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East West Furniture Reviews

East West Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

Choosing the right furniture for your house sometimes could be a challenging task. It is because many furniture brands are available. One of them is East West furniture. But, before you make any purchases, you have to read East West Furniture reviews beforehand.

This kind of reviews will help you decide if buying East West furniture is the best decision you can make or not. You can find what kind of products they sell and their price range. In addition, there is also some other information that you need to know about East West furniture. So, here are the reviews!

Product and Price Range

Product and Price Range of East West Furniture
Product and Price Range of East West Furniture

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East West is one of few furniture companies with fine dining furniture as their specialty. But, aside from that, they also sell bedroom sets that contain bed frames. So, aside from Room and Board furniture, you can also consider East West furniture if you want to purchase fine dining sets.

You can find any furniture for your dining room and bedroom in East West furniture. Most of it is made of wood from recycled rubber trees. If you want to know where East West furniture is made, it is made in Vietnam, even though the home base of this brand is in Houston.

Here are the products and the price range of East West furniture!

TypeProductMaterialPrice range
Dining RoomDining room set
Dining chairs
Dining table
Wood$156 – $1,539
BedroomBedroom sets
Youth bunk beds
Coffee table & end table
WoodFabric$749 – $3,463

Pros and Cons of East West Furniture

After you know what kind of products are available and their prices, you also need to know the pros and cons of its product. First of all, most buyers said that East West products, especially the dining sets, are effortless to assemble. So, you will have no problem installing it yourself.

Every time you buy a product from East West furniture, you will also get an installation tutorial. But, if you want to know, how is East West furniture rated?

The answer is variant because you will see different rates from different stores. Here are the pros and cons of East West furniture!

Pros of East West Furniture

  • Easy to assemble because you also get the tutorial.
  • You can find the products easily in major online retailers.
  • Many delivery options are available.
  • Also, the products have reasonable prices.

Cons of East West Furniture

  • The store is only open from Monday to Friday, so there is no delivery on weekends.
  • The choice of furniture is not that variant because East West only offers the furniture for the dining room and bedroom.

The Durability of East West Furniture

The Durability of East West Furniture
The Durability of East West Furniture

If you want to know, is East West furniture durable?

Then the answer is yes, but only if you take care of it. As you already know, they mostly use wood as the primary material for their products. So, you must clean it thoroughly and polish some furniture once a month.

You can use the furniture for years, or even decades, if you take care of it with proper maintenance. So, the durability of the furniture from East West is primarily up to you.

Warranty of East West Furniture

Then, how about the warranty of East West furniture? Is there any warranty?

The answer is yes, but you can only claim the warranty for six months after purchasing it. So, the warranty period is not as long as other brands.

With East West furniture warranty, you can get credit or replace defective parts of the products. But, this warranty only applies to manufacturing defects, not the damage you cause. Also, the warranty is void if you use the products for commercial purposes.


As you already know, you can find East West furniture in many major online stores. It means that you can deliver the furniture to your home. The delivery will take one to three days for those of you who live in the United States. But, if you live outside the US, the delivery will take longer.

Also, it is normal if you get the parts of the products not on the same day. So, you don’t have to worry about it.

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Return Policy

Then, how about the return policy for East West furniture?

If you find any damage to the furniture you purchase, you can file a complaint. However, you can only do that for 30 days after buying it.

For the damage from manufacturing, you can contact the customer service of East West furniture. But, if the damage comes from the delivery process, you can contact the customer service of the online store where you buy it.

Final Words

So, those are the East West furniture reviews you need to know. Overall, the brand is great. So, if you want the furniture for your dining room and bedroom made from wood, East West furniture is worth buying.