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England Furniture Reviews

England Furniture Reviews – Pros & Cons, Durability

by Ethan Ross

Are you looking for a piece of furniture made by skilled and dedicated craftsmen that will last a lifetime? Who can help you create something special that uniquely fits your home? Then it would be best if you read these England furniture reviews.

England Furniture Incorporated is an American upholstered furniture manufacturer based in Tennessee and founded by Charles, Eugene, and Dwight England in 1964 to accommodate artisans from the Appalachian region. And in 1995, it was acquired by La-Z-Boy.

England Furniture Reviews: Product And Price Range

England, Inc. makes various types of furniture, ranging from chairs, tables and sofas. You can order and custom according to your needs and the suitability of your room.

So, what makes England’s products different from others?

England Furniture has more than 500 variations of fabric and leather options for you to incorporate into your furniture. In addition, England products also have an efficient manufacturing design and logistics system that has its transportation system.

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England, Inc. offers prices from $249.99 to $3,459.96 for products you can buy immediately. As for the furniture you can customize, the price depends on your customization.

Product CategoryMaterialPrice Range
SofasFabric, Leather$499.99 – $2,759.99
LoveseatsFabric, Leather$1,0499.99 – price by request
SectionalsFabric, Leather$1,329.98 – $3,459.96
ChairsFabric, Leather$529.99 – $699.99
OttomansFabric, Leather$249.99 – $699.99
TablesWhite Oak, Wood, MetalCall For Price

Pros and Cons of England Furniture

Pros and Cons of England Furniture
Pros and Cons of England Furniture

England, Inc. claims its products can last a lifetime. But every manufactured product must have advantages and disadvantages.

What are the pros and cons of the England product?


  • The quality of the artistry is guaranteed because skilled artisans make the hands it.
  • The key to furniture that lasts a long time is the quality of the frame. That’s why, England, Inc. uses quality frame materials and is cut to perfection using 14 computerized routers.
  • England, Inc. has more than 500 variations of upholstered fabric choices so that you can customize your furniture according to the uniqueness you want.
  • There is a warranty for the furniture you buy, which the period of guarantee starts from a year warranty to a Limited Lifetime warranty.


  • The price is not low because it uses quality materials, so the product lasts a long time.
  • Longer delivery times for custom-made furniture depend on the customization you want.
  • No free shipping.

Durability of England Furniture

England, Inc. uses quality materials for each of its products. In addition, each product is made by skilled craftsmen with the support of sophisticated technology. Therefore, England furniture can last at least 10 to 15 years with proper treatment.


England, Inc. provides a limited warranty for each of its products. There is one year, two years to 10 years, and a lifetime limited warranty even for the product frame. The England brand warranty applies to use under normal conditions.

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

This warranty is valid for manufacturing defects of the furniture frame. So this guarantee period is valid for up to 10 years starting from the date of purchase.

  • Ten-Year Limited Warranty

This warranty applies to filled foam products. The guarantee is that the foam will not lose more than 10% of its standard thickness within ten years.

  • Five-Year Limited Warranty

England, Inc. applies this guarantee to products with springs, glider, recline, and sleep mechanisms. Besides that, sleeping mattresses (but inner springs only) are also included in this guarantee. This warranty policy is free-manufacturing defects for five years.

  • Three-Year Limited Warranty

This warranty is a manufacturing defect-free guarantee for the Original Visco Sleeping Mattress product.

  • One Year Limited Warranty

A one-year warranty applies to feet, casters, upholstery, leather, air mattresses, power mechanisms and lifting mechanisms from wear and tear.

For a complete explanation of the terms and limitations of the warranty, please visit https://www.englandfurniture.com/warranty.inc.

Delivery Process In England Furniture Store

The delivery process in England, Inc. is one of the pioneers of fast shipping methods for custom furniture because it has its transportation system.

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Return Policy

England, Inc. allows product returns. However this policy is only for defective products and guaranteed spare parts. You can only make returns through the store where you purchased the product. And this return period is only valid for 1 year.

Final Words

So, what conclusions can be drawn from these England furniture reviews?

Suppose you like to have unique furniture that you can order specifically from a skilled artisan and using quality materials. In that case, Furniture from England, Inc. is for you.

Looking for something more futuristic?

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