials making sure that the floor will maintain the new look.

Irregular designs aren’t bad they may sound unusual, but they can actually be a good thing.

Each board comes with unique pattern to avoid the same and uniformed patterns, gradient, and streaks.

This is created and designed so the floor will look realistic and natural. Homeowners can enjoy a more natural appearance and vibe.

They create a more natural wood-look alike feel without actually spending tons of money for the project.

With Dream Home, you are able to stay creative while improving the overall look and appearance of your house at the same time.

Installation Concern

Unlike hardwood floor, laminate floor is relatively easier to install. You need to hire a professional service to install the hardwood floor, but you won’t need to do that to install the laminate flooring.

That’s why laminate floor is considered the best DIY projects for homeowners because you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

However, despite the easiness of installing the floor, you need to remember that laminate floor does require some preparatory steps.

First of all, the floor needs to acclimatize to the new environment. The process itself needs time because you will have to leave the floor inside the area of installation.

Acclimation process is important so the floor won’t shrink or swell when you install it.

Second, laminate floor needs a dry, clean, and flat surface. It is designed to provide even and level surface so the floor won’t be tilted.

It’s a good thing that Dream Home boards have their own V-click system to make installation easy.

You only need to click each of the boards perfectly so they will lock in place together. But the V-lock mechanism does its own flaw.

It is able to click nicely to encourage easier locking, but it does leave a small gap or indent.

The gap would be a perfect spot to collect dust or dirt, which will lead to debris-full trenches.

In short, if you want a simple installation mechanism and you don’t mind the extra work with the care and cleaning, the V-click system would be the perfect option.

But if you don’t want to deal with fussy cleaning (some people may consider it a nightmare), then Dream Home may not be the most ideal pick.

Price and Cost Dream Home Laminate

Based on Dream Home laminate review, the floor is perfect for homeowners on the budget.

For a starter, the price ranges from $0.9 a square feet to around $2 a square feet. You only need very minimal installation tools.

But from the price range itself, you can’t expect the floor to last for many decades.

When compared to other flooring brands and types (which may cost more dollars), the Dream Home floor may not be able to last for more than 15 years or 20 years.

But Dream Home has their own clever arrangement they offer different warranty for different collections. The arrangements are:

  • The Nirvana has 25 years of warranty
  • Utopia has 10 years of warranty
  • Nirvana V Groove has 25 years of warranty
  • Kensington Manor has 10 years of warranty
  • James has 30 years of warranty
  • Charisma has 20 years of warranty

Basically, Dream Home lines give you the freedom and flexibility (also creativity) to install the floor you want without hurting your wallet.

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Final Words Dream Home Laminate Review

Based on Dream Home laminate review, the floor has a mix opinions and reviews.

There are some positive traits about the floor, but let’s not forget the downsides either. Some of the downsides include sensitive quality. The floor isn’t as sturdy as claimed.

It scratches quite easily and it isn’t perfect for busy household. Cleaning can be a nightmare, unless you are willing to spend more time on it.

But the floor is easy to install, it is pretty affordable, and it is quite durable provided that your house isn’t too busy or active.

In the end, find as many Dream Home laminate review as possible before making a decision.