Eternity Laminate Review

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Eternity Laminate Review

Gaining access to Eternity laminate review can be helpful to make your decision easier. There are different types of laminate flooring out there, so narrowing down your option to a particular brand or type can be a challenge.

If you are completely clueless and you don’t really know where to start, this kind of product can be confusing and overwhelming.

Why not hardwood, anyway?

Well, hardwood flooring is extremely gorgeous and beautiful. It is able to deliver classic appeal and elegant vibe to the house.

But then again, hardwood is super costly. Not to mention that it may not be the perfect option if you have pets or active kids and you have a busy household.

There are the reasons why the floor may be scratched and damaged.

Then comes the laminate flooring with its strength that top off the performance of hardwood.

There are many reasons why homeowners now are turning to laminate flooring instead of hardwood.

First of all, laminate flooring isn’t as expensive as hardwood. The inexpensive price tag doesn’t compromise the quality and the look of the floor itself.

Today’s laminate flooring comes with attractive and interesting design that can affect the look of the floor and your house.

Moreover, laminate flooring is also durable and sturdy. If you read Eternity laminate review, you should know that this is one of the flooring brands that have the sturdiest and most durable products in the market.

The brand itself has claimed that their products are innovative, beautiful, natural, inexpensive, and easy to install on your own.

But before you march to the home improvement stores and buy yourself a lot of flooring supply, it would be wise to learn more about this brand and their products.

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Durability and Sturdy Construction

Laminate flooring has always been known to be a durable and sturdy floor. But in the past, the floor was always associated with lousy and cheesy look.

However, things have changed now, thanks to technology. Laminate flooring can retain its sturdiness and durability with improved look and style.

In fact, today’s laminate floor has better sturdiness and toughness construction than before, so you can seriously expect improved look and performance from the floor. It is perfect for busy house with kids and pets.

Another thing to like about the floor is its ability to resist scratch. Regular activities with pets and kids won’t wear the floor easily, although laminate floor will show sign of wear over time but it usually takes a very long time to show.

Sometimes, it takes decades. And you should remember that not all laminate brands are the same.

Some brands may have better quality, while some may have lousy or cheesy one. Eternity laminate floor is one of the best when it comes to ward off scratches, though.

Moreover, Eternity floor is also resistant to fire, stains, and fire.

What about its slip-resistant feature?

Yes, the floor does have the same feature too.

The floor delivers quite impressive quality when it comes to maintenance and cleaning at least you won’t have to deal with time-consuming or fussy implementation.

The floor is stated to have hypoallergenic quality, which is great for those with allergies.

What else does the floor have?

  • It has a good-quality anti-mildew trait so you won’t have to worry about any hidden build-up
  • It is non toxic
  • It has FloorScore certificate, stating that the floor has passed the quality standard for indoor environment

Because of these positive Eternity laminate review and features included in the products, you can expect a flooring collection that is safer, cleaner, healthier, and more premium ideal for you and family member.

If there is a downside, it is probably about the easy chipping especially if you drop heavy objects on the floor.

Easy chipping is basically the common characteristics of laminate flooring in general.

This is the reason why you should be extremely careful when handling heavy items.

If you have to move furniture, there are some preventive ways to do it properly and correctly.

But in the event a small part of your floor has been chipped or damaged, feel free to replace ONLY that damaged part with a new one.

After all, the manufacturer provides guidance and instructions for such replacement.

With Eternity laminate floor, you can at least relax related to the warranty. Their AC3 residential products are covered for 25 years, while the AV4 commercial products (along with moisture quadruple products) are coming with 50 year of residential warranty and 5 year of commercial one.

The warranty will protect you from any manufacturing defects. It will also ensure the quality of the floor it won’t fade, stain, or wear with proper and correct maintenance.

Price and Affordability Eternity Laminate

As it was mentioned before, the biggest issue about hardwood is the costly price tag.

If you are homeowners with limited budgets, then laminate flooring would be the best option.

The question is: Is Eternity floor perfect for your budgets?

Laminate flooring generally would cost $1 to $5 a square foot. The lower end of the price is usually for the residential flooring with medium level of busy activities.

