DuraLux Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews

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DuraLux Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

DuraLux vinyl plank flooring is your alternative option when you want to have hardwood atmosphere in tricky areas, such as the basements or bathrooms.

Many homeowners may be thinking about installing hardwood in their bathrooms, but they are worried that the floor may give up after a year or two.

For this matter, you should be able to have luxury vinyl flooring. It is an alternative flooring option combining the beauty of hardwood and the strength of vinyl plank.

In the past, vinyl floor might be water resistant. But today’s technology has made it possible for the floor to be waterproof.

Moreover, the floor now has beautiful finish mimicking the look of natural stone and wood.

With the modern luxury vinyl floor, you can expect a sturdy floor with wood-look and moisture-proof quality and such floor can be installed in any room that you want!

DuraLux Features and Qualities

Despite the many benefits, DuraLux vinyl plank has its own limitation. Not all vinyl floors have the same quality or solid construction.

All of them may be tagged as waterproof products, but some may only be able to resist moisture while some are completely and 100% waterproof.

Many of the floors need special and certain cleaning products. And you need to obey the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent warranty’s void.

But then again, DuraLux products aren’t included in the low-quality floor.

Especially the DuraLux Performance, the floor has more waterproof quality that can be expected for premium brand.

DuraLux Performance is the premium floor created and launched in 2017. The floor is designed to be very effective including being super simple and easy when installed.

This is the floor especially designed for all kinds of rooms, including bathrooms, laundry rooms, sunrooms, kitchens, and basements.

The DuraLux vinyl plank floor is said to be an affordable flooring type, but it turns out that the price range won’t be that low.

A standard pricing for vinyl plank can go from $1 to $7 a square foot. This DuraLux brand is set in $2.30 which makes it a middle-price range floor.

A lot of homeowners say that using the floor is a smart move for their property’s investment.

Although the company claims that this floor is perfect for all kinds of room, the reality isn’t like that.

Not all rooms are perfect for this floor there are some considerations about area rug and weight restrictions.

The floor is thin which makes it easy to install for its flexibility. But then, when there are some winning elements, there are also some possible flaws.

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Luxury Vinyl Plank – Why Have It?

Luxury vinyl floor is the better version of regular vinyl floor. The floor is now super popular because of two main things: affordability and durability.

You should be able to have hardwood appearance at home without spending a fortune.

You see, hardwood is natural and beautiful, but it is extremely pricey. Not to mention that it has several biggest issues, especially related to water.

With luxury vinyl floor, you are able to bring in the beauty of hardwood floor without having to worry about the huge costs. And vinyl floor is more durable than wood.

Vinyl floor has better waterproof quality, which is something that hardwood floor lacks of.

You can expect the floor to hold up pretty well against humidity and moisture, which means that you should be able to install it in basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

What’s the specialty of DuraLux vinyl plank?

As the name suggests, the floor is durable meaning it is tougher and more solid. It has a beautiful and realistic imitation of wood look no one would be able to tell that you don’t actually have hardwood at home.

Not to mention that this floor is super easy to care, maintain, and clean.

However, you should remember that the total lifespan of luxury vinyl floor is actually shorter than wood, tile, or stone. But the floor has some winning elements over those flooring types.

Unlike hardwood, vinyl floor has better ability to deal against dents and scratches.

If you have busy house with untamed pets and active kids and also constant high foot traffic then it would be better to choose vinyl over hardwood.

DuraLux General Facts

This is the brand that is sold exclusively. You can only find it at Floor & Decor dealers scattered around the counter. The business started in 2000 and the headquarter is in Atlanta.

Since they first started, they have specialized themselves in the flooring sector. The brand is offering different styles of laminate, vinyl, stone, tile, and wood items.

If you often look for discounted items, they are the one because they like to offer cut prices.

Although this brand is known as a DIY-friendly floor, they can still extend their service to help their customers.

If you think that DIY project isn’t exactly your thing, then the company should be able to recommend the right professional service within your area.

DuraLux is working together with these professionals, so the installers even provide free-of-charge work site delivery.

But then again, this floor has been designed for DIY projects. It is possible for homeowners to have it within 64,000 square feet without the needs of transition molding.

DuraLux vinyl plank has 19 various colors from grays to rich browns and blacks. The colors are pretty common, but the floor may not be the perfect fit if you want something more unique and one-of-a-kind.

The planks are available in only one size, the 6 x 36 inches with 5mm of thickness and 12 mil of wear layer.

You probably think that you will be able to find variations of the floor maybe those longer than 37 inches or those wider from 6 inches.

You won’t find such things, so save your breath and don’t waste time. For their tiles, they have only 4 styles and all of them are coming in 12 x 24 inches.

The wear layer thickness isn’t too bad, but it is thinner than other brands within the same industry.

Since it comes as a floating floor style, you have no problems installing it without any special tool or adhesive.

As the brand is designed for creative homeowners who like to do the installation on their own, the floor comes with 10-year of commercial warranty and also lifetime residential warranty.

Differences in the Core DuraLux Vinyl Plank Flooring

The DuraLux vinyl plank is offered with a rigid and solid stone core. Thanks to its core, the floor is resistant to scratch and dent.

It even has double impact resistance quality which makes it better than other vinyl flooring brands.

Yes, the wear layer is thinner, but the overall construction and the quality of the floor are somewhat tougher.

The wear layer is clear and transparent, resulting in better scratch and dent resistant.

Moreover, the brand has already built-in pad for the underlayment that will result in high-quality anti-microbial feature and improved sound reducing quality.

You should be able to enjoy warm and quiet floor with DuraLux.

Since the look imitates hardwood quite well, the floor looks like the real thing from afar.

However, the image isn’t as realistic as you have expected some of other brands have better image quality.

Moreover, the floor has simple and straightforward click and lock system. It’s like playing with a puzzle.

You only need to make sure that you fit each plank securely and you are good to go.

Can you install it on top of other existing floors?

Certainly! This is one of the reasons why homeowners love this type of flooring.

DuraLux Vinyl Plank Environmentally Friendly Quality

DuraLux vinyl plank is waterproof. It means that you will have no problems installing it in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and even basements tricky places where humidity and moisture level is high.

Because of the waterproof quality, homeowners can mop the floor. It is super easy and convenient to clean and care for the floor.

A regular broom is handy to remove the dirt, dust, and debris. A hard floor vacuum, without the beater bar, is also good for the floor.

Want to perform a deep cleaning routine?

Use a damp mop with water. But feel free to use wet mop again, it won’t be a problem with this floor.

For the green matter, this floor has FloorScore certification, which means that the floor is safe for regular use.

It won’t emit harmful gas. It doesn’t contain ortho-phthalate plasticizers or formaldehyde-based resins within the manufacturing process, making it green for Mother Earth.

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Final Thoughts DuraLux Vinyl Plank Flooring

Every floor has its own benefits and downsides. The products from DuraLux also come with their positive edges.

But don’t forget about their possible flaws and how they can affect your house in the end. Some of the downsides is the possible dents because of heavy furniture.

Another one is the sales staff that may not have a thorough understanding about the products. Lack of (deep) product knowledge can be an issue, especially for homeowners who expect to get a lot of information.

Make sure to do complete research about DuraLux vinyl plank before you make the final decision whether it would be the right one for you or not.

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