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Empire Today Carpet Flooring

Empire Today Carpet Flooring Reviews – Cost and Features

by Dylan Johnson

In the world of carpet flooring, Empire Today is a long-running carpet brand in the US that everyone can consider for everyday needs and heavy use. For families, Empire Today carpet flooring offers the wide varieties yet it can be your simplest choice.

Different from any other carpet retailers, Empire Today keeps using uncomplicated technology and collections. This means that it offers you the easy way of choosing carpets.

In this post, you will learn about what you can expect from Empire Today carpet flooring brand and other related information such as cost, carpet’s features and the installation which are the important parts of flooring review.

So let’s go to the following review sections.

Cost of Empire Today Carpet Flooring

Cost always becomes the number one topic brought into the first of all things. People often find it frustrating with Empire Today because the lack of prices.

Frequently, Empire doesn’t include the price list in the website that most of the home owners need.

One main reason why the price is not listed is that most of the home owners’ need of carpet flooring is usually different.

However, in the sales industry, this issue have becomes the standard practice. That’s why it is quite understandable.

However, it would also be difficult when it comes to dealing with the tight budget.

So what is the best solution can we take to solve the problem?

In this regards, Empire Flooring has some general figures that you can expect to know when you call. But if you want the more accurate budgeting, contacting their sales is much recommendable.

Carpet QualityLow Price (sq/ft)High Price (sq/ft)Installation (p/yd)
Good (Low Pile)$1$5.00Varies
High (Soft and Durable)$4.00$8.50Varies
Luxury (Most Durable)$7.60$17.00 +Varies
Wholesale RangeVariesVariesVaries

Based on the table given above, a few variables are available. This can influence how much you end up purchasing your carpet.

In this case, the installation fees may arise depending on which carpet you chose and where the home areas you want to carpet. Therefore, calling the Empire Today’s sales is much recommended.

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Features of Empire Today Carpet Flooring

As we have mentioned, Empire Today carpet flooring Empire Today comes with the simple and uncomplicated collections.

This allows you to select the carpets based on the available styles and forms which are less on their marketing.

Just because Empire Today uses less technology in producing and innovating the carpet’s style and form doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with the leading technologies. Some developed carpets are featuring hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

This kind of carpet can be an ideal choice for areas with the heavy traffic and for people with asthma and other severe respiratory problem.

In the world of carpeting, Empire Today offers 470 different styles of carpet packed in the 6 main types that are barber, pattern, frieze, plush, commercial and tile as well as indoor and outdoor.

What to Expect from Empire Today Carpet Flooring 

When shopping Empire Today carpet online, don’t forget to pay more attention to the following things about Empire Today carpet flooring below:

HOME Fresh

Home Fresh Carpet Flooring
Home Fresh Carpet Flooring

In these recent years, HOME Fresh is the one in the list of Empire Today’s carpet that stands out from the simplicity in styles and collections. HOME Fresh is designed with the ability to neutralized odors. This help people easily breathe each day.

HOME Fresh is developed with “one-of-kind” system, allowing air to easily flow up through the carpet. This also helps people breath safely. The carpet’s fibers are also featuring moisture resistance, preventing the harbor allergens and harmful microbes.

HOME Fresh is noticeably the best choice for High-Traffic family areas and home with pets and children. It is also perfect for people who are suffering from allergies and respiratory problems.


Berber Carpet Flooring
Berber Carpet Flooring

Berber carpets are popularly known with their thickness and moisture resistance. Barber is the leading carpet of Empire Today which is noticeably soft and working well for the bedrooms, family rooms and living rooms.

If you are naturally looking for a carpet with natural style while its loop is also less obvious, Berber Empire Today can be the best option to consider.



For people who admire aesthetics over practicality, pattern carpets are the considerable options.

However, Empire Today carpets are surprisingly durable and easy to maintain. There are lots of carpet selections along with the wide range of styles and touches to suit your preferences.

Typically, pattern carpet is best to use in offices, in home with couples and individuals, which are less traffic.



If you need a long lasting carpet flooring that fits your home and families, you can perfectly select Frieze. According to Empire Today, Frieze carpet collection is not only shaggy but also durable.

Further, Frieze is designed with the thick and twisted fibers, making it be a popular option for busy households. One more, Frieze is also designed with a bug number of different styles.

For busy homes, people need a carpet flooring which highly resistant to high traffic.


Plush Carpet Flooring
Plush Carpet Flooring

Another carpet flooring offered by Empire Today is Plush. Plush is one of the good neutral options along with the tidiness and flexibility. In this case, Plush is highly scored for its tidy styles and easy-to-clean feature.

Plush is basically proper for homes with the simple and straightforward carpeting and for people who prefers soiling resistance. In Fact, the variety of colors and styles make the carpet stands out in the market.

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Commercial Carpet and Carpet Tiling

Is it possible to find any commercial carpet in Empire Today?

Why not?

Empire today provides the carpet on commercial basis.

In this case, carpet tiles are typically good for commercial use due to the fact that they are less comfortable. However, this commercial carpet and carpet tiles are designed with the style and durability to fit offices.

Indoor and Outdoor Carpet

Empire Today carpet flooring is manufactured using the artificial loop and turf. Therefore, it can perfectly suit indoor and outdoor spaces.

This way, the collection is set out apart from the pack since most US carpet names emphasize the interior flowing type only.

Final Words

Empire Carpet is one of the leading brands that is designed to provide you with the simple choices. Empire carpets are collected refreshingly due to the well-organized carpet organization.

As there are more and more manufacturers in the US, you had better call the sales department for a valuable quotation.

FAQ Empire Today Carpet Flooring

Due to the fact that Empire Today carpet uses less technology, can I expect the high durability of the carpet?

Yes, you can. The carpet is designed to fit the high traffic areas. It is also safe for people with respiratory problems.

What should I do if I want to purchase Empire Today carpet while I don’t want to go to the wrong retailers?

Call the sales department.