The higher end of the price is usually for commercial setting or house with busy high traffic areas.

Based on Eternity laminate review, Eternity floors is located in the middle. It is not excessively dirt-cheap and yet it isn’t super expensive either.

In the average, be ready to spend between $2 a square foot and $4 a square foot for most Eternity’s collections.

The price depends on the retailers (where you buy the floor) and the variants of products. But when it comes to quality, rest assured that Eternity only has the best.

Installation and Its Arrangement

When you have a flooring project, you should consider the overall cost not only the price of the material. One of the biggest advantages about laminate flooring is the flexibility.

You are given the freedom to choose whether to install the floor yourself or to hire a professional installer. If you hire a pro, be ready to add between $2 and $7 a square foot for the installation.

What does Eternity laminate review about installation matter of Eternity brand?

It’s a good thing that Eternity floors are a DIY-friendly product. Not only the company provides guide and tips for the installation, but the floor itself is also handy and helpful for the job.

The guide will provide you the details of the process, including the subfloor prepping, the correct measurement (and how to do it), and the correct ways to install the floor.

The guide is laid-out in easy step-by-step method anyone should be able to understand it well.

But be advised that you do need special tools to do the work correctly.

You also need to make sure that you have the correct materials to have it done properly. And let’s not forget that the process itself is time-consuming.

You really need to dedicate your time in doing this. This isn’t a project that you can rush no matter the size of the area.

Ideal Place for the Floor

Based on Eternity laminate review, you are free to install it in any area or any room that you want.

The floor would look great in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, hallways, and foyers.

However, the company doesn’t advise installing the floor in areas with high level of moisture and humidity.

According to some users, you may be able to install the floor in kitchens and laundry rooms, provided that you will wipe off any splashes or spills right away.

But just like other laminate flooring, you shouldn’t install it in bathrooms, basements, or other wet areas.

In fact, your warranty will be automatically voided once you install the floor in the bathroom.

Caring and Maintenance Eternity Laminate

Easy cleaning and caring is another thing to like about this brand according to Eternity laminate review.

The cleaning is pretty basic. You only need to use a regular broom to sweep the floor.

If you have a hard floor vacuum, feel free to use it, but leave the beater bar.

If you want to have a deep cleaning process, use a damp cloth and special laminate floor cleaner.

Just spray the cleaner over the stubborn stain and wipe it off with a microfiber mop or terry cloth. Using strong chemical or abrasive cleaners isn’t advisable.

Never use steam mops either because the steam can damage the floor. Avoid oil-based detergents or waxes too.

If you are dealing with paint or oil spills, or lipstick or ink, then you should use a special nail polish remover with acetone based along with a damp cloth to clean it up.

If there are spills, use dry cloth to blot it up. Don’t let liquids to sit or pool on the floor. Leaving spills unattended will also lead to damage.

Collections Designs, Styles, and Colors

According to Eternity laminate review, the floor comes with a wide array of collections.

You can find almost all kinds of types of decors there, from sleek and modern to rustic and traditional. But thanks to the collections, you have everything for your interior decor.

Expect to find collections like Charleston Collection, Nordic Collection, Barnwood Collection, Megacore Collection, Grand Heritage Collection, and Briliance Collection.

If you have to count them all, Eternity has more than 30 different collections it should be enough to satisfy your decorating needs.

Besides the collections, the floor is also available in various colors and shades, including dark ebony and bright white.

You will never run out of options when it comes to elevating the look of your personal living space.

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Final Words Eternity Laminate Review

All in all, Eternity and its products are perfect for homeowners with a budget.

There are many benefits to expect from the floor, such as the inexpensive tag price, the premium quality of construction, and the easy installation.

Another thing to like about this brand is its wide collections.

It’s nice to have plenty of options perfect for all kinds of home decor and styles. DIY-friendly feature is another favorable thing about this floor.

The look and appearance imitates natural elements (like stone or wood) just perfectly.

In short, you should be able to improve the look and style of your house without a sweat.

Read Eternity laminate review if you want to reveal the true benefits and find out whether it is the perfect one for you or not.

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