The Review of Eco Forest Bamboo Flooring

Dylan Johnson

eco forest bamboo flooring

Hardwood flooring always looks impressive. However, it will not impact the environment. However, hardwood flooring only beautifies your home and destroys natures. In this case, eco forest bamboo flooring will both enhance your home and keep natures.

Today, bamboo flooring is very popular. It is not only well known with its beauty but also its durability. In fact, bamboo flooring is eco-friendly.

Even more, bamboo flooring also becomes a good option for you who want an impressive floor on budget.

It very affordable because it costs 1 dollar per square foot. It means bamboo flooring is less expensive compared to hardwood flooring.

If you are interested in bamboo flooring idea, there are many options available in the market. From so many options available, one of the best options is Eco Forest bamboo flooring.

However, you have to know everything about it before you pull out your wallet. In this article, we will discuss its quality, styles, maintenance, and installation. So, let’s pay attention to the following discussion below!

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Eco Forest Bamboo Flooring Collections

Eco Forest bamboo is available in 4 different collections. So, you will be easy to find the right style for your own home. However, all the collections will work well for any space.

Eco Forest Origins is the first collection. It comes with a classic look that retains its beauty. This one is appropriate for you want a more traditional style.

The second collection is the Eco Forest element. This is ideal for you who want a more stylish & trendy look in your own home. It has a smooth surface and looks very beautiful. It comes with clean lines. It looks more modern compared to any other Eco Forest collection.

The next collection is Eco Forest Natural floor. As its name, this one is very natural and looks rustic. Besides that, it also comes with warm colors as well beautiful textures. His character is really good for any space at your home.

Another one is the Eco Forest Vintage collection. This collection is excellent for you who want bamboo flooring with a retour, vintage appearance. This collection also comes with weathered finishes. In addition, it comes with beautiful textures, too.

Eco Forest Bamboo Flooring Styles and Colors

Eco Forest bamboo flooring is available in various colors. The colors range from light to dark. You can choose your desired color.

You can brighten up your home with Eco Forest Patina Locking Solid Stranded bamboo. If you a bamboo flooring with a distressed look, you can consider Eco Forest Vintage collection.

Then, there is Titan Black Hand Scrapped Locking Stranded bamboo. This one is appropriate for you who love beauty & sophistication of dark flooring. Anyway, this bamboo flooring really makes your home appealing.

The good news is that this flooring does not cost expensively. Priced at only 2 to 4 dollars per square foot, this flooring is very affordable.

As we know, other bamboo flooring brands may cost more than 4 dollars per square foot. Even more, if we compare it to hardwood flooring that cost 3 to 10 dollars per square foot, Eco Forest bamboo flooring is much more adorable.

So, if you are budget-minded person who is looking for beautiful flooring, this can be a good idea to consider.

Eco Forest Bamboo Flooring Care and Maintenance

You may think that it is difficult to care for and maintain Eco Forest bamboo flooring. However, you are wrong. This bamboo flooring is easy to care for and maintain as long as you take proper precautions.

The care and maintenance are similar to other bamboo flooring brands. So, you will not find difficulties to keep it clean and appealing.

For daily clean, you just need to use a broom to sweep the dirt & dust. Sometimes, you may need to use a hard floor vacuum. It is very important to keep your floor clean because dirt and germ can cause scratches and other possible damages.

For your information, bamboo flooring is more water-resistant when compared to traditional hardwoods. Therefore, you need to take care for it to ensure that your floor is always dry. By not letting water standing on it, it means you extend its lifetime.

If you find spills, you have to clean them up immediately. In this case, you cannot use a wet mop. It is recommended to use a specialty bamboo cleaner, especially for heavy cleaning.

Bamboo flooring is like hardwood where it can fade if it is exposed by the direct sun. To prevent this, you can consider windows covering. Sometimes, you need to change the position of your home furniture.

Compared to hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring is typically more durable. However, damage can still happen. So, walking with high-heeled shoes is not allowed.

You also need to keep the nails of your pets trimmed. In addition, you must avoid dragging furniture and other objects across the bamboo floor, too. If you fail to care and maintain the floor, dings, scratches, or other damages can happen.


We can see that Eco Forest bamboo flooring looks appealing. However, the look of this flooring can be different from one to another depending on the installation.

In fact, installation belongs to the key factors to consider. So, you have to decide the proper method of installation carefully. The proper installation method will not only ensure the beauty but also the safety as well as integrity of the bamboo flooring.

In this case, the manufacturer recommends you to install this bamboo flooring in the area with averagely 70-degree Fahrenheit temperature. For the humidity levelly, it should be between 40 and 60 percent.

It is also important to use a dehumidifier seasonally in order to avoid flooring contraction & expansion. This bamboo flooring should also not be installed in the bathroom or other wet areas. This flooring will work well for living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

Before start installing, it is important to inspect it for any flaws and damage first. You will also need to lay it down in the room for installation for five to seven days. Therefore, it will acclimate to the humidity and temperature. You must also make subfloor repairs before beginning.

There are a few tools required to install Eco Forest bamboo flooring. Besides a hammer, you will also need a saw & crowbar. Besides that, glue may also be needed in some cases. Because Eco Forest bamboo flooring comes with a locking system, you do not need to use nails.

It sounds easy to install this bamboo flooring. However, many people find some problems during installation. The most common problems include bowing, lifting, and gapping.

Sometimes, correcting the problems can result to dings or scratches. So, it must be done by a professional installer. If you are not experienced enough, you can consider hiring a professional installer or contractor. However, you will need to pay extra money. The cost depends on many factors.

Whether you decide to perform DIY installation or hire a professional, installing Eco Forest bamboo flooring must be done carefully. The good news is that it is covered by a 40-year structural warranty.

Unfortunately, this warranty cannot cover damage from improper installation or care failure.

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Final Verdict

Now, we come to the conclusion. Compared to other bamboo flooring brands, Eco Forest can be considered the better option as it offers many benefits. What makes people love this bamboo flooring is not only the beauty but also durability.

Even more, various colors & styles are available. So, there are many options you can choose based on your preferred look.

You have to be careful as many cases of damages happen. Mostly, damages happen because of the misuse. So, if you have a home with heavy traffic, this bamboo flooring may not be a good choice for you.

Besides that, it is also not recommended for you who have pets and children who often play on the floor. To optimize the durability, you are required to take care of the bamboo floor every day. Daily maintenance will also keep its beauty.

If you are searching for an extremely low-maintenance bamboo flooring, Eco Forest bamboo flooring will be an excellent option. It does not matter whether you install it on your own or hire a professional to install your bamboo flooring.

Anyway, you have to know that DIY installation will save a lot of money. If you are experienced in installing bamboo flooring, it will be a good idea to prefer DIY flooring installation because the tricks are similar to other bamboo flooring brands.

Eco Forest has its own shares of benefits & drawbacks. However, it is overall appealing because of the low pricing. Besides that, the fact that this is eco-friendly flooring makes it much more recommended.

So, it is important to understand the pros and cons of this bamboo flooring. Then, you can decide whether high-quality & durable Eco Forest bamboo flooring is appropriate for your home interior needs or not.

Dylan Johnson
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